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We speak with Exective Director Katie Davis about Wildlands Network's mission to restore the wild-ways of North America.About Wildlands Network:Since 1991, Wildlands Network has been committed to reconnecting, restoring and rewilding North America for the benefit of all species. Our work is founded in science, driven by fieldwork and furthered through strategic policy and partnerships. We envision a North America where nature is undivided, and where people coexist in harmony with our native plants and animals. Visit to learn more.***This podcast is not interested in advertising dollars and relies on the support of Wild Roots patrons. To support this podcast visit:
We warmly welcome back Dr. Darcia Narvaez in a discussion on how global capitalism affects our psyche; and on understanding how to satisfy our basic human needs. Darcia's work shares insights on how to live a truly meaningful life by acknowledging our place within the living world.We can learn to recognize and respect our Human-Earth connections by understanding how global capitalism shapes the human psyche in relation to the rest of the living world.LINKS:The Evolved NestDarcia NarvaezWILD ROOTS Patreon***Wild Roots is not interested in advertising dollars and depends upon patron support. THANKS FOR LISTENING!I’m including this research in all episode descriptions for anyone interested in learning in the origin of the current Coronavirus which causes Covid-19:*Research on the origin of SARS-CoV2*
The right to roam is something many American's may not be aware of, yet it is a calling that dwells within the human heart. It is an inheritance which has been stolen, but we can get it back. Listen to find out how.Portrait by Cadence Chinle Cook LINKS:Ken IlgunasThis Land is Our Land, How We Lost the Right to Roam and How to Take it Back (Book)***Wild Roots is not interested in advertising dollars and is supported by patrons. To donate to this podcast use this link: DONATE TO THIS PODCASTDID YOU KNOW?In a recent report released on public land access, results revealed that across 13 U.S. western states, over 9.52 million acres (an area larger than New Hampshire and Connecticut combined) is currently landlocked. With over 3 million acres  in Wyoming, 2 million in Nevada and 1.5 million in Montana. If these are all of our lands, then why can't we access them?~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I’m including this research in all episode descriptions for anyone interested in learning in the origin of the current Coronavirus which causes Covid-19:*Research on the origin of SARS-CoV2*
In this episode we speak with Dr. Bruce Blumberg about his revolutionary research on chemicals called “obesogens”. His research reveals startling epigenetic effects of exposure to these hormone-disrupting chemicals in the environment. These chemicals are found in products widely used by many, every-day, and are found even in the food we eat and the water we drink. LINKS:The Obesogen Effect (Book)Dr. Bruce Blumberg (Bio)*This podcast does not use SEO services and does not want advertising dollars. The podcast is simply created to inform with the wish to create a better world for all. If you would like to donate to this podcast, consider becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.-----"According to the FDA, findings from studies on the prevalence of these chemicals, explain that these chemicals that have been widely used in nonstick cookware, contact paper, food packaging, cleaning products, and other industrial products have leached into our food and water supply, as well as contaminated our livestock and the sewage sludge used for fertilization. This is a serious problem as these “forever chemicals” are linked to liver damage, certain types of cancers, thyroid disease, infertility, high cholesterol, obesity and several other health conditions."~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I’m including this research in all episode descriptions for anyone interested in learning in the origin of the current Coronavirus which causes Covid-19:*Research on the origin of SARS-CoV2*
Will humanity come into reality? Will humanity changes it’s ways for good? What will it take? If not this, world-shattering pandemic, then what? A quieted world, concerns for wandering wildlife, wet markets and more...  An adaptation from The Wandering Naturalist. WILD ROOTS Patreon~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I’m including this research in all episode descriptions for anyone interested in learning in the origin of the current Coronavirus which causes Covid-19:*Research on the origin of SARS-CoV2*
Nature is indeed sending us a message. Our response to that message is going to shape humanity. In this Wild Roots episode with renowned science writer/author, David Quammen we talk about the nature of zoonotic diseases, ecology and how human activity is ultimately the cause for epidemics which threatens us all. We also talk about the importance of not demonizing wildlife, protecting biodiversity, the harms of the wildlife trade and more.  We are all in this together. And we are the ones who caused it. Hoping all of my listeners are well and safe. LINKS:David Quammen's WebsiteSpillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human PandemicSupport this podcast by becoming a Wild Roots Patron Research on the origin of SARS-CoV2*Photo take by Ronan Donovan
An estimated 690-megawatt solar power generating facility is about to be built on roughly 7,100 acres of public land. Located within the Mojave Desert, around 33 miles northeast of Las Vegas and directly south of the Moapa River Indian Reservation. What could be wrong about that? Afterall, solar energy is the best alternative energy, right?Turns out, our energy consumption demands are also consuming critical habitat for multiple federally threatened and endangered species on irreplaceable wild landscapes. The Mojave Desert tortoise is a federally threatened keystone species protected by the Endangered Species Act. Then why is its habitat being destroyed... Solar power is people-approved. But all big businesses see is profit. Solar panels belong over parking lots and on rooftops not in our precious public lands! Photo of Endangered Mojave Desert Tortoise provide by ‘Basin and Range Watch’Visit Basin and Range Watch to learn more!To Support this Podcast: Wild Roots Patreon
Standing with O’odham against the desecration of ancient beings and sacred lands. Witnessing the wall's construction site leaves me without words. The wall's destruction to the borderlands is almost immeasurable and definitely unbearable.We hear what natives have to say about the wall's devastating construction. As well as what Laiken Jordahl, a Borderlands Campaigner for the Center for Biological Diversity, has been witnessing of the wall's construction. While this episode was being published, blasting of the ancient burial sites were taking place. Forever changing the landscape of these sacred lands, and forever erasing the culture of the Tohono O’odham people.Follow Laiken Jordahl for most recent updates at Twitter here:@LaikenJordahl
NOT ON OUR LAND! - Listen to the very end!The book THIS LAND reveals the real "big bad wolves" and the truly devastating costs of livestock grazing on public lands. LINKSWebsite:Christopher KetchamBook: This Land: How Cowboys, Capitalism and Corruption are Ruining the American West
We welcome back Dr. Darcia Narvaez to discuss the importance of indigenous wisdom. More than ever, could the world use a nature-based foundation of wisdom. In this discussion we focus on the differences between traditional and indigenous psychologies; and how they influence the way we perceive our world. LINKSDarcia's Blog: Moral LandscapesBook: Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom: First-Nation Know-How for Global FlourishingThe Evolved
Here is a recap of Wild Roots 2019. Thank you for being a part of the Wild Roots journey! 
It is clear that "human nature" has evolved into a pattern of misuse, neglect and destruction of the natural world. Human Nature Projects was developed with a mission to re-prioritize our agenda as human beings. Through connection, curiosity, creativity and collaboration we can work together to protect the Earth's amazing biodiversity.LINKS:Elliot ConnorHuman Nature ProjectsTo support this podcast: Wild Roots Patreon
Those who have the authority to enforce noise ordinances are often unsympathetic or unresponsive, making noise ordinances completely ineffective. Join me in a discussion with renowned writer/author David Owen of the effects of noise exposure on the environment and our health.LINKS:Volume Control: Hearing in a Deafening World (BOOK)David Owen's BiographyDavid's Latest WorksTO SUPPORT THIS PODCAST VISIT: WILD ROOTS PATREON
We speak about one woman's courageous decision to leave behind an unwholesome industry, deeply embedded in American tradition. As well as her decision to write openly about her experiences. Laura Jean Schneider reflects on this harmful industry and how the demand it's product, beef and leather, continues to carry damaging consequences for the welfare of animals, human health and our global ecosystems. She considers the industry's morally questionable and often violent culture, connecting it's practices to degrading habitats, threats to native wildlife and much more. LINKS:Laura Jean SchneiderLJ’s High Country News ArticleTo support my work:WILD ROOTS Patreon
In this episode, we have the great pleasure of speaking with award-winning journalist, Stephen Leahy about the use of neonics, extremely harmful pesticides used in industrialized agriculture. We discuss how the most widely used pesticides pervasively contaminate our environment, threaten wildlife and put our global food supply at risk. All of life hangs in the balance upon a greater web. Evidence to our broken web of life hides in plain sight (and sound).LINKS:Stephen Leahy WILD ROOTS Patreon
Humans are not equipped to recognize urban environments as something that makes sense… Basically even though humans may appear adjusted to urbanization, evolutionarily our brains haven’t caught up with more natural or healthy responses to such prevalent environments. To our animal brains, these environments just don't make sense and may actually be harmful for urban dwellers. In this episode of Wild Roots, we speak with Dr. Ian Frampton, an Exeter University psychologist about these significant findings and what we can do to make sense of our struggling brains.To support my work, please consider becoming a Wild Roots Patreon.
This incredible story of resiliency is one that can be learned from worldwide! Akagera National Park has become one of the most renowned ecological recovery stories. Efforts to restore its natural wonders defied the odds and has placed this park in high recognition. Supported by African Parks, Akagera National Park is conservation at its finest.For more episodes like this please support at
In this episode we speak with the organizing director of the Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN) as well as members of their executive committee about the importance of and efforts towards establishing rights of nature laws. Join us in honoring the recognition that Nature too, has rights.LINKS:Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature (GARN)WildRoots PatreonThanks for listening!
There is something very special hidden beneath our feet... A life-giving component of this planet, too often ignored yet crucial to our existence and survival. In this episode we discuss this amazing life-giving source with renewed reverence with returning guest and author, Paul Bogard. His book "The Ground Beneath Us" reveals to us the hidden truths that lie beneath our feet everyday and truly puts into perspective the multiple threats that kill millions of species that make up this breathing source of life. The Ground Beneath Us by Paul BogardTo support more Wild Roots episodes like this one please consider becoming a WILD ROOTS PatreonThanks for listening!
We speak with Michael Dax, the New Mexico Representative for Defenders of Wildlife in Santa Fe about the Wildlife Corridors Act. Michael was instrumental in helping to pass legislation in the New Mexico Legislature to establish and protect wildlife corridors, and has been deeply involved in legislative efforts to modernize wildlife management in the state. Before moving to New Mexico, Michael has worked in the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Parks as a trail groomer and tour guide. Michael also earned a master’s degree in environmental history from the University of Montana where he began work on his book, Grizzly West, which focuses on the attempt to reintroduce grizzly bears to the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Montana and Idaho. For more WILD ROOTS episodes please consider becoming a WILD ROOTS Patreon.LINKS:New Mexico’s Wildlife Corridors Act: A path toward success ( article written by Michael Dax)Support The Wildlife Corridors Conservation ActGrizzly West (Michael's Book)
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