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This is it. The last episode of Campfire Hour. The end of an era. We are incredibly thankful to all our guests, listeners and our sponsors over the last three years. Jeramie Meadows and Alaskan Seafood Guys, we thank you more than you can say. We'll be back. It'll be different. It'll be better. But for now, we're signing off. 
Tech Founder, Speaker, Author, Podcaster and more! He's sharing the juicy details of his tech start up, Blooprinted and a peek inside his new book, Rocket Fuel. We also come up with a new nickname for Matt! Don't miss this inspiring episode. Sponsored by Alaskan Seafood Guys, get $25 off any order nationwide with code CAMPFIREHOUR here:
Ian Ullman joins us in the studio this week to talk about, well, everything. Discussing juggling parenting, going from working two jobs to navigating an industry boom during covid, he's got great insight into all areas of life as a husband, father and mortgage lender. He's even got his own podcast show, The Ullmanac, to launch! This episode is sponsored by Jeramie Meadows at Northwestern Mutual. Click the link to schedule a free consultation with him to discuss your financial future and protecting your own family!
Brother/Sister Real Estate Moguls Levi and Cozi Wanner join us in the studio for this hilarious episode. They're buying, selling and building homes in Billings and we talk about how easy building a custom home actually is. If you've been thinking about buying, selling, or building, this episode is for you! This episode is sponsored by Alaskan Seafood Guys, get $25 off any order when you use code CAMPFIREHOUR here:
Marine mammal trainer turned elephant expert, Chrissy Pratt joins us this week to share about her profession training elephants all over the world! Chrissy has been an animal trainer and behaviorist for 20 years and she founded Elephation, using positive reinforcement to train elephants so they can receive medical care effectively and safely for everyone involved. She's also a headliner at the upcoming TEDxBillings event in March, 2022. She's joining us all the way from Nepal in this fascinating episode! 
Talk Radio host Aaron Flint joins us in the studio! He hosts Montana Talks Radio, covering the whole state and engaging with the fans and listeners. He loves getting feedback and calls from his listeners. Hear it first hand in this episode and tune into his show at episode is sponsored by Jeramie Meadows. He loves to talk about finances so make sure you reach out to him and set up a time to get yours in order!
Libby Kahnke, Intuitive Counselor is joining us this morning to break the stereotypes about psychics What we perceive as something super natural or "psychic" is actually science. Libby explains why and how she uses her gifts to grow her own businesses and her client's. This episode is sponsored by Jeramie Meadows. While he can't see the future, he can help you prepare for it. Click the link to schedule your call with him!
Photographers and DJ Niko and Kayla Cordero are joining us in the studio! Niko shares how he and his family got here from Ecuador, how he and Kayla met and the path to owning his own business here in Montana.  He and Kayla are a husband and wife team offering wedding photography and dj services. They also have their own podcast, Wed Talk MT, that highlights other industry services and experts and offers tips and advice for planning your own wedding. Kayla also specializes in boudoir photography. This episode is sponsored by Alaskan Seafood Guys, get $25 off any order when you use code CAMPFIREHOUR online here:
This week Clementine Lindley joins us in the studio to talk about why she and the group she organized support the local mandate in schools. Sign the petition to show your support for Superintendent Upham and School District 2:
Luke Hudson, organizer of the group Make Masks Optional in Billings Schools joins us in the studio! The School District 2 Mask Mandate has our city divided so we had Luke join us to share how he and others are leading the fight to keep masks optional in our schools. Click the link to sign the petition to keep masks optional for the kids:
This week on Campfire Hour, Matt's brother Andrew is joining us to talk all about the world of crypto currency mining. Don't have a clue what that is? We don't either. If you're thinking about learning more and getting into the business of mining bitcoins, give this episode a listen! Andrew also shares the pitfalls and shady side of the business and what to avoid when getting started. This episode is sponsored by Jeramie Meadows with Northwestern Mutual. Schedule your free consultation with him and start investing yourself!
Architect Nick Pancheau joins us on the show this week to talk all things buildings!A beautiful blend of art, math and science, architecture is so much more than pretty buildings. Learn about all the moving parts that go into each project from the Principal in Charge himself in this episode!  
What is light painting? Photographer Daniel Kessel joins us on the show to share all about his craft... painting with light in a photograph. As impressive as it sounds, his work is even more impressive to see. 
Massage Therapist Theresa Vondra joins us in the studio this week! She founded The Massage Company and shares how she grew her business to two locations over the last year despite getting shut down during quarantine. Theresa also provides us insight to the new city ordinance that was passed in an effort to fight human trafficking and how it affected her and other massage professionals businesses. If you're in the Billings area, we highly recommend you schedule a massage with her company! episode is sponsored by Alaskan Seafood Guys, get $25 off any order with code CAMPFIREHOUR here
Todd knows road construction. He also knows how much he messes up everyone's commute and sometimes their livelihoods.So we got him on the show to hear from his side how much coordination, education, press releases and logistics go into his job. Next time you see some cones, think twice before calling him to cuss him out! 
In this week's episode of Campfire Hour,  we're going on tour with Isiac Hammer! He toured with Tech N9ne and shares the inside scoop to life on the road chasing concerts. Now he's back in Billings kicking off a successful career and is the Sponsorship Director of TEDxBillings.We also learn about Matt's secret vacation swimsuit and a special offer from Alaskan Seafood Guys. Get $25 off any order when you use code CAMPFIREHOUR at
Michael Peters, the Founder of Southern Tab Cigars joins us in the studio and he brought along his delicious American Grown cigars! Michael is from Georgia and shares some history on the tobacco industry and how he got into the game.  His journey is fascinating as is all the knowledge he's sharing about his craft. If you like things like good whiskey and good cigars, this episode is for you! Sponsored by Jeramie Meadows with Northwestern Mutual, reach out to our financial advisor so you too can afford things like good whiskey and cigars! Click the link here to set up a time with him:
Trevor Daer, the Founder of Granite Peak Analytics joins us in the studio! A fellow bourbon lover, he's also bridging the gap between big pharma, small rural pharmacies and employers. We talk about everything from good bourbon to parenting to Trevor's background and how he started his company. This episode is sponsored by Alaskan Seafood Guys, get 50% off your first subscription with code CAMPFIREHOUR here:
Ryan Miller, the host of the Authentic Conversations Podcast, joins us in this episode! Ryan is as authentic as it gets. Living through a horrific tragedy really brought things into perspective for him and now he is fearlessly and boldly speaking up for what he believes in and stands for. Hear more in this inspiring episode! This episode is sponsored by Jeramie Meadows, our Financial Advisor with Northwestern Mutual. 
The show is going through some changes and with it comes a new co-host! You might remember Matt Weber, CEO of Alpha Overhead Door; he was on the show earlier this season. He's joining Kelli as the new co-host of Campfire Hour! Catch up with them and all the changes in this episode. This episode is sponsored by Wild Alaskan Seafood Box! Take 50% off your first subscription when you use code CAMPFIREHOUR here:
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