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Author: Martin Maloney

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Martin Maloney presents Hardy Bucks Podcast with interviews, chat and some questionable subject matter.
35 Episodes
Dear Lawd! Over a month in the making - It's finally happened. A Swiss roll of consciousness wrapped up in tales of Father Topaz McNulty out local parish Priest dishing out slaps at a funeral, Edge of the Seat BooBoo Dolls action. Grief simps on Facebook, slagging off Irish adverts, Tolkiens Balrog, WW1, Hard lads of youth reach and much much more. Buckle up. Slow Doooon. Expect the unexpected! If you enjoy listening to deep dives into Castletown's underbelly and would like to support this rare podcast - please consider throwing some smooth claw wedge onto Patreon time donations to Paypal are nice too
Only a taste of whats to come hey! Talkin about life on the Rock N' Roll, Bruce Lee's wisdom and taking free holidays for yourself by never having to leave the bed thanks to the power of dreams."Practice self acceptance by reading the power of now, written by some German header called Eckart Tolle" If you'd like to support the one man operation that is the Hardy Book, please consider becoming a patron
Welcome to Part 3 of the Hardy Book. The Podcast has "levelled up in XP production points" with this episode. The technical learning curve is on the rise. Eddie Durkan opens up with how they intervened in French Toasts life after he "got above his station. Opening up about the obsessive lengths Boo and Buzz went through out of Jealousy that Noreen was taking up all of his free time back in 2010. Loss of affection follows. Existential issues of life and death, funeral culture, the secret lives of boy racers and how Cowboy Lavins devotion to Oliver Stone's the Doors lead him to Boston to buy a pair of leather trousers. Throw the feet up and enjoy the spin. "We're goan up town!"If you'd like to support future content please consider becoming a Patron For a one time donation -
This week Eddie muses about life after school, Castletown being an open Prison, being civil to people that don't like you and among many other things he gives a scathing critique of 00's Mainstream American TV shows before the dawn of streaming. If you'd like to keep some gas in the NOS tank - why not become a Patron of the Castletown arts centre -
Ahh here hey. Like the bald lad from the moody Nu-rock band, Stained would say... It's been a while. Welcome to the Hardy Book as narrated by Eddie Durkan. He talks about literary inspirations for the publication, as well as a hypothetical spoofers ready to sneer at his contribution from some soft ivory tower in Ballsbridge. A perfect listen while lying down in Bobo's, long journeys, or just having a sit off in the lair. Enjoy it truly!Please consider supporting the tastiest book to be written since Harry Potter and the wizards sleeve.
There's a lot of twists and turns in this weeks epiode! Featuring Liverpool's most notorious - reformed gangster Stephen "The Devil" French. He'll be dropping pearls of wisdom "yeah right?". He'll be discussing his favourite breed of attack dog. Ludo and Tiddlywinks. Machinees VS Shotties. Other topics include Ross Kemp, Danny Dyer and Martin Kemp. Liverpools treasured residents - Wayne Rooney, Purple Aki, Derek Acorah and other well known Scouse legends. Take a walk down to the grolly pit with your swot knot. How is the cock of the school decided? "The many faced god" Kyle Cleghorne jumps in to talk char sui curry and TJ Hughes trackies. There's a lot going on! Sit back and enjoy the spin laaaaaaaaaaaaa. As always, big thank you to the patrons who keep the podcast going. If you'd like to contribute please go to: Follow Kyle Cleghorne:
Man oh man! If you like crocodiles and mad shit that can do you in... This is the stuff for you. I'd recorded this last year, (but theres a slight hissing noise in his background audio thats why I didn't put it up yet). Sure what can you do? It's too good not to share. The mans insights are amazing. Little known fact about myself, I've been obsessed with crocs and gators since I was a small kid. My dream job was to be a marine biologist, or a zoologist working with Sharks and crocs. This for me was an awesome conversation. Perhaps the best so far. With some very surprising moments that blew my mind. A huge thank you to all of my patrons as always! If you'd like to become a patron and be part of the discussion on the discord group sign up for 5 dollar a month.
As the bald lad in Stained would say "It's been a while". Good to get back into the saddle after the break. Joining me this week is the incredibly entertaining and all round sound skin, Peter Ganley.We talk about fights at chippers, taking the piss with radio appearances, A TV show featuring the Corminator and Stetsoyde plus many other Ashton Touchners. Big thanks to the Patrons for throwing a bit of weight behind the show. Spread the word and spread the wings of chat over the enchanted skies.
I catch up with Andito Banderas to talk some Hard Chainz. What ever that means. Tales from interrailing as a young dude, talking about to a shrink, movies and games with Andy's trip across the US. Boffing in Public and other mad shit. If you'd like to support the show and join the sweet little community, head over to Patreon and throw a few Martin Sheens into the mix. Thanks to the patrons who have already supported the show and all of you for listening. If you like hat you hear, please spread the word to your soundest people.
Fred Cooke, The comedy Cookie monster himself joins the podcast for some chilled out chat. Nice cosy aul craic. Discussing his time he played Slane supporting Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson stories, Tommy Tiernan chat and a gang of other flowy topics. He's a great guy. Nothing but pure soundness from that buck. If you'd like to throw a few sheets to the wind please become a patron.
"You'd want a touch of Ronseal on that post man!" The Durkan Bros are reunited in the form of Martin Maloney and Eugene Greaney Jr. In this episode talk about his awesome family owned Galway restaurant Dough Bros. The science of baking Pizza. Big knob Michelin Star chefs, Stateside, Filming HB, Football among other topics. Dive in and enjoy the craic. Throw us an Ashton Touchner
After a hiatus of one and a half moonz, I finally got the chance to fix this pod cast with All round USA cheeky boy legend Alex Rossino. He's an author and historian and a die hard fan of the show. Hear his account from his recent trip to Swinford, birth place of Hardy bucks. We talk about a manner of interesting subjects. Music, comedy, healthcare, corona, Brexit and much more. Strap on the seat belts, cos your ears might just get pregnant. Also, don't forget you can subscribe to my youtube channel @Maloneys DigestOr follow me on instagram @maloney101 consider being a patron and keep me from straying into procrastination street again. 5 dollars or more gets you into our tasty Discord group!
This episode we talk to Irish comedy champion Dave McSavage and have a tinkle with his brain box. Dave is most noted for his razor sharp satirising all aspects of Irish life. He's incredibly perceptive and manages to beautifully bottle the essence of nuance we find in the cross section of society. He's a natural born piss taker, sharing with us the origins of craftsmanship. Disclaimer: - My mic had audio some fidelity issues in places. In other words.... It's a bit shit in places. I'm not a tech whizz, but sure look at, you're probably getting used to it by now. Sure stick up the volume and you'll be grand. Throw me a few lids up on Patreon if you like what a mawn does!
After a much needed chill session we're back with none other than Mayo's sons of anarchy Martin "I've got a good one for ya" Maloney and Owen "The hitman" Colgan. Owen had to find a quiet vestibule on the mean streets of Dublin to have a chat. Sound is a bit dodge at times, but you get the craic! In this episode we have a bit of general natter. Just two powerful pub talkers going toe to toe talking about 90's football, life in Galway and hypothetical propositions by Harvey "Free Willy" Weinstein. As ever, thank you to all the unsung hero's of Patreon for their monthly donations. For Just 5 clams a month you can do your part by supporting this knee trembling podcast on -----> Or you can send nudes to every little helps
I talk to the cockney rebel himself Andrew Wallace. We became mates after he turned up to a hardy bucks live show in islington 2012. He’s been a solid ringer since. He also played the Pete Doherty tribute act in hardy bucks series 3‘S oxygen festival. We discuss Arnie, fantasy, Mad Max reality TV and the internet. Enjoy! This was done on the phone as I’m on the road. It’s grand sure!
This week Martin "Give us a go of your trainees" Maloney Talks to the illusive and controversial, former presidential candidate John McAfee. Yes, he's the Man who invented the Anti virus software. He's currently hiding out in a secret, undisclosed location with his wife Janice. Not even his own family knows where he is. John claims that some mega bad dudes are on is tail. Threatening him with some serious torture. We talk about his conception, working as a military contractor for Lockheed Martin. His meteoric rise in Silicone valley, waking up with 100 million dollars in the bank, and the current treatment of Julian Assange. Among a host of other intriguing topics. You don't want to miss this one. If you'd like to support this podcast, consider becoming a patron
Stevie "Cowboy" Kelly and Pete "French Toast" Cassidy drop in for a cup of chaa down me ma's lair. We talk about Jits, comedy, acting and a plethora of other off topic pub talk. There were kids bopping around in the back, just incase you think you're having auditory hallucinations. I told them to pipe down.
I journey West back to the home place and have a little natter with my old friend Chris Gavighan. He was the man working behind the scenes in Hardy Bucks. I call him the henchman. The man who collects the coin at the end of the night. He'd have your back in a rumble. A man for all occasions. A sound old bastard from Derryronan. We talk about his recent piss up in Munich for Oktoberfest. Swap mental tales of yore. From Greece, over to NYC and back to Dublin. Support me on patreon -
Look into it! Martin Maloney is joined by one of the Hardiest Bucks on the 10th planet! That's right... Eddie Bravo. Hold on to your subconscious cos we're about to put your mind in a rear naked choke hold. You're going to enjoy this one! Please consider supporting my Trojan efforts in order to continue bringing you exponential quality entertainment such as this. on
Ginger Hunk? Martin Maloney talks to honey voiced friend and So cal Rock N' Roll Peddler Ed O'Neil. Ed presents a radio show (Self titled) in Stockholm and is a cosy aul bastard. We talk music, life, moths, food and his recent beef with an old buddy of his. It's a sweet episode. Kick back and hang out with us sons of beyotches and enjoy the show. Throw some fat coin my way!'bless!
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