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Author: Lily Belcak

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Stilettos on the Ground is a bi-weekly podcast that celebrates ordinary women and their extraordinary stories. Tune in for female driven conversations that are equally relatable and inspiring.
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This week's episode is with Jessica Rector - a former Stilettos on the Ground guest. Jessica's last episode focused on her expertise as a pelvic floor physical therapist, but now she's back to speak about something completely different. In 2020, Jessica made a shift to pursue psychedelic healing - which put very simply is inducing a state of elevated consciousness in order to either heal past traumas or access higher versions of the self.It's no secret that the word "psychedelic" has a big stigma attached to it - and this is something Jessica addresses head on during this conversation. She also discusses the body of research that demonstrates the positive effects of psychedelic healing on the brain and the many ways an elevated state of consciousness can be achieved - using anything from breath work, cannabis, plant medicines, or man made substances. The common theme is that Jessica and her clients approach this healing with proper intention and purpose. This is a fascinating interview and it's truly amazing to see how much Jessica has been able to help her clients with this work.Follow JR on Instagram:@sacredpsychedelics@ptforyourprivatesEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
This week's episode of Stilettos on the Ground features the founders of The Co-Co, a co-working space and co-learning community based in Summit, NJ. Lily chats with Suzanne Willian, the Chief Executive Officer, Lynne Pagano, the Chief Operating Officer, and Lauren Decker, the Chief Marketing Officer. Suzanne, Lauren, and Lynne joined together to form this community after realizing that they had so many incredible women right in their own backyards that could inspire and learn from each other. Fast forward to today, and they have a vibrant group of women from all walks of life and all different careers making up The Co-Co. The Co-Co is so much more than just a place to work, it’s a place where women can support each other, grow, and authentically connect with one another.Make sure to check out The Co-Co online:Website: theco-co.comInstagram: @thecoconjFacebook: @thecoconjLinkedIn: The Co-Co Collaborative LLCEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Michelle Glogovac, an entrepreneur who runs her own public relations and podcast production company called The MSL Collective. Michelle left the corporate world after nearly 20 years to strike out on her own - and she’s never looked back! The way Michelle talks about her story is so inspiring. She encourages each and every one of us to take control of our lives and do what makes us happy. And she’ll be the first to tell you that having a life you love is not too good to be true. In fact, it’s your purpose to find what lights you up! This conversation is so much fun - you’re all going to walk away feeling fired up and ready to pursue your true dreams. Follow along for more of Michelle:Website: themslcollective.comInstagram: @michelleglogovacFacebook: @TheMSLCollectiveTwitter: @micglogovacPodcast: My Simplified Life - new episodes every Tuesday!Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Brenna Ruiz is back on the podcast to chat about her latest venture, What About Mamas? After Brenna became a mom to a beautiful little boy, she realized that resources dedicated to moms are seriously lacking. So much becomes about the baby after they're born, while moms are often putting their own self care last. Brenna is filling a big void with What About Mamas - she features tons of women's health experts on her blog and she gets pretty real about her own journey as a new mom on social media. Brenna's mission to make sure women are getting the information they deserve to know is so needed in today's world. To say that What About Mamas is refreshing is an understatement. All of the moms out there are sure to leave hearing from Brenna. Make sure to check out What About Mamas online:Website:  whataboutmamas.comInstagram: @whataboutmamasFacebook: @whataboutmamasPinterest: @whataboutmamasTikTok: @whataboutmamasEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
2020 Reflections

2020 Reflections


For the last episode of 2020, Lily goes behind the scenes of Stilettos on the Ground and reflects on this crazy year.Regular bi-weekly episodes of Stilettos on the Ground will return on January 13th! 
Lily chats with Lisa Boccuzzi, a Senior SoulCycle Instructor who has been with this powerhouse brand since its early days. Lisa doesn't come from a fitness background, which makes for a super interesting story about how she developed this awesome career. During this episode, Lisa hits on so much - her evolution in fitness, opening SoulCycle studios across the country, and what she thinks the future of the fitness industry holds for all of us (post pandemic). Lisa is incredibly upbeat and motivating, and she's sure to leave you hopeful that we can all stay fit and healthy while we get through this pandemic together. To find out more about Lisa check her out on Instagram @lisaboccuzzi. She also posts her class playlists on Spotify, so follow along there for some great workout inspiration! Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Jackie Clair for this week's episode of Stilettos on the Ground. Jackie is an amazing photographer and blogger who is constantly delighting her audience with beautiful photos and lifestyle content. Jackie runs York Avenue Blog, where she shares interior design and home decor tips, her favorite books, and her NYC adventures. As a photographer, Jackie specializes in family, newborn, and maternity photography, but lately, she's also been working with designers on interior design photography. Needless to say, Jackie does A LOT. During this episode, we chat about how her work has evolved over time and what kept her going to get where she is today.Follow along to learn more about Jackie:York Avenue Blog: Photography Site: jacquelineclair.comFamilies Photography Site: jacquelineclairfamilies.comInstagram: @jacquelineclairphotoFamilies Instagram: @jacquelineclairfamiliesInteriors Instagram: @jacquelineclairinteriorsBookstagram: @jackiesbookshelfEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Kimberly Olson, the creator of The Goal Digger Girl. Kimberly works with female entrepreneurs to help them take them take their businesses to the next level with online strategies in sales and marketing. Kimberly has empowering advice for anyone out there looking to grow their own business and she really speaks from the heart - Kimberly turned her life around when she was able to start and scale her own company. Lily and Kimberly had a great conversation about all things social media, growing a business from the ground up,  and finding time for yourself and your family while being an entrepreneur. Check out the links below to learn more about Kimberly:Facebook: @thegoaldiggergirlInstagram: @thegoaldiggergirlYouTube: The Goal Digger GirlThe Goal Digger Girl PodcastThe Goal Digger Girl Website: thegoaldiggergirl.comEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Brenda Lomeli, a master certified life coach and a certified holistic nutritionist with an amazing approach to weight loss and healthy living. Brenda helps women change their mindset around eating so they can achieve their goals when it comes to their bodies. Brenda speaks from experience - she struggled with her own weight and body image for decades, but she was ultimately able to make long term changes and truly love her body. Brenda is truly a breath of fresh air because she cuts through the conflicting advice women constantly receive around beauty and weight. She gets right to the core and addresses how we can eat and live in a way that works for all of us as individuals. Click the links below to learn more about Brenda:Website: brendalomeli.comPodcast: The Last 10 Pounds PodcastInstagram: _brendalomeliEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Natalie Taylor. Natalie is a coach who focuses on helping women take control of their lives, build confidence, and succeed financially. Natalie has an incredible story that informs much of her coaching methodology. She faced unimaginable struggle before she got to where she is today. Natalie is originally from Jamaica, found herself homeless by the age of 14, but then went on to graduate from college in the US and work on Wall Street. As an adult in the professional world, she experienced countless financial struggles and imposter syndrome - but she did the work to move beyond these barriers and ultimately went on to use these experiences to help women pursue a life where they own their time, embrace their true passions, and live life with purpose.Check out the links below to find out more about Natalie:Website: @winningnatalieFacebook: @WinWithNatalieEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Alessia Aron, founder of the food tour company, Beyond the Plate. During this episode, Alessia chats about how she made the transition from corporate America to business owner, her love of travel, and her passion for food and restaurants. Alessia cares so deeply about making people happy and she loves celebrating food and all the culture that comes with it. This episode is truly a food lovers dream!If you're based in or near NJ (where Alessia runs her tours), sign up for a tour with Alessia and Beyond the Plate. They’re back up and running in Jersey City and Somerville right now for private tours. It's the perfect (and safe) pandemic pick me up!Check out the links below to learn more about Alessia and Beyond the Plate:Website: Instagram: @beyondtheplatefoodtoursFacebook: @beyondtheplatefoodtoursEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Brynn O’Neill for this week’s episode of Stilettos on the Ground. Brynn is the founder of PATCH10, a clothing brand that bridges medical functionality and fashion for people receiving medical treatment. Brynn decided to start PATCH10 because she saw that our regular clothing makes it difficult to receive intravenous care - and she knew she could help solve this problem for patients. Brynn did tons of research and put in a lot of work to get PATCH10 to where it is today. She just launched and has a really exciting road ahead. Her mission to make people feel a little less sick and more like themselves is incredibly admirable!To find out more about PATCH10, head to and follow them on Instagram @getpatch10.Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Dawn Foster for this week's episode of Stilettos on the Ground. Dawn currently runs her own business as a marketing and brand consultant where she primarily focuses on small business owners and solopreneurs. Dawn comes from a strong marketing background - she's pretty much done it all, from working with massive companies to small corporations. Dawn went off on her own because she saw a need for marketing consultants who could work with any kind of budget and help small business owners thrive. Dawn loves using her expertise to help women and she's especially passionate about working with women of color to help them find success as solopreneurs. Dawn is a wealth of information and she's sure to inspire others with her story. Her passion, deep knowledge, and kindness radiate throughout this entire interview. Check out the links below to learn more about Dawn:Website: and @dfostermarketingFacebook: @dfostermarketingEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Barbara Majeski, a lifestyle expert and TV personality. Barbara is the Curator of the Good Life and she’s on a mission to inspire all of us to live with purpose, style, and adventure. Barbara is also the host of the Baring it All Podcast where she goes behind the scenes with her guests to show what success really looks like - not the highlight reel, but the actual grit, challenges, and hard work that success truly requires. Barbara lives life with so much joy and a true sense of purpose - but she didn’t get here the easy way. Several years ago, Barbara was a married stay at home mom who was going through a divorce and fighting for her life after receiving a stage 3 cancer diagnosis. She promised herself that if she got another shot at life, that she’d live bigger and follow her dreams. Well, Barbara is certainly keeping that promise today. This conversation is sure to leave you feeling energized and inspired to go after the good life.To find out more about Barbara, make sure to check out her website and follow her on Instagram and TikTok @BarbaraMajeski. You can also find her podcast Baring it All anywhere you listen to podcasts!Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Christy Noel, a career expert and marketing executive. In addition to building her own noteworthy career, Christy has dedicated much of her time to giving real and relatable job advice to people in all stages of their careers.  She's on a mission to help people find jobs they love and thrive as they advance through their careers. During this episode, Christy speaks about her two books coming out this summer and she also offers tons of great insight on things like surviving a job you don't love, networking, and the state of work during (and beyond) the COVID-19 pandemic. Head to to get a copy of Career Survival Guide before it's officially released later in August! And make sure to follow Christy online!Christy's website: christynoel.comInstagram: @ChristyNoelCareerCoach Facebook: @ChristyNoelCareerCoach LinkedIn: produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Dr. Allie DeGeorge for this week's episode of Stilettos on the Ground. Allie is an orthodontist who owns her own practice in New Jersey, so she's quite the expert on how to keep us all smiling beautifully. During this episode, Allie shares why she became an orthodontist and how she started her own private practice. She's put in countless hours to get where she is today - this road is not for the faint of heart! Allie also gives us great tips on what we should be doing to care for our teeth (hint: you should probably still be wearing your retainer!). Allie's love for what she does, her dedication to her patients, and her passion for brightening smiles shines through this entire episode.Check out Allie's private practice at her on Instagram @alliedsmiles and on Facebook at @AlliedSmilesOrthodontics Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Cara Newhart, the the founder and designer behind Never Skip Brunch and the host of the Make Space Podcast. Cara's mission is to empower women to create homes they love. She's a DIY queen who isn't afraid of power tools and she teaches all of us how to design spaces that authentically reflect who we are. During this episode, Cara chats about how to find your true style and why it's important to dig deeper than pretty Pinterest photos when styling your home. For all the homebodies out there who love all things home design, this episode is for you!To find out more about Cara check out the Never Skip Brunch website, Instagram, and YouTube channel. Make sure to also check out the Make Space Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Kendra Swalls, a former teacher who left the classroom to run her own full time photography business called Paisley Layne Photography back in 2017. Since then, Kendra has established another venture called Girl Means Business where she helps women start and grow their own businesses. Lily and Kendra chat about listening to your inner voice and pushing aside fear to embrace your true passions. Kendra's story is a reminder that we are all capable of living a life we love - we just have to believe we can do it!Follow Kendra's Photography Business:Website: Paisley Layne Photography on Social: Instagram and FacebookFollow Girl Means BusinessWebsite: Means Business on Social: Instagram and FacebookEpisode produced by Wendel Topper:
**This episode was recorded on May 3, 2020. A lot has happened since that time, so please keep that in mind as you listen.**Lily chats with Eliza Orlins, a candidate for Manhattan District Attorney. During this episode, Eliza speaks about her background as a public defender and why she's been passionate about advocating for the underdog for her entire career. Eliza stands for so much good and she's incredibly motivated to fight for positive change in our legal system. She is part of the solution that NYC and this country so desperately need right now. To learn more about Eliza and her platform, head to If her message resonated with you, consider volunteering or donating to her campaign - every contribution counts! Make sure to also check out Eliza's op-ed in The Washington Post and her appearance on CBS News where she discusses some of the recent injustices perpetrated by the NYPD.Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
Lily chats with Heidi Jannenga. Heidi is the Co-Founder and Chief Clinical Officer of WebPT, which is an electronic medical record company that primarily works with physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. During this episode, Heidi and Lily chat about what it's been like to lead a company during the COVID-19 crisis and how WebPT is helping its customers respond to the moment. Heidi is also a mom, so she shares how she's been navigating the balance between work and motherhood during this time.Make sure to follow Heidi on LinkedIn at and on Twitter @HeidiJannenga. And for the all the therapists out there, head over to the WebPT Blog for a super helpful and free resource!Episode produced by Wendel Topper:
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