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Discussions and musing on health from an integral perspective. Incorporating Integral Life Practice, LifeForce Dynamics Qigong & Integral Health.
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I really enjoyed getting to have a in depth interview with Tai Chi and Qigong teacher Rich Morley.Rich and I have been social media friends for a few years now and I deeply appreciate not only the humour that fills his pages, but also the valuable reflections on why breathing correctly is so important not just for health and prevention of illness, but also on healing from quite serious conditions. Rich recovered from years of Fibromyalgia using Tai Chi, Qigong and breathing practices and now teaches all 3 to help others.You can learn more about Rich and his work by visiting his social media profiles: (new website will be live by end of May 2021)
I am really grateful to my friend and fellow psychonaught Ralph Cree for recording this interview for his podcast Evolving Spiritual Practice where we talked about my work and it's relevance for integrated health practice.We talk about how to approach integrating the health of our body, heart, mind and spirit. I have been practicing Qigong for 30 years, am a long time meditator and have been a professional kinesiologist for 18 years. In this conversation we focus in particular on nutrition, epigenetics, the relationship between the practitioner and client, the importance of flow, how spiritual bypassing can ignore health, and how to stay sane and healthy during coronavirus lockdowns.If you would like to listen to more of Ralph's work you can access his podcast here more information about his work please visit hear more of his music please visit his soundcloud page YouTube channel is Facebook page is'm also really excited that my podcast has now been added as one of the Top 15 Qigong podcasts
It's a real treat to have been able to interview "Dr Mom" Nelli Gluzman of Blossom Pediatrics in New York.We spent a great hour together discussing her protocol for how to achieve peak health for your family this fall with her Nutrition Immunity Program.I loved how she spoke not just about the importance of good quality food, but how essential having probiotic rich foods, a healthy mindset and how medicine that engaged the mind/body connection were necessary.Listen on to learn more.....You can connect to Dr Gluzman through her website: on social media via: you can connect to the program we are talking about here:
It was great to be invited back onto Calon FM to my friend Denise Oliver's Empowerment Hour to talk about men's health in November (during the now infamous Movember - Men's Health Month) and to highlight some of the issues that men can face with their health.We were very careful to point out that this was not an anti-female or anti-feminist show and that these were just perspectives about men's health, something that I am very aware of - being a man and all. Listen on and enjoy the show and laugh at all the pause pionts where we had to let them play music on the broadcast version of this.
It was really great on Thursday 30th April to do a zoom interview with my friend and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator Denise Oliver for her Empowerment Hour radio show on Calon FM.We spent the show sharing how we are surviving the corona lockdown (as you can see by my hair on the show photo), how I managed to change my normally in person Embracing Your Shadow workshop to a zoom livestream successfully and what that offers people, and how using Qigong and other methods that I work with to keep myself well and healthy (mind and body) during this strange and challenging time.
This is the 3rd of the interviews with the co-authors of the Life After Birth Trauma book, which has just been released and available through all the usual outlets.It was my honour in this episode to interview Sarah about her story, the miraculous pregnancy, losing one of her twins just 3hrs after birth and how it effected her life in the subsequent years. Plus her tips for what helped her to cope and what she suggests for others who have had difficult birthing processes or are either pregnant or considering pregnancy right now.You can contact Sarah directly in her work as a special educational needs providor
This is the 2nd of the interviews with the co-authors of the Life After Birth Trauma book, which has just been released and available through all the usual outlets.It was my honour in this episode to interview Elaine Godley about her story, her lack of natural inclination to be a mother, choices being made without her full understanding, her Out of Body Experience (OBE) during labour, trying to maintain thriving business and her top tips for how to prepare for the best birth you can have.You can learn more about Elaine and connnect with her through her website and social media.
I'm proud to be sharing the first of my 3 interviews with the co-authors of the fabulous new book, Life After Birth Trauma, which explores the very powerful experiences that can take place when birth doesn't go to plan. Previously very little has been written about this and this new book offers a wealth of resources, information and support for those who have had birth trauma and those who would seek to prevent it.Jackie is a midwife and certified Birth Trauma Resolution practitioner, who after her own traumatic experiences, wanted to help others to overcome this little talked about area of life.You can connect with her via her website
It was great to get to be a guest for Elaine Godley again on her radio show on Elastic FM talking about Gut Health and why it is so important to our overall health.Elaine was a little suprised by some of the topics we discussed, which is impressive considering her knowledge and experience with natural health.Hope you enjoy listening back and give me a shout if you have any questions.You can connect to Elaine's full list of shows or listen to it in it's original location here
This was a great follow up interview with Hilary Stock on the research she has conducted for her Masters degree looking at why we over eat and what are the factors surrounding it. Creating a clear differentiation from more commonly associated eating disorders, she looks at what is a much more common practice with people.It was great to hear many ideas that I was familar with and supported in this and also how much it given Hilary insight into some of her own behaviours.You can get in contact with Hilary via her website via her profile page on the Centre for Integral Health website
Once again I have been lucky enough to be invited to be a guest on Calon FM's Empowrment Hour as a guest of the lovely Denise Oliver. We spent the show talking quite a bit about LifeForce Qigong and my imminent authorisation as an internationally recognised teacher in this system. We also talked about the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release (MSTR) and how much change that can create in old scars that are still causing pain, hypersensitivity, numbness, range of motion and movement problems even years after the surgery and injury took place. This was especially poignant as October is Breast Cancer awareness month and the MSTR can help extensively with post surgical recovery and improvement on mastectomy and lumpectomy scars to deal with the pain and tightness experienced by many women.
A chance to listen back to the talk I gave at the first ever Shropshire Frestival - Free From festival looking at all things allergy and freefrom. Some interesting questions from the audience in this as well as a few handy self help tips and hints as we go along. Enjoy
U3A Allergy Talk May 2019

U3A Allergy Talk May 2019


Here's a chance to listen to the talk I gave to the U3A (University of the 3rd Age) Farm & Food group on Thursday 16th May in Ludlow, England. This was a group of retired knowledge seekers from many different backgrounds who were interested in allergies and epigenetics. Some really interesting questions as I talked about some of the causes of allergy, the difficulties in defining it, how I look at it integrally and finally how our Epigenetic Body Type can change what we are more susceptible to
I was lucky enough to bebinvited to talk on the Seven O'clock show on BBC radio Shropshire with Frestival founder Rhea Alton and local celebrity Chef Chris Burt, hosted by Mark Elliot. We talked about the inspiration for the event coming partly from Rhea's Fibromyalgia. We talked about whybthe issues with allergies have been increasing in the last decade and how that has impacted the catering and restaurant industry. Which from Chris Burt's point of view has also brought a level of creative and inspired thinking into his creations. The original show was aired on Thursday 16th 7pm on BBC radio Shropshire and this except is taken from just after 8pm All copyright is with BBC radio Shropshire.
In just a few days I will be running my summer season 5 element day for of LifeForce Qigong. Here we are focussing on the Fire element and the heart as an organ. In this podcast I'm talking about some of the associations of the heart in Chinese medicne and how the LifeForce Qigong practices can be used to losen and open the heart, clear the stagnant emotions and create greater physical and emotional health. If you're interested in the healing sounds practice mentioned in this episode, you can find it in the resources section of my website where you will also find details of this and more LifeForce Qigong classes run by me.EnjoyMuch of the detail for this podcast comes from:LifeForce Qigong Module 2 Qi training manual by Simon CalderNourishing Destiny by Lonny S. Jarrett
Here's what happens when 2 friends who have not seen each other for a year get together and one interviews the other on her radio show Empowerment Hour on CalonFM on 11th April.We talked about my recent LifeForce Qigong Advanced Level retreat in Poland with my brother Simon Calder. We also discussed the Gravity cradles from (use code INTEGRAL to get an extra discount on RRP). We talked about the upcoming lecture I was giving on Allergies and Epigenetics at the Frestival - Free From festival happening in Shrewsbury on 18th May where I will also be demonstrating Epigenetic Body Type testing. And the LifeForce Qigong 5 Element Day for Summer/Fire/Heart energy the day after on 19th May where people can come along to experience Qigong and to clear the stagnant energies of the heart, allowing more love and joy to flow, helping to integrate them seasonally into the next part of the year.It was a blast I can tell you, listen in.
This is a great interview for me as I have known Rob Chapman for 19 years and was seeing his earlier study in celtic mysticism, magic and music way back then. This gave us a chance to talk about possibilities in hypnotherapy, what can and can't be done, how it can be used for spiritual development. Also on Rob's "How To..." book series and his new workshop based on his book The Art. Listen on for more details
It was great to sit down with Acupuncture lecturer Amanda Bedding and discuss acupuncture and what brought her to be practicing this amazing therapy. We talk about integral health models and why the chinese system is so comprehensive, does it hurt, how do acupuncturists decide what to needle, what the difference between acupuncture and dry needling is.It's really great to get a broad idea of what acupuncture can do and how it works best.
One of the other great gifts of running the Centre for Integral Health is that I get to hear a lot of great stories about how people came to offer the therapies they practice.Amanda Vernalls who offers Yoga 1-2-1's, Medtation training, Reiki and massage is just one of those. Having depression and anxiety herself and using a combination of Yoga and Meditation to help heal her mind and beleifs about her self and is now teaching these skills to other to help them with their own journey. Listen on to find out what it did for her.You can contact Amanda via her page on the Centre for Integral Health Website or via her own website
We've been lucky enough at Centre for Integral Health in the last 2 years to have Hilary Stock of Aspen Councelling offering a psychosynthesis approach to councelling and how this differs from the more conventional forms of councelling such of CBT and how this can contribute a valuable alternative route that can look more deeply at not just causative factors but also a vision of the possible future.You can learn more about Hilary's approach to counselling from her link on the centre site or from her own website
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