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One of Australia's most popular youtube political commentators goes long-form and talks in depth about politics, social issues and a bit of history.

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As we head into election silly season in Australia, we interview Senator Duncan Spender of the Liberal Democrats (Australia's libertarian party) about big government, censorship, free markets, deregulating the child care industry and defunding the ABC. For more episodes please visit To keep this podast ad free please donate to us at And VOTE 1 SCOTT CROWE in the seat of Fadden in South East Queensland. Liberal Democrats -
In this weeks episode we discuss the demise of Melbourne's favorite Vegan Cafe, Microsoft attempts to forget that Notch invented Minecraft because of his unwoke views and we discuss Australian cricketer Not Gay James Faulkner. For more episodes please visit To help us keep the podcast free of ads please donate to
In Part 2 of our special interview with Steve Baxter, we talk about Australia’s startup culture, the politics of innovation, diversity, censorship, libertarianism and regulation.
Telecoms and Internet Entrepreneur Steve Baxter joins the MEN2 podcast to explain why the Australian government funded National Broadband Network (NBN) is a total disaster. Spoiler alert creating government monopolies is not a good idea. Listen to more of the Men2 Podcast at
In this week's episode we talk about the history of Swedish "Socialism" and how it nearly bankrupted Sweden in the 1980's, and what they did to reform their economy so they could afford the welfare state (SPOILER ALERT, it wasn't socialism).  visit our new website at to subscribe to new content.
On this week’s episode we talk about the complete lack of collusion between Donald Trump and Russia.  Government censorship over-reach in light of recent events and we apologise to Jussie Smollett.
On this week’s episode we talk about AOC costing the state of NY 25,000 jobs, Kara Swisher’s problem with her son's YouTube choices and The Australian labour party tries on a minimum wage increase.
On this week's podcast we talk about Debra Messing's controversial cupcakes, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's International Women's Day comments and take a look at why Brianna Wu wants to censor movie reviews.
Scott and Mick talk about an app that allows men to track their wives, Ilhan Omar's quest for transgender inclusion and the curious sacking of the most successful coach of the Australian women's soccer team, Alan Stajcic.
In Episode 1 of the MEN2 Podcast we talk about Brie Larson's attempts to sabotage Captain Marvel and the most poorly executed hoax of the century.
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