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Vikki’s back sharing lessons and behind the scenes from the past few months. Things have definitely changed, challenges have been faced and she’s been SO excited to share everything with you. This episode comes with a surprise Vikki hadn’t planned for … so enjoy an unfiltered, honest catch up.   P.s. Are you getting emails from Vikki? The conversations there are about to get spicy !   Sign up here :
Life happens. For all of us. It is part of the human experience and always has been. Listen and learn how to create a container for the unexpected that allows you to step into being the CEO of your life. Join Time Hackers : 
Worry pretends to be useful. It isn't. It distracts and debilitates us so that we continue to play small in life. Listen to learn why worry is like ice cream and what we can do to manage our worry and feel better. Join Time Hackers : 
We are ALWAYS choosing how to invest our time, energy and money. Our brains invest for comfort, listen to learn how to invest for results. Click here to join Time Hackers:
REPOST Tired & To Dos

REPOST Tired & To Dos


Listen and learn what to do about your To-Do's when you feel tired.   P.S. You are a Time Hacker, join us >>
REPOST Anxiety As Fuel

REPOST Anxiety As Fuel


Anxiety can drain us, or fuel us. Listen to learn how to use anxiety as fuel towards your growth. P.S. You are a Time Hacker, join us >>
We have been taught waiting is sensible and so we allow it. The waiting habit costs us years, dreams, relationships. Listen and learn how to break the habit and accelerate yourself towards the life you want.   P.S. You are a Time Hacker, join us >>    
Listen and learn as Laura shares how she realized that actually there are no rules, and we can be willing to be wrong, and why that is actually the foundation of creating a 15 hour week. She shares with you her biggest lessons, and what is possible when we change our relationship with ourselves first.   15 Hour Work Week Mastermind Waitlist :   Links : 
Listen and learn the 4 reasons why we procrastinate and get a simple solution for each one. This isn't as complicated as our brains would have us believe. P.S. You are a Time Hacker. Come join us:  
REPOST : 90/10 Rule

REPOST : 90/10 Rule


The 90/10 rule allows you to move faster, with less friction and more fun. Nothing is ALL good or ALL bad. Listen and know exactly how to redirect your brain and why this accelerates your results. Do you know it's TIME to take time seriously and create more success with more time off? Find out more about Time Hackers here >>
This week I am joined by Leah, mum of two, with two businesses, and ALL the reasons to work longer hours. In today’s episode she shares how she created her 15 hour week in 2 months !), what her work is for the second half of the Mastermind, how she has been applying sprints to create more presence across all areas of her life, and what’s possible with fast decision making.  15 Hour Work Week Mastermind Waitlist : Instagram : Website : 
Listen today and learn the 3 simple steps to getting anything done - when you create these 3 inputs (and yes, you will learn how to create them on this episode) then you know how to get out of procrastination and avoidance into action and focus.    You are a Time Hacker, you belong in our community. Click here and join us today:
This week Jenna shares her biggest aha moments being in the 15 hour mastermind, how she makes fast decisions and what’s possible when you allow yourself to actually detox from work… Even when it requires sitting in discomfort. She shares the specific moments and learnings that have allowed her to create incredible results so far and shares what’s next for her as she creates her own time rules.   15 Hour Work Week Mastermind Waitlist : Website :
Brains complicate everything. Do this ONE thing, watch your life change. Join Time Hackers, and we will do it together >>
Achieving doesn't always come with feeling amazing. Listen to learn why we have Imposter Syndrome, and what you can do about it.  Connect with me on Instagram: And sign up for Time Hackers here:
Creating a 15 hour week doesn’t mean getting 40 hours of things done in 15 hours. It means doing less. This week I am joined by Doreen, navigating motherhood and scaling her business, as she shares what it’s been like to let go of things she has always done and was even crediting for her business success before this Mastermind. You’ll get access to her biggest lessons and what she’s created in the first 3 months of the Mastermind, why she knew she HAD to get in this room (even though we had already sold out), and what happens when we stop giving time credit for our results.   15 Hour Work Week Mastermind Waitlist :   Connect with Doreen here : Instagram : Podcast :
Getting Rejected

Getting Rejected


We don't WANT to get rejected, right? Be warned: after listening to this episode you may just change your mind. Listen and learn a new way of thinking about rejection and join the rejection revolution that has you unlearn the people pleasing, perfectionist tendencies that have been slowing you down. Who do you become on the other side of 10 rejections? Let's find out.  P.S. You are a Time Hacker. Come join us: P.P.S. Or reject me, I'm ok with that too ;) just be careful... Is it me you are rejecting or you? We are in the middle of the Dating Your Goal Challenge, come implement with us LIVE. There's never been a better time to join.
Date Your Goal: A 30 Day Experience to achieve any goal.  One live webinar. 30 Days of implementing. The exact questions I used to created my first $25k then $250k month. Community of Time Hackers creating with you.  One time only. Happening LIVE inside Time Hackers. Join the webinar, then spend 30 days applying the 5 minute daily practice, together. Then join Time Hackers, with lifetime access. Now is the BEST time to say YES to your desire to be a Time Hacker. Click here and join us now.  We start March 16th and when you join today you get access to the community & Time Hackers process today. The intro videos are perfectly primed to have you hit the ground running. Say YES to more fun, more success and more time. Click here
Today I'm joined by one of my 15 Hour Work Week Pioneers, Maisie Hill, as she shares how she created her 15 hour week just 7 weeks into the Mastermind. You'll get access to her entire story from deciding to put herself in the room, all the way to creating her new normal of working less. She also shares what has been most uncomfortable for her and what she is still working through with her new 15 hour week. Connect with Maisie here: Instagram : Website :   Get on the waitlist for the 15 Hour Work Week here: Listen to my interview on Maisie's podcast here: Listen to my last interview with Maisie about Time Hackers here:
If you think that more success means more hours, this episode is for you. Listen as Janae shares how she accelerated into her future goals through failing, allowing herself to be bad and creating safety for herself as a priority. This episode is for you if you don't think you have time to be a Time Hacker, if you are juggling multiple things, if you still find yourself wanting to do everything right.  Connect with Janae: Website: Instagram: Facebook:
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Jess K.

I definitely had this experience with therapy. I thought I would get tools to improve my life, help me move forward, and be more productive. Instead I was told that life is hard and why should I make it more difficult by trying to do things that I may not be cut out for.

Oct 3rd
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Jess K.

I love this podcast! The episodes are short but transformative with relatable examples and tips for overcoming anxiety by recognizing triggers and forming appropriate habits. Vikki is an entertainer, comedian and life coach.

Jul 8th
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