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30ish hot minutes of life and leadership lessons from three young entrepreneurs. Sharing their own experiences and growth and interviewing bold business owners, this is Campfire Hour. Raw, real and entertaining, where the roasts are as hot as your mom!
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It's the last episode of Season Two and our Sponsor Jeramie Meadows is joining us for a double! We're summarizing the season, talking about our future plans and of course making some jokes. Thank you for listening, we'll catch you after the new year in Season Three! 
Polish Author, TEDx Speaker, Tech Mogul, Entrepreneur, Investor and Philanthropist Marek Zmysłowski joins us for this episode. He shares his story of how he ended up on Interpol's most wanted list, his journey as a tech start up entrepreneur and some great business and life advice. 
Roman Roberts, host of Real Talk with Roman joins us for this episode. Roman has been helping us develop our whiskey coffee meat rub all the way down in Texas. He shares a little bit about his background growing up in foster care, becoming an Army Interrogator and why he started his podcast. 
Jon, Founder of Billings Seafood Guys and Wild Alaskan Seafood Box, joins us in the studio for this wild episode. He shares about growing up in St. Petersburg Alaska as a commercial fisherman, working everywhere from on the boats to the processing plants. Landing in Billings, MT, Jon started Billings Seafood Guys, the local's direct connection to high quality, wild caught Alaskan seafood. Now expanding to his own warehouse, state wide delivery and the launch of his national brand Wild Alaskan Seafood Box, Jon is an inspiring entrepreneur who is getting good seafood in homes across the country. 
We've got the Digital Marketing Director of Ducks Unlimited, Anthony Jones, joining us for this episode just in time for hunting season. He's been at the organization for 18 years and shares their mission with us. We talk about digital and social media marketing, his football and a few hilarious stories he's shared on LinkedIn. He also wins the award for "most southern accent we've ever had on the show." 
Sarah Kennedy joins us in the studio and shares her journey of living in Costa Rica, which inspired her brand new fitness studio. Back in Billings, MT Sarah is prepping for the launch of Pura Vida studios... drawing inspiration from island life and taking the leap into entrepreneurship, listen to this inspiring story. 
Fellow podcaster Sandra Gebhardt joins us in the studio this week to talk all things marketing! Team roping announcer turned insurance expert turned stay at home mom, Sandra is an inspiring entrepreneur who is the definition of pivot. After navigating a tragic life change, she had to close her insurance agency and take her business online. She is now host of her podcast called Binding Authority and runs a digital marketing agency and facebook group called Mothers of Marketing, all with her adorable two year old assistant. 
This week we're getting gritty with Grit Montana coaches Thomas and Jonna! Certified Spartan OCR outfitters, Thomas and Jonna have come a long way since they were last in the studio. They've started their own business, received their certifications and since have been coaching and leading people to their first obstacle course races. Hear how in just a year they've built an incredible brand and community and the things they did to overcome all of the races being cancelled this year. 
Entrepreneur Connor Lorenz joins the crew in this inspiring episode! He's built several businesses, including a dispensary, and has a ton of great advice to share about confidence, business and collaboration. And you won't believe his age. 
Jayde and Celine join us in the studio to talk about their life as instagram influencers. They are always hungry and on their page, alwayshungrymontana, they travel the state and share their adventures and especially their food. Hear the story of how they met, how the page got started and their plans to monetize in the near future! 
Sip and Paint Studio owner Chareese joins us in our studio for this episode! The entertainment industry has been hit hard by Covid and Chareese shares what she had to do to stay in business, completely overhaul her business model and the creative ways they came up with to continue to operate despite being shut down. This is an inspiring story with an incredible artist. 
Just Us Three

Just Us Three


The three of us sit down and get you up to date on what's been going on with the coffee company and with our lives.  See whats coming up on the show as the ending of our second season approaches.  
PJ Eldridge took home brewing to a whole new level in this episode. The first of it's kind in Montana, PJ has founded Brewhalla, a home brewing supply store/make your own beer brewery. He has all the supplies and equipment you need and he cleans up the mess! PJ joins us in the studio to talk about his unique business and how he made the transition from owning the local Texas Roadhouse Franchise to following this dream. Crack a cold one and have a listen. 
A glimpse into the world of high dollar ranch listings, Colter DeVries shares his experience as a land broker.  A rancher turned banker, turned ranch broker and founder of the world's first Waygu beef stick company, Colter shares his failures and successes as a young entrepreneur. Check out his new podcast show, Ranch Investor to learn everything you need to know about investing in land and the ranching industry.  
By chance, Kyle managed to snag his first podcast guest.  Professional golfer Eryn Ellis is on the road to the LPGA tournament and is in the studio with us sharing about her journey, her mastery of bagel making, and her golfing career.
Wayne Mulder, a Sargent in Florida came all the way to Montana to join us in the studio! "Designed and hosted by those who actively serve in law enforcement, On The Blue Line is geared to help you find success in what really matters, your life outside the badge.Whether you have a law enforcement, first responder, or military background; these resources will give you encouragement and actionable advice for the front lines of your life away from the job."
Current licencee for TEDx, D'Vaughn sits down and share the details for the upcoming event.  Our very own Kelli Maxwell is the Marketing Director of the TEDx executive team. If you love TED Talks, then make sure you tune in to this episode to get the details for this event.
Akvilina Rieger grew up in Lithuania under total Soviet control. She experienced liberation and then came to America where she attended college and met her husband. Now based right here in Billings, Akvilina is a speaker, traveler, writer, blogger and wealth coach who helps Americans become debt free and build their wealth. This is an inspiring story with some no nonsense principals that we think everyone needs to hear! 
Fellow Podcaster Vivia Collins joins us this week.  She hosts Spot On: Spotted Not Broken, a podcast she started to encourage others.  After beating leukemia three separate times and on the verge of suicide, Vivia is using her show to shine a light on depression  while offering hope and inspiration to her listeners.Complete with her fabulous Jamaican accent, make sure you check out Spot On: Spotted Not Broken on any podcast platform.
Drew Korf, a student at Rocky Mountain College, came to Billings to play football and loved the local business scene!  He is now the founder of a tech startup, Atlas Wealth Education based right here in Billings!  If you're looking for a different way to look at finances or if you just want to learn how to grow your own wealth, then this episode is for you!
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