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At Dream Catchers, we tell the stories of people who have chased their dreams and escaped "the matrix" of mediocrity and lack of fulfillment in an effort to inspire others to live their best lives. The folks in the #DreamCatchers tribe come from a variety of professions and walks of life, but are connected by their fearlessness and commitment to their dreams. Join Jerome Myers as we find out the why, what and how of these amazing stories!
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Jerome Myers, Founder of Dream Catchers, is the preeminent authority of dream realization. A believer that dreams can, and should be real. He is also the Founder and head coach of Myers Methods and has been featured in Black Enterprise, Business Insider, and numerous podcasts. After building a highly profitable division of a Fortune 500 company, Jerome decided to leave the rat race to get away from what seemed to be the endless slew of layoffs. He has developed a system for exiting corporate America and creating a life of impact. Today, he and his company help other apex performers find their calling and live every day on purpose by harnessing the power of his model for a Centered Life, what he calls “the Red Pill”.Check out full show notes by clicking "Episode Website" below.Connect with JeromeLinkedin:
The struggle to find your purpose is not an unfamiliar feat. However, when we understand our attitudes and significance, we can see how capable we are in changing our lives. Here, Fredrick Douglas Bussey will talk about his journey towards self-discovery. He is a writer, speaker, coach, creative, and serial entrepreneur. He just published his first book, Breaking Orbit: Rip Out Of The Regular By Unearthing The Power Within! Fredrick has worked for more than 15 years in the Music Entertainment industry as a Songwriter, Producer, Publicist, Marketing Director, and Artist Manager, spanning the Hip-Hop, Gospel, R&B, and Pop genres. Having launched several businesses, including IconStatus, a digital marketing and branding agency, he is currently developing several other ventures as well. He has a strong passion for working with youth - especially those in underprivileged circumstances. Passionate about helping others to develop the skill sets to become successful, while attaining the freedom that entrepreneurship provides, Fredrick is a frequent speaker & presenter at schools and events. It is his belief that his purpose in life is helping others to discover and master their gift for their ultimate purpose. Currently, Fredrick resides in Atlanta, GA with his wife and three children.In this episode, Frederick talks about how he embraced his potential in the entrepreneurial world, how he realized his capacity to solve problems, and how people can acknowledge, despite their flaws, the aptitude for a meaningful life. Join us and listen in![00:01 - 05:07] Opening Segment Welcoming Frederick to the showFrederick shares his journey to entrepreneurshipDiscovering artistry in business[05:08 - 18:27] How Entrepreneurship Changes the Trajectory of your LifeMoving from technical to the psychology in marketingBeing unemployable and uncovering the potential to createIntentionality in coaching and leadership[18:28 - 49:30] Awareness of Your Capacity to Offer SolutionsUnderstanding our unique identity as synonymous to impactThe dangers of keeping yourself too comfortableFinding meaning and significance in ourselvesImplementing healthy outlets to soothe ourselves from realityThe steps to discovering your gift[44:27 - 49:30] Closing SegmentOur gifts will always remain with usConnect with Frederick!Closing wordsTweetable Quotes:“You look around the world and people, always looking for meaning and significance and other things, not realizing that the source of significance and meaning is really rooted inside yourself.” - Fredrick Douglas Bussey“You just have to discover it [your capacity] and begin to master it so that you can use it and start to realize it for what it was intended.” - Fredrick Douglas BusseyConnect with Fredrick:Instagram: A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
We all have a passion for certain things, but we don’t know how to use them. We have talents we want to be discovered, but we lack ways to show them to the world. Join Jen Du Plessis and Jerome Myers as they delve into earning money by finding your passion in life. Jerome Myers is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group. He talks about the professional experiences in the transition that he encountered and how he faced the agony and struggles. He also discusses monetizing your talents and gifts and then offering them to the world. Join in and learn how to find your passion and experience a sense of fulfillment for self-development and empowerment.
Let’s get into it to get a deep dive into some of the harsh truths of real estate and how to overcome them.[00:01 – 06:02] Opening SegmentJerome talks about his background.Three things that you want to do before you quit your job to get in real estateTo get more of that check listLink below[06:02 – 20:20] Education in Real EstateWhat Jerome went through with the banksThe importance of educationWhat should people be looking for to find the right educatorsThe importance of getting to know the person that you want learn fromFiguring out your why as a studentThe lack of diversity in real estate investing[20:20 – 32:17] Incomplete SolutionsJerome talks about incomplete solutions.How having the mindset is important but not sufficient to succeed.The importance of networks.Jerome’s talks about the context of his podcast, his conference and his course and coaching services.Contact JeromeLink below.[32:17 – 37:49] Bullseye RoundApparent Failure:Not being able to get his first deal done.Digital Resource:CalendlyMost Recommended Book:Sizing People UpDaily Habit:RunningCurious About:Interest ratesI Wish I Knew When I Was Starting:Getting educatedBest Place to Grab a Bite in Greensboro - North CarolinaScrambleContact Jerome:His podcast, details about his conference, his coaching and courses can be found at: jeromemyers.comTweetable Quotes:“The banks don’t invest in dreams. They invest in proven business plans with experienced operators.” - Jerome Myers“When you are unconsciously incompetent, your are in that space of ‘I don’t know what I don’t know.’” - Jerome MyersThank you for joining us for another great episode! If you're enjoying the show, please LEAVE A RATING OR REVIEW, and be sure to hit that subscribe button so you do not miss an episode
A lot of people say that you can’t have the perfect work-life balance when in reality, you can actually have success in both your business and life. This is what James Bryant will talk about in this episode. James Bryant is a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Trainer, Speaker and Coach, a husband, father, professional engineer, certified professional life coach, author, multifamily apartment investor, and he Chooses to BE Happy. James empowers clients to transform problems into opportunities using the power of coaching combined with insight that I have gained with over 20+ years of experience in the public and private sector. James believes that your mindset determines how you view the world, your life, and your circumstances. He believes that change starts with YOU and how you see the world, and how you choose to show up in life.In this episode, James talks about the four-step process to achieve success in business and life. He talks about why your actions have to line up with who you say you're going to be and how respecting your own schedule and priorities will make other people respect them too.[00:01 - 02:42] Opening Segment Welcoming James to the showJames shares his backgroundHelping people be successful in business and life[02:43 - 19:23] How to Be Successful in Both Your Business and LifeYou can have success in bothThe four-step process to achieve success in business and lifeYour actions have to line up with who you say you're going to beGetting the work done is the solutionDefining what success is for youRespecting your schedule so others will too[19:24 - 40:36] The Role of Relationships in Your Pursuit of SuccessWill staying in your peer group get you to where you want to go?When people should ask for help and supportBe in a position of curiosity rather than a position of an expertJames on building relationshipsPrioritizing your time with family[40:37 - 45:01] Closing SegmentHow you can learn more about James’ journeyConnect with James!Tweetable Quotes:“Typically, we talk about work-life balance and how a lot of people don't believe that you can have success in both. Some people will say you can't have balance, people that are saying, 'You can't really have balance,  balance is something fictitious.’, but what you can have is success in both.” - James Bryant“There is no done-for-you solution. The solution is you’ve got to get the work. A lot of people struggle with this. So many people know what to do, fewer people know how to do it, and then there's a select few that actually do it.” - James Bryant“How do you get other people to respect your schedule? You have to respect it yourself.” - James BryantConnect with James:His website: A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Dream Realization

Dream Realization


today's guest on the Money Mindset™ is Jerome Myers, AKA “J”. He's a developer of people and places. He's the founder and chief inspiration officer of Dream Catchers and the Meyer's Development Group. Through these entities, he gets to live out his childhood dreams of helping people manifest the things they imagine and create social proof that dreams should be real. Since leaving corporate America after building a $20 million division, Jerome has become one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the multifamily development space. His company, the Meyer's Development Group, built a multi-million dollar portfolio following the principles of Myers Methods. This success has led him to be featured on top podcasts in this space, and he is an inspiration and someone that people listen to when they are considering real estate, be sure to listen for some helpful tidbits from our conversation.  You will want to hear this episode if you are interested in... Jerome’s path to becoming an entrepreneur [2:22] Where did Jerome’s real estate passion stem from? [8:39] Benefits of owning and investing in real estate? [13:12] What about being debt-free? [14:05] Top 3 things to consider before investing in property? [16:52] How Jerome’s company helps people looking to get involved in real estate [22:01] Why Jerome feels advisors (in any industry) should be held to the fiduciary standard [25:23] What is the next step for Jerome in his journey? [28:56] What Jerome did today that put him in the right mindset for success? [31:24] Connect with Jerome Myers The website On Linkedin On Facebook Guests on the Mitlin Money Mindset Show are not affiliated with CWM, LLC, and opinions expressed herein may not be representative of CWM, LLC. CWM, LLC is not responsible for the guest's content linked on this site. Connect With Mitlin Financial podcast(at) - email us with your suggestions for topics or guests  Follow on Twitter Follow on Instagram Subscribe on Youtube Follow on Linkedin Follow on Facebook Subscribe to Mitlin Money Mindset™ on  Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts
What we reap in the future comes down to what we plant today. Having a proper return is all about making the appropriate investments. Today’s guest, Sivonnia DeBarros, talks more about that in this episode. Sivonnia is the founder of SL DEBARROS LAW FIRM, LLC ("SLD"), a boutique practice dedicated to serving our client's interests through business, employment, and sports & entertainment. Through this practice, Sivonnia has handled million-dollar value cases, settled five- and six-figure cases for clients, & also helped clients get their lives back through successful trial wins. Sivonnia is also a best-selling author and podcast host.In this episode, Sivonnia talks about the importance of making the appropriate investments in different aspects of life. She talks about college athlete’s monetization of their NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness). Sivonnia also talks about how she developed her passion for protecting athletes and her conversations with them about life choices. She also shares her thoughts on the importance of authenticity and accountability. [00:01 - 04:05] Opening Segment Welcoming Sivonnia to the showSivonnia's background[04:06 - 17:37] Protecting Athletes, Shaping Their FutureCollege athletes’ monetization of their NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness)Sivonnia on being the “Protector of Athletes”She talks about writing her book, “Athletes Making Moves”How Sivonnia got interested in protecting and representing athletesDoing things from a place of fullness, intensity, and purpose[17:38 - 35:00] Making the Right Investments for the Proper ReturnsWhy dealing with past trauma is an important thing in lifeTalking to athletes about life choicesWhy we can't have a proper return if we haven't made the right investmentsWhy accountability is crucial for athletes and business people[35:01 - 44:40] Closing SegmentAsking Sivonnia the final four questionsClosing wordsTweetable Quotes:“Purpose pays for itself, not the other way around. You can't find purpose through money.” - Sivonnia DeBarros“A lot of us go into business trying to hold on to every single thing that we have, but we can't have a proper return if we've never invested properly into ourselves.” - Sivonnia DeBarros“When you are true to yourself, you create a good name. And everything else flows to you because you were true to thyself and created a good name. People have multi-generational wealth because their forefathers created a good name that people trust.” - Sivonnia DeBarrosResources Mentioned:What Are Your Sporting About? by Sivonnia DeBarrosAthletes Making Moves by Sivonnia DeBarrosConnect with Sivonnia on LinkedIn!Sivonnia’s websites: http://www.prosportlawyer.comwww.jjlegaladventures.comLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
One thing that we don’t hear as adults is that “your dreams should be real.” Jerome Myers, Founder of The Myers Development Group, discusses how running a successful multifamily company and the journey toward personal development are actually quite synonymous. In fact, that realization is at the foundation of how Jerome is growing his business. Check out this episode to learn more. To get connected to Jerome, use the links below.You can find and follow Jerome here:Jerome MyersLinkedInMyers Development Group, LLCMyers Methods‍Jerome is inviting you to attend the Mid-Atlantic Multifamily Investing Conference. Learn From 20+ Speakers. Link Below.
In this episode, Josh will talk about his incredible story of having a second chance at life. He shares with us his journey of surviving pancreatic cancer. Josh also talks about how he found true happiness by letting go of the grudge he had for someone who has hurt him and why the world’s perception of us does not really matter. Join us and listen in![00:01 - 09:50] Opening Segment Welcoming Josh to the showTransitioning from financial services to real estate[09:51 - 22:14] Having a Second Chance at LifeJosh talks about his battle with cancerThe moment Josh realized he has been given a second chance at lifeJosh’s major takeaway from his experienceHow undergoing surgery changed the way he does businessFinding his home in multifamily investing[22:15 - 43:33] Find True Happiness by Letting Go of the GrudgeWhat motivates Josh to follow his passionWhy the world’s perception of us does not really matterJosh talks about the time when he felt aloneThere’s no benefit in holding a grudgeJosh on forgiving his brotherRestarting mentally[43:34 - 54:30] Closing SegmentAsking Josh the final four questionsBe daring!Closing wordsTweetable Quotes:“One thing that I'm learning is that the world has a perception of us. We have a perception of us, and then we have a perception of what the world we think perceives us... None of that matters, other than are you comfortable with who you are and what you're doing. That's all that freaking matters.” - Josh Cantwell“I would challenge each one of your listeners to say, there's another level of their life that they're not at yet, and the reason why they're not there is because they're scared. They're afraid. So they need to be daring. Just go prepare. Prepare yourself.” - Josh CantwellJosh manages over $40M in private money, which is deployed into multifamily real estate and apartments. He has been involved in 1,000+ wholesale, rehab, rental, foreclosure, and apartment transactions, and currently holds a portfolio of over 3,000+ cash-flowing apartments. He is the founder and CEO of a variety of successful businesses including Freeland Ventures and Strategic Real Estate Coach.Josh is a true entrepreneur and prides himself on never having had a boss in his entire adult life.A native of Northeast Ohio, Josh graduated from Baldwin Wallace College in 1998. After graduation, he obtained his Series 6, 63, 66 and life and health insurance licenses. He also worked as a Financial Advisor from 1997-2004.In 2004, Josh took his knowledge of raising capital and the financial markets and started investing in real estate full-time. He was able to combine his knowledge of financial investing with real estate to create a very successful business, which quickly grew into closing over 100+ wholesale and short sale deals per year. In turn, he began training and teaching apprentice partners and students. He founded Strategic Real Estate Coach in 2007, and has taught thousands of investors how to replicate his success. Josh has vast knowledge and experience in helping to coach clients and mentor students and borrowers from across the US in finding, structuring, negotiating and closing various types of transactions for a profit.Josh is also the host of the Accelerated Investor Podcast, which has hosted past guests like Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran, Donald Trump Jr, Jack Canfield, Rod Khleif, and JV Crum III.Josh lives in Northeast Ohio outside of Cleveland with his wife Lisa Marie and three children, Giuliana, Alessandra and Dominic (aka the Nooch).Conn
Jerome Myers, childhood dream at first was being a Trashman when he became fascinated by watching his trashman, which quickly changed once his mom reminded him that he can't make enough money to keep up with the lifestyle he wanted. He then became an engineer when he realized Engineers made more money. Once he realized his 6 figures as W2 is not really what it seemed to be, he decided to go on to the real estate. From fix and flips to now his own coaching program for Multi-family real estate investing. He had several  "Red" pill moments along each way.  Here he shares his journey and how he got to where he got now.Jerome Myers is the preeminent authority of dream realization. A believer that dreams can, and should be real, Jerome left corporate America when he realized that his role offered financial gain, but little significance. He is the founder and head coach of Myers Methods and has been featured in Business Insider, Black Enterprise, and numerous podcasts.  Jerome: love your feedback. Please feel free to contact us @ Connect with us: us @:,,
Shifting our identity can make a huge impact on our lives and our pursuit of success. This is what Anthony Trucks will talk about in this episode. Anthony is a former NFL Athlete, American Ninja Warrior on NBC, international speaker, host of the Aww Shift podcast, and the founder of Identity Shift coaching. He uses cutting-edge science and psychology to upgrade how you operate so you can elevate your life and business to reach your full potential. After being given away into foster care at 3 years old, being adopted into an all-white family at 14, losing his NFL career to injury, he learned how to shift at a very young age, and now his life mission is teaching others how to Make Shift Happen in their lives.In this episode, Anthony talks about how he, himself, shifted his identity. He shares all the struggles he went through as a person and how he overcame all of those by shifting his identity. Anthony also shares his thoughts on managing your time for business and your family. Join us and listen in![00:01 - 05:17] Opening Segment Welcoming Anthony to the showAnthony’s background[05:18 - 25:19] From a Tortured Foster Kid to an NFL PlayerAnthony shares his story of being a foster kidThe statement that made him want to shift his identityHis journey to becoming a better football playerWhy he chose to go to Oregon for collegeAnthony on meeting Phil KnightAnthony on his relationship with his wife[25:20 - 45:18] The Most Important Identity Shift for AnthonyAnthony talks about the dark times in his lifeDealing with a failed business, parenting, and marriageThe impact of understanding your humanityFixing his relationship with his wife and familyThe biggest identity shift Anthony has hadAnthony on managing business time and family time[45:19 - 50:02] Closing SegmentAnthony talks about his new book coming up, “Identity Shift”Closing wordsTweetable Quotes:“When you understand your humanity, it gives you a chance to understand and have compassion for others.” - Anthony Trucks“When you finally step in and take control of who you're becoming, you start finding that that person is the one responsible for everything that you have and don't have. And when you get to control and understand how to pull the levers, hit the switches, push the buttons, it gives you a different sense of control, of hope, of aspiration, because you can actually see the pathway to what you want to achieve in life.” - Anthony TrucksConnect with Anthony on Instagram and LinkedIn!Check out Anthony’s YouTube Channel!Resources Mentioned:Identity Shift: Upgrade How You Operate to Elevate Your LifeEnter the code ‘DCP’ for some free stuff! LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Matt got started in the financial services industry 20 years ago as a certified life and business coach. As he became immersed in his client’s biggest needs, he built his knowledge and expertise as a financial branding and social media expert.  More recently, Matt has added podcasting to that list.It’s tough to be great and effective at marketing while running a practice, living a life, and loving a family. No one understands this more than Matt, who teaches advisors how to be themselves, let their passions shine through, and create strong brands that resonate with ideal prospects and centers of influence.In this episode, Matt talks about his incredible and diverse career, how his persistence and perspective defied odds and granted opportunities, and that there is a seat at the table for you. Stop chasing the scraps. All you have to do is come to the table and be your best self.[00:01 - 13:08] Opening SegmentWelcoming Matt to the showHow you can connect with Matt and check out his podcastsWhat does it mean to ‘Be your own loud?’ Helping people get their voice out in the marketplaceSelling without being salesyHow you can rise above the clutter[13:09 - 30:27] Control Your Perspective to Design Your Life A story about how far gentle pressure and persistent gets you Mistakes that entrepreneurs makeAdvice for entrepreneurs starting out We have control over the story we tell ourselves   [30:28 - 55:20] Failing ForwardMatt’s background The power of podcastingDefying the odds and working for Ron CarsonEmployee loyalty vs. asking for the value you believe you representBusiness owners being loyal to their team first[55:21 - 1:07:49] The World Isn’t PieThink about how you can help others get a seat at the table instead of fighting for scraps Asking Matt the final four questionsClosing wordsTweetable Quotes: “Let's sit at the table together and have a conversation about what we can do to help each other instead of thinking that we're competition for each other.” - Matthew Halloran“We have very little control. But the thing that we all have control over is the story that we tell ourselves about the thing that happened. And we get to decide whether it happened to us or for us. And that is the magic.” - Jerome Myers“Don't look at failure as the end of something, look at it as the beginning of something new.” - Matthew HalloranConnect with MatthewYou can find and connect with him on LinkedInResources MentionedTop Advisor Marketing Podcast with Matt Halloran and Kirk LoweBe Your Own Loud Podcast with Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran LEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Catch Jerome Myers OInteresting People Doing Interesting Things…The #PirateBroadcast starts out as a Livestreaming show and shared across multiple platforms to distribute encouraging information with people. This podcast allows people to receive information when they're unable to catch the Livestream.The show brings all kinds of topics to the table with a common thread of thinking outside the box while still being kind.#kindnessiscool#smilesarefree#makeitmatterAnd you…Enjoy the dayn The Piratebroadcast.
Are you an Entrepreneur, Wantrepreneur, or Small Business Owner? Would you like new ideas, insight inspiration that you can apply from successful entrepreneurs? Be our guest and listen to our podcast to discover how other entrepreneurs are getting all of this as they commute, and as they workout in the gym, and as they jog etc. 7 days a week we interview successful entrepreneurs and talk about their journey to discover their struggle before finding success, the big ideas that made their businesses grow, and their aspirations and ideas for the future. In each episode of The Entrepreneur Way Neil chats with successful entrepreneurs as they reveal golden nuggets of information and advice. For the Show Notes and the latest news go to
Issues on diversity, equity, and inclusion continue to be present in today’s society. Addressing those issues starts with realizing that we can have a positive impact. This is what Stacey A. Gordon will talk about in this episode. Stacey is focused on improving workplace cultures, and her mission is to reduce bias in global talent acquisition and management. As a LinkedIn instructor, Stacey offers diversity, inclusion, and career-related online courses which have been viewed more than 1 million times. Stacey's book, 'UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at Work,' is the next step in her vision to make all the difference in the world. In this episode, Stacey talks about her journey of standing up for diversity and inclusion in today’s world. She also shares her thoughts on microaggressions, economic disparity, and social norms. Stacey also talks about why realizing that we all have the power to create a positive impact is the initial step to combatting issues on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Join us and listen in![00:01 - 10:15] Opening Segment Welcoming Stacey to the showStacey’s bookHow you can connect with StaceyStacey shares her backgroundMoving from London to Brooklyn[10:16 - 25:58] The Existence of Microaggressions in Today’s WorldShould we assimilate?Stacey talks about what causes an economic gapWhat taught Stacey economic empowermentStacey on economic inequityDefining microaggressionsIt’s easier to go with the flowThere are other circles that you can move to[25:59 - 47:13] Diversity, Equity, and InclusionIdentifying economic disparity as an issueWhat causes economic disparityWe have to start by askingStacey on women who helped her along the wayHer story of dropping out of law schoolStarting a recruiting companyHow the murder of George Floyd impacted herFixing the actual problem in the corporate world[47:14 - 50:35] Closing SegmentAsking Stacey the final four questionsClosing wordsTweetable Quotes:“You have got to step outside of the circle, and then you realize that there was a whole lot of other really cool stuff going on that you would never have seen had you not left the little bubble that you were in.” - Stacey A. Gordon“[You] can have impact, positive impact. It's not about looking at your neighbor and expecting them to do something or looking at your boss expecting them to do something or looking at your CEO, but looking at what can you do today to have a positive impact on the next person that you meet.” - Stacey A. GordonConnect with Stacey on LinkedIn and Instagram!Resources Mentioned:UNBIAS: Addressing Unconscious Bias at WorkLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Self-doubt and fear are natural feelings to have, especially when you’re starting something new. It’s okay to have fear but don’t let it keep you from moving forward. This is what John Azar will talk about in this episode. John is an Executive Vice President and Managing Member of MACC Venture Partners where he directs acquisitions, strategic development, capital management, and growth. In this episode, John talks about his journey to success. From migrating to the US, to working in the corporate world, to eventually crushing it in the equity capital and acquisitions business. He shares how his experiences helped him overcome fear and self-doubt. He also talks about how he and his businesses are adapting to the trying times brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen in![00:01 - 07:49] Opening Segment Welcoming John to the showJohn shares his backgroundHe talks about his podcastSome of the big takeaways from his podcast[07:50 - 21:27] Why Your Experiences Will Set You Up for SuccessGrowing up in a time of war and conflictHis new beginning in the USWhat working in the corporate world taught himFinding comfort in the uncomfortableStarting a structured finance companyGetting into commercial real estateDealing with self-doubt[21:28 - 33:04] Adapting in Times of Crisis and Developing ConfidenceThe transition that John made in his personal brandCOVID is a big teacherDeveloping new relationships during the pandemicHow COVID affected how John does businessWhy you have to keep moving forwardJohn on failuresHow he developed confidence[33:05 - 36:07] Closing SegmentTune in to John’s podcast!Don’t let fear hold you backHow you can connect with JohnClosing wordsTweetable Quotes:“We all have a unique way to get to where we are. Some of us get there quicker, some of us get there faster, some of us take a circular route to get there, some of us don't. It's all good, as long as we all get to a place that makes us happy… Happiness is the number one thing.” - John Azar“It's okay to be scared. It's okay to feel inferior. It's okay to feel like you don't know what the hell you're doing. I felt that for so long. But it's not okay to stop. It's not okay to let it stop you and not let you go forward.” - John Azar “If no is the top of my problems, then I have no business trying to pitch anything to anybody.” - John Azar“There are so much more on the other side of that coin that is waiting for you if you just get over that little hill that you're letting stay in front of you. Just keep pushing.” - John AzarConnect with John on LinkedIn!Resources Mentioned:Peak 15 CapitalBreaking Resistance PodcastLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Do you believe in miracles? Some people do, and some people even experience them first-hand. Take it from Melissa Barba, our guest for today. Melissa is a mortgage expert, speaker, author, and business owner. Upon moving from Mexico to the US, Melissa underwent a dark period of doubt, pressure, and struggle. With determination and commitment, Melissa fought her way through numerous trials and doubled down on personal growth and neuro-linguistic programming. Today, she is helping thousands of people from across the globe find their purpose through her writing, coaching, and speaking.In this episode, Melissa shares with us her journey of fighting through a dark path and climbing her way to success and fulfillment. She talks about a story when she experienced a miracle, and she will share her thoughts on personal development, health, and growth. [00:01 - 07:55] Opening Segment I introduce Melissa to the showMelissa shares her backgroundMoving from Mexico to the USShe shares her strugglesHow she got the title ‘Queen Latina’[07:56 - 18:56] Miracles Can HappenGoing through the dark path of constant struggleStruggling to keep up with the standard of living in IrvineQuitting was not an optionHow she got into personal development and neuro-linguistic programmingAttending personal development classesIntention vs. mechanismShe talks about the anonymous person who paid for her $4,000 classMiracles can happenDoing her first NLP breakthrough[18:57 - 33:34] Diving Deeper Into Personal Development and GrowthWhy Melissa chose to keep goingHer red pill momentTrying new thingsThe pursuit of growthGetting into mortgagesBeing a coachWhy her health is non-negotiableGetting her mortgage license[33:35 - 43:11] Closing SegmentAsking Melissa the Final FourHow you can connect with MelissaTweetable Quotes:“We're the ones that decide to claim our throne or not.” - Melissa Barba“It's like working out. If you get fit and you achieve your goal and you stop working out, then you're gonna go back to where you were. So it was about constantly realigning myself, and it still is. It is never going to stop, and it's never going to end because there's always the next level.” - Melissa Barba“I want to build this on bricks, not on sand. And I knew that eventually because it would be inevitable, if I kept doing these things, eventually, I'm going to get to where I want to get, but when I get there, I'm going to be able to savor it  because all the other aspects of my life are solid.” - Melissa BarbaConnect with Melissa on her website, Facebook and Instagram!Resources Mentioned:The SecretThe Law of AttractionLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at o
Sometimes in our life, the mess becomes the message. The low points in our life are meant to shape us and not break us. In today’s episode, I talk to Cheyenne Burnett. Cheyenne is a business owner, a marketing expert, and a mom. She founded Bcuz Babies, a company helping women deal with pregnancy and postpartum depression. Cheyenne also founded My Mood Vitamins, a supplement for dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety.In this episode, Cheyenne talks about how the trials she faced helped her find her purpose in life. She shares with us the story behind her business and how she’s impacting other people’s lives through her ventures.This episode is full of value and inspiration, so don’t miss it![00:01 - 02:55] Opening Segment I introduce Cheyenne to the showHow you can get in touch with Cheyenne[02:56 - 23:45] The Story Behind Cheyenne’s BusinessCheyenne shares her backgroundBeing a sales funnel expertHer marriage lifeGoing through pregnancyCheyenne talks about her bookGoing through depressionCheyenne talks about postpartum depression Starting her businessCreating a new vitamin/supplementProviding postpartum careHow she formulated the vitamin [23:46 - 43:27] Going Through Trials Can Help You Find Your PurposeCheyenne’s fears during the processHitting rock bottomFinding her purpose through the challenges she facedFinding a valuable nicheWhen Cheyenne realized that she had to keep goingDeveloping a postpartum preparation guide[43:28 - 48:39] Closing SegmentWhere you can check out Cheyenne’s products and servicesFinal words from CheyenneTweetable Quotes:“If I hadn’t been in the process of going through all those trials, I wouldn’t have been in the mindset of even considering my pregnancy experience as a potential business… the thoughts would have never come up.” -  Cheyenne Burnett“Most people that I know that are the most successful are helping people with something that they went through that sucked.” - Cheyenne BurnettConnect with Cheyenne on Instagram! You can also email her at or contact her at 385-215-9020.Check out Bcuz Babies on its website, Facebook and Instagram!Resources MentionedA Fear Free BirthLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
When we find ourselves in terrible situations, we sometimes resort to borrowing from our future. What does borrowing from your future really mean? Today’s guest, Jack Gibson, talks about that in this episode. Jack is an entrepreneur, wealth-building strategist, and podcast host. Although Jack has always been a good entrepreneur, there was a time when he was financially illiterate. Spending the past 5 years with hundreds of hours of podcasts, books, interviews, and even hosting his own real estate investing show to learn from other experts, Jack has compiled the knowledge and experience to create an educational platform called Indestructible Wealth.In this episode, Jack talks about his amazing journey to indestructible wealth. He also shares how he fought adversity and why borrowing from our future is not a good thing. Jack will also share a seven-step plan that you can follow to achieve indestructible wealth.[00:01 - 02:22] Opening SegmentI introduce Jack to the showHow you can connect with Jack[02:23 - 10:48] The Path to Indestructible WealthJack shares his journey to indestructible wealthAlways wanting to be an entrepreneurMulti-level marketing and starting real estateFinding significance after the successHelping other peopleCreating an educational platformFinding fulfillment[10:49 - 31:16] Dealing with Adversity and Having a Good HeartWho helped Jack along the wayHaving mentorsGetting misguided adviceDealing with fears and adversityJack talks about some of his bad investmentsPeople who would hate himJack on forgiving himselfWhat Jack would have done differentlyHitting rock bottomJack’s thoughts on having a good heartProviding good value[31:17 - 50:11] Don’t Borrow From Your FutureWhy would you borrow from tomorrow?Why it never works outDon’t borrow, investDiving deeper into indestructible wealthYour whole well-being is wealthMultiple streams of passive incomeJack shares the seven-step plan to indestructible wealth[50:12 - 56:23] Closing SegmentJack answers the four closing questionsFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“Adversity really shows us who we really are, and it’s a really great thing. " - Jack Gibson“I just have that firm belief all the way down to my very core that if I just keep putting good out and keep putting good value out there, it's going to come back to me and I'm going to be blessed.” - Jack Gibson“Philanthropy is a way of life. It's not a place that you arrive at.” - Jack GibsonConnect with Jack via email and LinkedIn!Resources Mentioned:My Indestructible WealthMy Indestructible Wealth PodcastLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
Everyone has his or her own story. Believe it or not, your story can be powerful and life-changing. This is what Holley Mignosi will talk about in this episode. Holley is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Dream Life Group Inc., a body language expert, and an experienced speaker. After going through extreme adversity, Holley underwent a mindset shift and became an experienced coach helping entrepreneurs captivate their audiences through storytelling. In this episode, Holley shares her amazing story of transformation. She also shares the importance of healing in sharing your story with others. Holley talks about how you can use your story to inspire others and create an impact on the world. Before the episode ends, Holley also shares the five steps to telling a fantastic story. Listen in![00:01 - 02:05] Opening Segment I introduce Holley to the showHow you can connect with Holley[02:06 - 31:41] The Adversity in Your Story is Your VictoryHolley shares her storyModeling and actingStruggling with drug abuseHow Holley’s daughter saved her lifeUndergoing a mindset shiftHow she got into storytellingWhy some stories aren’t ready to be told yetDeciding to share her story with other peopleYour story is your victoryFaith it until you make itHow you would know if you’ve healedWhat Holley learned from her own storyGo where you’re celebrated, not toleratedYour story is powerfulThe vulnerability in your story as a point of trust[31:42 - 44:26] Five Steps to Telling a Fantastic StoryThe Five StepsThe callThe pitThe breakthroughThe lessons that you learnedThe pinnacleHolley gives us a quiz[44:27 - 49:01] Closing SegmentWhat Holley is most grateful forCatching the next dreamThe gift Holley is giving the worldWhat she wants the audience to take away from the episodeTweetable Quotes:“I realized that my story and your story, and everyone who was listening, your story is divinely designed to be that adversity so that it can be your greatest victory.” - Holley Mignosi “The modeling and acting ministry had taught me to fake it till you make it, but as I was moving through this journey, I needed to faith it until I could make it, which is everybody's story, the human story.” - Holley Mignosi“People don't care about your credibility until they have compassion for your struggle.” - Holley MignosiConnect with Holley on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!Resources Mentioned:Shine on Stage Facebook GroupLEAVE A REVIEW + help someone who wants to explode their business growth by sharing this episode or click here to listen to our previous episodes.Dreamcatchers is an inclusive organization that targets people’s interest in being more instead of a certain demographic. We have people from all walks of life at many different ages. Find out more at Find out more about Jerome at or
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