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Join Hosts MTV Malik, Antonio, Becky, and Tyler break down and analyze everything about MTV's The Challenge.

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122 Episodes
Episode 122 | "Drop Dead Ed"Today on Love War Challenges: Cory steps up as a leader, Nany is determined to go through the whole way, Big T takes a tumble, Kyle doesn't take a leap of faith, Logan tries to coach Ed, and Ed makes a poor decision in who he wants to take to the big dance.
Today on Love War Challenges: Priscilla gets her ticket punched, Ashley shows why she's a 2 time champ, The game takes another turn, Logan breaks Big T's heart, The Challengers get some bling bling, Devin still got brains, and Ashley loves Amanda.
Episode 120 | "Rookie Mistake"Today On LWC Podcast: The Vet alliance is officially over, We get a classic and exciting Daily, Josh gets punked again, Cory makes a "rookie" mistake, Priscilla skirts all responsibility, Ashley freaks out, although modestly, Nelson & Amanda exchange words, No one can think of who Ashley snaked besides Hunter, and Bettina finally takes charge. Oh! And TJ pulls an absolute BS move
Episode 19 | "We Can Name Every Episode Messy Fessy"Today On LWC Podcast: Amber B & Fessy finally confront each other, Esther crosses a line, we have a dreaded cliffhanger, Kaycee & Nany have a date, Josh finds love in all the wrong places, Emy gives the cast a performance, and we have PizzaGate 2.0#MTV #TheChallenge #TheChallenge37
The LWC Podcast breaks down ep. 5 of MTV's The Challenge: Spies, Lies, & Allies. Josh continues to elevate his game, Amber is still pissed about being betrayed, Fessy feels justified in his actions, Aneesa makes another early exit, CT takes his rightful place at the head of the table, Emy & Gabo are not a happy couple, Big T gets lucky with Logan, Hughie has another meltdown, and for some reason, no one know maths.
Today on LWC Podcast: Malik, Becky, & Tyler break down episode 4 of MTV's The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies.Fessy gets paranoid, Big T bags Logan, The rookie onslaught continues, Josh does his best to hold the Big Brother alliance together, Hughie Freaks out, Kyle is still a snake, Ashley gets revenge on a former beau, Jeremiah finally does something interesting, although not much, and The Vet alliance begins to deteriorate.
Today on LWC PodcastTori revisits some bad blood, Tacha makes a stand, Corey L has his name in everyone's mouth, Everybody seems to get bloody, some boys lose their bottoms, Kyle steps up and shows some leadership, Big T's power trip last season might bite her in the butt, and Berna puts the vet ladies in the house on notice.
Episode 115 | "Berna"

Episode 115 | "Berna"


Today on Love War Challenges: We break down everything that happened on Episode 2 of The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. Tori find comfort with Kelz, Ashley catches feelings, Fessy learns a few new tricks, Josh play himself...again, Esther shows out, Ed makes a statement, Emy gets emotional, Amber makes a comeback, and Lauren pulls a disappearing act.
This week on Love War Challenge, We break down the first episode of MTV's The Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies. We discuss the daily "compromised, break down the contestants and their new partners, Nelly T and Fessy comes to a head Amanda makes her Challenge return, Millionaire Mitchell has a new boo, Team Survivor discovers that anything "list" related on the show usually ends bad, TJ keeps throwing out new twists and much much more!
Today on LWC Podcast: The gang discuss and break down the biggest events on The Challenge: All Stars episode 4 & 5. Jisela still has her sights sent on Kendal, Katie takes one for the team, Arissa flips out, Mark trades power for safety, Syrus puts his foot in his mouth, Beth finds herself in another tight situation, and Alton underperforms.FOLLOW LISTMore from LWC:Official LWC Website:​Like LWC on Facebook: LWC on Twitter: on Instagram: #TheChallengeAllStars #TheChallenge37
Today on LWC Podcast, the crew discuss the conclusion to The Challenge 36: Free Agents and Episode 3 of The Challenge: All Stars.More from LWC:Official LWC Website:​​​Like LWC on Facebook:​Follow LWC on Twitter:​​LWC on Instagram:​
Today on LWC Podcast, Malik, Tyler, and Becky break down the first part of the final for The Challenge: Free Agents. Plus the first 2 episodes of The Challenge: All Stars.We pretty much bull shit until (11:00) when we start covering the episode.More from LWC:Official LWC Website:​​Like LWC on Facebook:​Follow LWC on Twitter:​LWC on Instagram:
Today on Love War Challenges: Fussy steps up, CT skates by, Amber has heard enough, Leroy lets paranoia get the better of him, Kam keeps showing everyone up, Kyle gets his ticket punched, and we get some motivational words for MTV Malik's daughter from Paulie Calafiore.
Malik and Becky are back as we breakdown episode 16 of The Challenge: Double Agents. Big Brother turns on Amber B, CT betrays Kyle, Big T stands tall, Leroy and Kaycee stay dominant, A wily veteran may just skate their way to a final, and we talk about how excited we are for The Challenge: All Stars
The Challenge Double Agents Episode 8 Recap: Lolo chokes, Kyle is out for revenge, Kam continues to show everyone why she's a queen, Meechie gets his number called, The Amber rookies may have a falling out, Theresa is still on the hot seat and Josh finally gets his ticket Punched. Also, we may have the best daily in Challenge History. #MTV #TheChallenge #TheChallengeDoubleAgents
Today on Love War Challenges: Devin and Kyle puts a battery in Fessy & Josh's Back, Leroy calls his shot, the ladies show up he boys, TJ makes a rule change, Darrell gets screen time, Amber B holds it down, and Theresa is still digging a whole so deep that jay may never climb out.
Today on Love War Challenges, the gang covers episodes 5 and 6 of The Challenge: Double Agents. Theresa stirs the pot, Jay ends up pissing off everyone in the house, CT is starting to sour on Big T, Millionaire Mitchell's paranoia never fails her, Lio calls it a day, and Killa Kam is activated.
Today on LWC PodcastMalik thinks Devin is the new Wes, Fussy shows his true colors, Liv is bounced out, Josh's behaivor stays the same, Big T gives us her life story, Tori wants an easy win, Kaycee is thrown into a shit show, and Nelson finds himself staring down the barrel.
The LWC Podcast gang breaks down the 3rd episode from MTV's The Challenge: Double Agents. This week: A couple of Challengers catch a boo boo, Kam keeps pulling power moves, Josh needs camera time, Fuzzy Bunny & Hawk bond, Wes gets his feelings hurt, Kyle calls Fessy out, Fessy drops a dud, Kaycee can't cook, and Devin puts a target on his back.
The Love War Challenges gang break down and analyzes everything about episode 2 of The Challenge: Double Agents. The cast pulls a bitch move on the daily, Fussy misses his shot, this years rookies don't mind popping off at the mouth and targeting champs, Big T makes a move to get a new partner, CT plays nice, and Kyle is way better than people give him credit for#TheChallenge36 #MTV
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