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Trump signs off from the White House & I sign off from MoJo50 Radio. We'll both be back.
Dems & the Media are censoring any dissent from their election lies.
Orwell could not have imagined the viciousness of today's fascist Dems.
Dem's engaged in actual incitement - while impeaching Trump for incitement.
Democrats are the party of political violence & incitement.
The Dems seize on one last chance to make utter fools of themselves in the age of Trump.
We should never accept the Democrat's double standards.
No Free Speech anywhere say the Tech Tyrants.
Forget healing & reconciliation, now they want retribution.
MAGA Shows Up (Ep 772)

MAGA Shows Up (Ep 772)


Trump supporters forced their way into the Capitol attempting to stop the steal.
During his speech to the Save America rally, Trump detailed the Dem's voter fraud.
The nation relies on patriots in Georgia to stop the Marxist Democrats.
Three battles this week could determine whether America's Republic survives.
2020 was the year our Legacy Media became Orwell's "Ministry of Truth".
Communist China funneled millions into the #BidenCrimeFamily, but the media doesn't care about actual collusion.
The man behind the Russia hoax and the stolen 2020 election.
Take this experimental vaccine or else - what?
Despite massive evidence of election fraud & Biden family corruption, Bill Barr says there's no reason for Special Counsels.
Are we becoming the United States of Occupied China?
Are we allowed to see evidence that it was Russia that hacked us before we go to war?
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