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Welcome to the Not Your Average Nice Guys Podcast where a group of coworkers talks about what it's like to work in the legal California cannabis industry. Hear from delivery drivers, dispatchers, marketers, buyers, vendors, distributors, growers, consumers, and more as we open the veil of the cannabis industry and help educate people so they no longer fear the plant.

By listening you’ll gain an insiders perspective on the growth and development of the industry as it climbs out of the wild west and into a fully regulated market.

This podcast was created to help educate people who are otherwise unfamiliar with the plant.

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Welcome to episode 007 of the Not Your Average Nice Guys Podcast, where it is our goal to educate consumers while removing the fear out of marijuana. The show is run by Nice Guys Delivery employees who interview other industry peers to lift the veil of the legal California cannabis industry.In this episode, we talk to Heather who is an Account Manager for Bloom Farms. She is one of the first vendors Nice Guys Delivery ever worked with when we first opened our doors in 2016, and she is a great example of a professional in the space. We talk about how cannabis is changing the landscape and giving a lot of people opportunities and jobs. The industry offers upward mobility for anyone willing to work.A quote from Heather: "You have to be passionate about cannabis to really do this." Bloom Farms is a staple in the California cannabis market. One of the reasons we like them so much is because of their desire to be nice and give back to the communities they're serving. They formed a 1-for-1 program that already donated over 1.6 million meals by partnering with 9 local food banks across the state. Thanks for listening. We appreciate your feedback! Follow us on social mediaFacebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Pinterest | Instagram Visit Nice Guys DeliveryMusic created by Artist: Joifulnoiz
It's the week of 420 in Marin County, the birthplace of the "stoner holiday." In this Nice Guys News Flash. The newsflash segment of the podcast is an easy way for our members to hear a quick report on the ever-changing Cannabis Industry, Nice Guys Delivery, and other important news. This weeks report: 4/14 - 4/204/16 - Happy Adult-Use DayNice Guys Delivery is officially delivering cannabis to adults 21 years and older so long as they have a valid government ID.420 Deals - Flash SalesWatch the Nice Guys website all week long to take advantage of flash sales and promos on your favorite cannabis brands, such as, Flow kana, Bloom farms, Guild Extracts, Pacific Reserve, Kiva, Heavy Hitters, and more.Nice Guys Deals:Don't forget we offer 25% OFF New Members 1st order, as well as 10% OFF orders of Seniors and Veterans. Find us online:Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | Linkedin | Website
Danielle O'Leary is a leading member of the team creating the legal cannabis program in San Rafael, California. She is the Director of Economic Development and Innovation and because of her efforts, Nice Guys Delivery and others are able to legally sell cannabis in San Rafael and Marin County.In this episode, we talk to Danielle about San Rafael's Cannabis Program and how its been going since it was created. We talk about different ways cannabis is bringing positive change to the community and also a little bit about her background. This is a unique conversation with someone from outside the industry.Thank you for listening to the Not Your Average Nice Guys Podcast. Please rate the show and leave a review.We appreciate you! Our talk is based around these questions:You are helping write and guide policies for a community trying to embrace cannabis. How did you come to this position and what is the career history that led you here?The majority of Marin voted for legalization and each community across California is embracing prop 64 in their own way. Marin has eased its way forward regarding policies. What's the next progression? Have licensed cannabis businesses been good operators in San Rafael? How are we doing?What is the biggest concern from the city's point of view? What are some mistakes you've seen other communities make?Where is the tax revenue being applied?Aside from Tax revenue, what do you and the city hope to see from us as licensed businesses? Have you seen an increase in crime since San Rafael began allowing legal cannabis sales? Additional Notes and Resources:"On March 4, 2019, San Rafael City Council approved amending our current medical cannabis policy to allow existing licensees the ability to serve the adult-use market. This recent action does not permit new retail storefront licensing activity. The list of approved license types and allotments are shown below:"Cannabis License AllotmentsCannabis Testing Labs (State License Type 8): 4 licenses Infused Product Manufacturing MIPs (State License Type N): 8 licenses Non-storefront Delivery (State License Type 9): 5 licenses Distribution (State License Type 11): 3 licenses Learn more about "The City With A Mission" - San RafaelFind Nice Guys Online:Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedinMusic created by Artist: Joifulnoiz
“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” — CARL SAGANCosmic View was founded in 2017, as a marriage between science, art and California lifestyle. Their line of products mirrors an obsession with pure earth products that honor our role as caretakers of this planet and the cosmic order of nature. Christine Skibola:Christine Skibola is a former UC Berkeley professor and a leading international cancer researcher.  Semi-retired from academia, she is pursuing her passion helping those with cancer and other chronic illnesses through lifestyle and dietary changes and holistic approaches.  Using her scientific background, Christine produces Cosmic View’s topical and supplemental cannabis formulations aimed at helping individuals with health conditions. Christine was a Professor of Epidemiology and an Endowed Chair of Oncology in the Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Alabama, Birmingham until 2016.  She received an MS and PhD in Environmental Health Sciences with an emphasis in toxicology and genomics at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, where she remained as a faculty until she was recruited to UAB in 2012. Her main research focused on the study of genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors that influence cancer risk and disease. She is considered an international leader in the molecular epidemiology of lymphoma and is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Emory School of Medicine.  Dr. Skibola is an author of over 100 peer-reviewed science journal articles in prestigious publications such as Nature Genetics, Blood, Lancet Oncology, and JAMA Oncology. Before she (mostly) retired from academia, she worked with doctors from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), Memorial Sloan Kettering and UCSF to name a few. Dr. Skibola is interested in the role of diet, lifestyle and mind-body practices in the prevention and treatment of cancer, as well as exploring how cannabis may be used to treat cancer symptoms and disease. Dr. Skibola is passionate about directly empowering patients regarding their health.NICOLE SKIBOLAOnce trained as a lawyer, Nicole Skibola is a cancer survivor and artist. Nicole is a recent Brooklyn transplant and lives in Marin County, California. Her passion for holistic health deepened after surviving a rare endometrial cancer at a young age. Nicole has been interested in cannabis products, particularly CBD extractions for her ongoing physical health, notably for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties.Nicole is the author of Wakeful Night, published with Dottir Press in the fall of 2018. Wakeful Night is an illustrated exploration of cancer-related loss she developed to lead readers through their own stages of identity, fear, and metaphorical thinking associated with a cancer diagnosis. Through art -- the book also contains a series of Skibola’s abstract linocut prints and India ink paintings -- and some narrative storytelling, Wakeful Night aims to support readers to understand their experience of cancer and develop a creative practice.Nicole brings business savvy and a love for beautiful packaging and modern aesthetic to Cosmic View and is in love with the holistic health practitioners in her life she feels fortunate to call friends.  She is interested in the role of diet and lifestyle, such as Ayurveda, juicing and meditation in her ongoing physical and mental health, as well as the role of personal storytelling in making sense of life's unexpected turns. She has worked with the USC Norris Cancer Center, the Brooklyn Cottage, and will expand her creative grief work in relation to cancer with the publication of her book in the fall. She is a regular contributor for A Women’s Thing, a print and online magazine based in New York where she writes about entrepreneurship, feminism and finding your path.Additional Show Notes:- Listen to what it means to have a "cosmic view." - Get to know why they believe cannabis should be used as a daily medicine and isn't the monster many people believe it to be.- All of their products are cut with high-quality Tuscan blend Olives - learn about Olive Oil's health benefits - Get to know their vision for the companies future.- Learn about CBD and its interactions with other drugsList of Products:- Viva la V! Vaginal Health Balm- Deep Down Deep Tissue Balm- Psori-Assist Skin Relief Balm- Cycle Soothe Women's Pain Balm- 20:1 Tincture- 3:1 Tincture- 1:1 TinctureAll of their products are made with the highest quality ingredients that are certified organic or grown with sustainable/organic farming methods, including their Sonoma County olive oil which is currently undergoing Oregon Tilth certification. Their full sun California cannabis is made with a low-pressure CO2 supercritical extraction process to retain the full spectrum of terpenes and cannabinoids. Their herbal formulations are infused with wildcrafted or organic herbs in heirloom Northern California extra virgin olive oil from Sonoma County.No hemp, isolates, added terpenes, additives, preservatives, flavorings, sweeteners. Only the purest ingredients for the purest medicine. Their products are science-based and made by hand with love in San Rafael, California.Music produced by: Cosmic View onlineInstagram | Facebook Find Nice Guys onlineInstagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedinThanks for listening. Please leave us a review!
Winter Greens Delivery (@wintergreensdeliver) is a service dedicated to educating and guiding its customers about the validated benefits of Cannabis for health. They make pain relief accessible, affordable and discreet while striving to make each member experience as unique as they are. Dan, Colleen, and Ashley have a conversation in Sacramento after a recent Flow kana industry party where they got to meet some of the farmers, a glass blower, and other industry members. They couldn't find anywhere quiet to talk so they have this conversation from the inside of a car. The discussion is centered around Ashley as she talks about Winter Greens and the experience she's had since they first opened on Jan. 28th, 2019. They are North Lake Tahoe and Truckee's 1st and ONLY licensed cannabis delivery service. When asked about some of the challenges she mentions the weather conditions as the drivers attempt to deliver weed in the middle of a snowstorm. I can imagine it being extra tricky trying to deliver cannabis in the middle of a blizzard - props to the winter greens delivery drivers. Tips are always appreciated. New Members ordering from Winter Greens Delivery get 10% OFF their first order! Orders delivered in under an hour!Winter Greens | WebsiteNice Guys | WebsiteSpecial Mentions during the conversation:Flow kanaWillie's ReserveEel River OrganicsDry-farmed cannabisdabs - diamonds Kiva ConfectionsFiddlers Green'sPoint ReyesMarin CountyTruckeeSquaw ValleyNorth StarTahoe Dave'sDonner LakeKings BeachTahoe CityTerpenes ShatterDab RigMighty QuinnGrand Mal Seizure CBDGreenflower MediaFind Nice Guys Online:Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedinFind Winter Greens Online:Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedinSubscribe to our show:Stitcher | Spotify | CastboxMusic by Nice Guy,'t forget to leave us a review **** We really appreciate it! Thanks for listening!
3. We Are A Family

3. We Are A Family


Episode 3 features Nathan and Allante. Listen to them talk about their experience as cannabis delivery drivers, as well as what brought them to Nice Guys. This episode gives you a closer look at the family structure we have at the Nice Guys organization. Mentions:Nextdoor appGood Earth Grocery StoreTerpenes Terpene ProfileMyrcene Limonene Industry Mentions:BloomfarmsFull Circle Pharm Cannabis Strains mentioned:SkunkberryThree Kings Candy glueFind us on social:Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Linkedin | Twitter The music for this episode was produced by:🎧 Joifulnoiz | Soundcloud
Episode 2 brings Colleen, Dan, and B.C together for another high roundtable conversation. Before the talk, they consumed their preferred cannabis products (prerolls, hash, and flower) and then had a conversation about different things they've observed in the newly legal California Cannabis Industry. Join them in this uniquely personal conversation. Points of interest:- How to smoke hash- Dry-farmed cannabis- "Pink Tax Marketing"- Industry "money grab" tactics- ICBC (International Cannabis Business Conference)- Threats to mom and pop cannabis businesses - Can you die from Marijuana? - The importance of education- Cannabis as medicine - Stigma - what's acceptable in moving the industry forward?- Stay curious, stay open- How to be a responsible consumer and do the nice thing- The importance of tracking your cannabis experience- And Etc.Dive Deep: (we recommend researching the below)- Green Flower Media - a great source of education- Fiddlers Greens- Aunt Zelda's- Weed the People FilmMusic produced by former Nice Guy: @niceguysadventures
1. Get to know the Nice Guys

1. Get to know the Nice Guys


Episode 1 introduces the team and talks about why we started the show. In this roundtable discussion with Dan, Colleen, Joe, Scarlett, and BC we talk about the challenges and highlights of our jobs as employees of Nice Guys Delivery, a cannabis delivery start-up in Marin County, CA. We give you an eye into the industry by talking about what it's like to be a delivery driver and dispatcher in the legal California Cannabis Market. Don't forget to subscribe to the show! Find us online: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedinMusic produced by former Nice Guy: Soundcloud @joifulnoiz
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