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The Haas Team Podcast is a weekly fan podcast dedicated to news and discussion regarding Formula 1 racing and the Haas F1 Team. Strap in and join host, Brad Groux, as he discusses the technology, news, race results and drama of Formula One racing. Brad and the HTX Podcast Network are dedicated to being the podcast destination for fans of Haas and F1 across the United States, and world. Support this podcast:
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Guess who's back? Haas Team Podcast, that's who! Not only that, but we are headed to Montreal for the 2019 Canadian Grand Prix. Be on the lookout for our host, Brad Groux as he makes his way around the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve hoping to interview Haas F1 Team, and F1 team fans for the podcast! In this episode we get caught up with the Chinese, Azerbaijan, Spanish and Monaco Grand Prixs and take a look ahead at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal.  --- Support this podcast:
The 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix  ended up being a nightmare of a day for Haas F1 Team. After brilliant qualifying we had nothing but high hopes - but after just first five laps, all of our dreams for double points, or even points in general were quickly dashed. Romain Grosjean was quickly knocked out of contention in just the second turn, and again by no fault of his own he had another DNF… RG8 is the Bad Luck Brian of Formula 1, and it isn't even close.  Kevin Magnussen was able to avoid any major issues on the first handful of laps, but as soon as DRS was enabled, he started being lapped like it was driving a boat on the track. His struggles continued throughout the day, where he was passed a total of 17 times throughout the race - a truly remarkable number for someone who qualified and started P6. After the race, the team was at a complete and utter loss about why the car was so slow. Why was the pace so slow? Was it the car? Was it the track? Was it the conditions? Or was it the driver? Tune in to find out.  --- Support this podcast:
The Haas F1 Team had a great day qualifying for the 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix, and at the end of Q3 their drivers Kevin Magnussen of the #20 Haas F1 car sat P6, while Romain Grosjean of the #8 Haas car qualified P8. The day however did not end without setbacks or controversy, so tune in to find out what we can expect for the Haas F1 Team in the 2019 Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix.  --- Support this podcast:
On this episode of the Haas Team Podcast, we discuss the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, and the finishes by Haas F1 Team drivers, Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean, as well as the popularity of F1 and Haas F1 Team on the heels of the Netflix series, Drive to Survive.  Welcome! Massive reception with      thousands and thousands of listens from around the world Massive reception with thousands and thousands of listens from around the world platforms Now the podcast is on 21 total podcast platforms Episodes have been listened to over 2,400 times across more than 35 countries We see you Bosnia, Vietnam and India!  The Danes Dominated Early and listens, at one point 57% of the listeners were Danish, while just 32% of      listeners were American - leaving us to ask, is there a Captain Denmark? That number has since flip-flopped (52% US, 32% Denmark), but for nearly a week, the Danes held       the top spot No other country is over 2%, step it up Canada! South Park S20E06 - Fort Collins No Captain Demark, but there is Holger Danske (from @RedTilt1 on Twitter) Australian Grand Prix Recap Kevin Magnussen finished P6, securing 8 points, while Romain Grosjean was forced to retire and DNF.  K-Mag's Finish Kevin Magnussen UNSHOWN Team Radio after the 2019 Australian GP! K-Mag Says the Car is Very, Very Good Grosjean's Bad Luck Down Under Continues Romain Grosjean failed to finish the Australian Grand Prix for the third season in a row.  Wheel Nut Failure Leads to Grosjean's Retirement Even with the terrible result, by no fault of his own, according to Steiner RG8 is still in good spirits (source). "He was disappointed. I spoke with him about it, which is the right thing to do, and apologised because this should not happen ... But he's in good spirits because the car is good. It's not his last chance to make points." Bill Burr is a Fan of Haas F1 Team Clip of the Monday Morning Podcast 2019-03-19 He had some great takes on Ricciardo's DNF, Hamilton's whining, and Ferrari underperforming Hate us Cause They Ain't Us Doesn't like Haas very much, and they are jealous of the success that the Haas F1 Team has found so far with in F1 (source).  --- Support this podcast:
Haas F1 Team debuted in the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2016, becoming the first American-led Formula One team since 1986. Founded by industrialist Gene Haas, Haas F1 Team is based in the United States on the same Kannapolis, North Carolina, campus as his championship-winning NASCAR team, Stewart-Haas Racing. Haas currently employees 250 team members across two continents. Key Players at Haas Gene Haas is an American racing icon and the founder and chairman of the Haas F1 team. In 1983, Gene founded Haas Automation, Inc. - which is now a world leader in machining tools and automation products. Through the years, the success of his company allowed him to fund many of his racing dreams, including being a competitive racer himself. In 2002 he founded Haas CNC Racing, which eventually became the multi-champion winning Stewart-Haas Racing team. Guenther Steiner is team principal of Haas F1 Team, and has over 30 years of motorsports experience. He first joined F1 in 2002 as the managing director of Jaguar Racing. Then in 2005 he was tapped to be the technical operations director of Red Bull Racing, where he managed a team of more than 350 people with a budget of more than $200 million annually. He then went on to form a composites manufacturing and racing development company, before being tasked by Gene Haas to kickstart the Haas's F1 efforts. Romain Grosjean is the 32 year old French driver for the #8 Haas car, who got his first seat in F1 for Renault in 2009. After his short stint with Renault he landed at Lotus in 2012, and has been with Haas since their inaugural season in 2016. After a rough start to the 2018 season, Romain pulled it together to score 37 points for the season, putting him in P14 overall. Kevin Magnussen is the 26 year old Danish driver for the #20 Haas car, who got his first F1 start in 2014 racing for McLaren. Kevin, or K-Mag as fans call him, had a strong showing in 2018, and was in a fight for the "best of the rest" in the constructor's standings before a string of bad luck late in the season cost him his chance at beating out rival Nico Hülkenberg. K-Mag finished P9 for the 2018 season, scoring a Haas F1 Team record, of 56 points. Team Changes for 2019 to Watch Romain Grosjean’s new engineer is be Dominic Haines, who worked as Romain’s performance engineer from 2016. Kevin Magnussen will be working with Gary Gannon, who was Grosjean’s race engineer since Haas’ entry in 2016. Final Thoughts The Haas car is setup perfectly for Australia, so it is key that both drivers score points this weekend. Last year at Melbourne, they qualified P5 and P6 and they were running P4 and P5 before they had a dual DNF due to an issue with their pitstops releasing early… leaving massive points on the table. The car won't always be this fast on tracks that are more aero demanding, so they must maximize points on the strongest tracks each and every time out. Overall, the outlook for Haas in 2019 looks great. When the team is operating on all cylinders, they can definitely lead the mid-pack of teams - so they have to focus on eliminating needless mistakes, and finish consistently throughout the season. They real key to F1 is consistency. Haas is good enough to finish P4, but the competition is as tough as it's ever been for them, so they could be as low as P8 for the season - which would be a disaster financially speaking. They need to win as many points as possible on tracks where speed is key, as that is where their current leg up is on the competition, with the superior Ferrari powertrain. --- Support this podcast:
Welcome to the Haas Team Podcast This episode of the Haas Team Podcast, Episode 000 - Welcome to the Haas Team Podcast was recorded on Wednesday, March 15th, 2019. The Haas Team Podcast is a weekly fan podcast dedicated to news and discussion regarding Formula 1 racing and the Haas F1 Team. Strap in and join host, Brad Groux, as he discusses the technology, news, race results and drama of Formula One racing.  Introduction by Brad Brad is an IT Senior Systems Engineer from Houston, TX, and the founder of the HTX Podcast Network and also the host of the Microsoft Today Podcast.  Follow Brad on Twitter F1 Intro The F1 Intro by Brian Tyler is one of the most amazing cinematic intros in sports history - and the live version is spectacular.  Netflix Drive to Survive The popularity of the Netflix docu-drama will no double lead to many new fans to the sport, especially those American fans who are looking to cheer on our very own, Haas F1 Team. American Fans This podcast was started for you, as we can learn more about the amazing motorsport that is Formula 1 together. Our passion for supporting an American team, can be found in our logo - which is the Haas "flying H" replacing the start in Captain America's shield. Website The website, which should launch within the next week or so, will be a site dedicated to the Haas F1 team, their drivers, and fans. Join the Haas Team Podcast Discord server Navigate to the podcast episode list View the direct podcast RSS feed Social Media Follow Haas Team Podcast on Twitter  Follow on the Instagram Subreddit Discuss all things Haas F1 on Reddit Join in to discuss Formula 1 on Reddit Tribute to Charlie Whiting Formula 1 suffered a huge blow on the eve of the opening race weekend of the 2019 season in Melbourne after long-time race director Charlie Whiting passed away Thursday morning in Australia. Charlie was just 66 years old and died as a result of a pulmonary embolism, according to the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Whiting began his career in F1 in 1977 working at the Hesketh Team and then in the 1980s with Brabham. He joined the FIA in 1988 and was the race director since 1997. Whiting was the go-to guy for every team on all matters during an F1 race weekend and he played a major role in making F1 what it is today. Haas has a tribute to Charlie on the nose of each car that reads, "For Our Friend Charlie" Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian & Vettel and Max Verstappen spoke of their shock at the news at the official F1 press conference - --- Support this podcast:
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