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The J-Man Show: a variety podcast/radio show featuring J in different circumstances as he braves the world of independent media. Breaking Stereotypes, Satirizing issues in society, promoting other creatives, and providing unique commentary on life while attempting to survive in a world gone mad.
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Ep#208: Jams History

Ep#208: Jams History


This week on The J-Man Show, J-Man sits back and discusses stories on how J360 Jams came about, and begins to share a secret playlist he built during his time running the series.Keep in mind, he has millions of them that you don't know about, let's see who's on it? 1) SpaceForce ft. Neon Sweatsuit - Through the UniverseHttps://spaceforcemusic.bandcamp.com2) Star Madman - D.G.A.F. Https://starmadman.bandcamp.com3) Maestro Eternal - Lucky BreakHttps://maestroeternal.bandcamp.com4) Topher - Phrases The One Ft. Eclypse - Quarantine Chronicles Washed - Undertow Final Shift - Death's Very EmissaryHttps://finalshift.bandcamp.com8) Survey Channel - Red SugarsHttps://surveychannel.bandcamp.com9) Neaon - Destination X Celestial Molliwop - Infinity Nomad Thorisson - Rise Up Resin Sun - City Of Flies Thread Mill - Haze Dark83 - In The Eye Of The Machine Etherdrive - The Paradise we lost Dreddbeat - Save Me ZXSP - Lost Highway MikeXFM - Unexpected Achievements Toxxic Project - New Reality Euphoria - Sandor Gavin you can't wait to hear Jams#25 and need to get a fix here's Jams#24: Media (J360 Productions)Twitter:
Ep#203: Mortal Monday

Ep#203: Mortal Monday


This week as part of a voting poll, the chosen winner was Mortal Kombat (2021) a polarizing film that is based on the epic video game franchise of the same name. However since some people haven't seen this yet, J-Man decides to bounce around the movie talking about its strengths, its weaknesses, and overall what he thinks about it.He will also discuss Warner Bros's weak reliance on trying to make a teaser film instead of a complete one and why all movies really don't need to do a trilogy route. Social MediaTwitter:
Since this week has been a bit of a R&D Hybrid, along with the premiere of Hangouts, J-Man decides to tackle a lot of questions the fanbase has in addition to speaking about Mortal Kombat, The ignorance of things in Texas, and how everyone's complaining about winter right now because it's being winter...He will also discuss the importance of finding ways to make things work, and forget toxic idling people.Twitter:
This week J handles a romantic based episode discussing how Love does win but it can require a bit of work, and it's a great comedy of errors. However sometimes people need to understand how to laugh at it and about it while trying to pursue it. Plenty of snarkiness and smart-aleck behavior this time but hey, it's a J-Man Special. He will even bust up some stereotypes and discuss how outside forces or even social media can influence our behaviors on love, lust, and insanity. Twitter:
As part of this special two in one special, J-Man's hanging out behind the mic again happy that we're getting into 2021. He's also trying to find some Dreamcast games for retrogaming library and of course discusses issues with a crazed Representative in congress, people complaining about Valentines Day, and wondering what happened to the Snow Day that was promised here in DE.Social Media Twitter: @j360productions Email:
Ep#187: Speech Wars

Ep#187: Speech Wars


This week J talks about how the populace outcrys a war on Freedom of Speech. He will discuss why it's ok to hear the opposition of other people, and point out the arrogance of other content creators. He will also remind me people just because we have a new president, we won't get anything done if we still carry the same old problemsSocial Media Twitter:
This week J discusses how we're in a writing/content dead zone in mainstream entertainment from comics to movies. From 10 episode to revivals, prequels no one cares for, and mainstream entertainment acting like jerks to fanbases. J tries to get to the bottom of it and speaks of how we can stabilize it all and build towards progress. J360 TV Channel link: MediaTwitter:
This week J discusses how we're holding up after the Insurrection or dumbass coup in US History. He will even talk about how people should just let 2021 run its course instead of hoping that 2022 is gonna be better. Keep holding out for a better future. Twitter:
Ep#184: Years End 2020

Ep#184: Years End 2020


Tonight J-Man's going to be chilling and discussing things about 2020 while at the same time trying to remain optimistic for 2021. Lots of laughs, cries and of course just having loads of fun. Twitter:
Cause the festivities just don't stop with Jams#13, this week J-Man combines both formats from The J-Man Show and J360 Jams to create a Christmas Eve Party.So sit back and relax while he and his friends entertain you tonight with lots of music and stories. Please Support the indie artists that are performing tonight, and each one's link will be listed underneath their names.T'was the night before christmas - J.M.Brady(You're already here! Welcome to J360 Radio :P) Carol Of The Bells - Synthwave Version - System Glitch, Dimi Kaye Angels - Aero Viper Hiver - Future Holotapehttps://futureholotape.bandcamp.comIn The Bleak Midwinter - Jetfire Prime The Name Of Love - DreddbeatHttps://dreadbeat.comLast Christmas - Dizzy Requirement Just want more - Star Madman Of The Navigator - Cybogn and SpaceForce MediaTwitter:
This week J discusses some fun moments while gathering rations during the Holidays, noticing people acting foolish, and lining up movies to discuss during the Holiday Fest. He will also be making some last minute adjustments to the rules and may discuss a few christmas specials.Social MediaTwitter:
J-Man begins the Holiday Fest tonight but arriving to the show late and explaining certain untraditional things that are taking center stage tonight. He will also look at how some of the streaming networks don't seem to have too many new christmas specials outside of the usual. He will also talk about why it's important to break some traditions and allow yourself to just party up instead of being a seasonal downer. Finally he'll discuss some movies, give a few shout outs to important people and discuss some big plans for the next year on in. Album/EP LinksHttps://dreddbeat.com Delvin Cox Experience Link:
Ep#180: Call To Action

Ep#180: Call To Action


This week J discusses the coming of 2021, an uprising of new content, staying away of seasonal depression, and volatile people. He will discusses issues on the Day Job during the holidays and standing tall against adversity and bring about a new way to celebrate Christmas cheer regardless of where you currently are, and aim for something better. Twitter:
This week on The J-Man Show, It's Thanksgiving Eve, and J decides to discuss how to make things untraditional part of the norm this year. He will also discuss his various adventures in Retail during this time, and will try to think of how to handle the Holidays and Etc. Social MediaTwitter:
Taking note of The J-Man Show reaching 5 years, J-Man knows it's time to get back to work. So he's gonna be discussing a few things to look into from 2020 going into 2021, and he'll discuss the Sore Loser Parade Trump has going on, in addition to Mandalorian armor woes, and why it's hard to build the community but he'll do it anyways.Twitter:
For the final week of The J360 Monster Fest, J-Man discusses the real horrors that we as a people are usually afraid of, and what it serves for storytelling. He will also discuss what the Election is doing to people right now too.Social MediaTwitter:
J-Man returns behind the mic for Halloween, he will be telling scary stories, and his ideals for haunting, how his birthday went and of course entertaining out of you for the night. It's Monster Fest time again!!The book is called Scary Stories to tell if you dare 3 by Joe Oliveto. J360productions@outlook.comHotline#240-903-1634
This week the J-Man discusses Ghost Rider, and Spawn to see how they aged well and some other movies that took place on the Monster Fest. He will also talk about how he cannot rate some films if the filmmakers don't actually try to give you a good story. He also reads more Nightmare Tales to you all from a 2nd book called More Scary Stories to Tell if you dare. Plenty of these stories are rich in folklore, and will hopefully provide a chill to your bones and tingle your spines. Plus the clock is ticking as J-Man's birthday is happening soon. The Book that J-Man reads is called Scary Stories to Tell if You Dare 2 by Joe OlivitoIf you want to look into it or purchase it sometime check out this link below.
This week on the J-Man Show, we're doing something a little different.In honor of the Monster Fest, and the horror genre in general. we're going to be discussing and hearing a few Scary Stories tonight read by J-Man. This stories are excerpts from books that the J-Man has been reading for a little while and loves the chill factor that they give. I hope you all will be entertained and inspired as I am by each and every bit of folklore that's presented in these stories.The link for the books are as follows.Book#1: Urban Legends: Bizarre Tales You won't Believe by James Proud Scary Stories to Read if You dare by Joe Oliveto highly recommend both books, and I am happy that such stories do exist)Social MediaTwitter: J360productions@outlook.comHotline#240-903-1634
J's sitting back in the middle of a storm while sharing some thoughts on the latest entries in the Monster Fest, along with discussing a few strange tales in the DE Urban Legends. Twitter: J360productions@outlook.comHotline:#240-903-1634
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