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Author: Stacy Pulley / Terri Cooper

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Listen to co-owners Stacy Pulley & Terri Cooper as they introduce you to Family Tree Therapies and the services they provide in West Michigan. Family Tree Therapies (the Treehouse!) offers speech-language therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, parent coaching and reading support to families and children in our area. Our podcast will answer questions, dive deeper into topics, give real time strategies and motivate/empower you to take on your own role in your child's therapy program.
20 Episodes
Join Terri and Stacy as they provide support for the current "homeschooling" situation that we are currently finding ourselves in! Do you need guidance, support or just a shoulder to lean on while we navigate these new waters? Listen in, download the helpful handout to help you see your role as a "homeschooling parent" in new ways. Download our Parenting: Communicating with Confidence course now for a huge savings (since our time home longer than we thought..) with the code "Familytree" you get the whole course for 99.00!! Or you can do monthly payments of 60.00 each! A ton of information for the cost of ONE therapy session (or less!) You can find us at: You tube videos mentioned in this podcast:Focus on the process! Help me or show me?
Welcome to Family Tree Therapies Online School! We are excited to be bringing the best of Family Tree online with video content. Our starter program is Parenting: Communicating with Confidence. Our parent educator and speech pathologist, Stacy Pulley, brings to you the best of her 22 years of clinical experience and 16 years of being a mom! We are excited to be able to reach those families that can't make it to a live workshop in West Michigan. Go to to find the course. Exciting news! Now offering a coupon code of: save20 for 20% off of the full course. There is also a VIP option where you get the full course + a 30 minute phone consult with Stacy + access to a private FB group where you will receive continued support. 
Join Stacy as she breaks down how "being curious" is an art to be mastered in any difficult conversation but especially in our relationship with our children. She describes specific steps to take in being curious and then discusses how to modify our language so that no matter the age of our child, this strategy will work! 
Stacy and Terri introduce a new program at Family Tree Therapies in both our Rockford and Grand Rapids locations. We will be offering Occupational and Speech therapy screenings for those children ages 2-6 with parental concerns with meeting developmental milestones. 
Join Stacy and Terri as we discuss what is a "big emotion" and how do we hold a successful space for these feelings while teaching kids that all feelings safe. We need to remain calm, loving, attentive and confidently in charge. We do not need to step into their tantrum with them. 
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss the importance of understanding baby equipment - how to use it and how/when to avoid it. Our children have to experience their bodies in a variety of positions for proper development of movement patterns, bones and muscles. We develop our vestibular system and visual system through movement. Development of these systems lends itself to optimal states of regulation, feeding and motor speech patterns, successful communication, language development and socialization. The Upseat
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss the topic of screen time and how it affects development in children. This is a challenging subject for most as we move into a more digital world. How do we find balance and why do we need to? Listen in and get more information on the importance of limiting screens when are children are young and setting respectful boundaries as they age. Check out the link to the blue light blocking glasses mentioned in the podcast:Prospek glassesFamily Tree Therapies hosted "Screenagers" at Wealthy Theater in 2017. It has been an ongoing source of great up to date ideas and research. This link gives many wonderful resources:Screenagers resources
Join Stacy and Terri as they explore children with feeding and eating challenges. We will discuss important terminology and how picky eating presents emotionally and physically in children. We will also touch on things to avoid and things to remember during mealtime! Here is the link to our favorite feeding chair, The Upseat!
Anxiety in Kids

Anxiety in Kids


Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss anxiety in children. What does it present like? What will we see, hear and experience from our kids when they are demonstrating anxiety? What does it look like in their communication style and what would we see in their bodies? We discuss our methodology and how we would address it in therapy in addition to giving you therapeutic strategies proven to help! Hand Model of the Brain by Dr. Dan Siegel Name it to Tame it by Dr. Dan Siegel 
Just Go To Bed!

Just Go To Bed!


Join Stacy and Terri as they discuss an important concept that every parent needs for themselves and their children...SLEEP! We introduce strategies to get to sleep and stay asleep as well as how to assess and modify the environment for deep sleeping. Stacy will discuss establishing a nasal breathing pattern at night (and during the day as well) can lead to improved sleep and overall regulation of their nervous system. A video example of the oral development discussed in the podcast:
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss how chores are helpful and necessary in growing your capable, cooperative, intrinsically motivated little human. We discuss the "why" of chores along with breaking chores down into their steps, the skills needed to complete chores and the value of partnering with your child. We reference an important article on partnering with your child and what that looks like, and you can find that here: posting that link, we found this little nugget to go with it:
Join Stacy and Terri as they explain all of the skills you can work on while doing a basic parenting activity...reading with your child! All kids love books, love being read to and basically making it part of their nighttime routine. Now you will learn all of the subtleties that go into reading WITH your child, not just to your child - and can watch vision, fine motor and language skills grow and develop under your guidance.You can check out Stacy's book that teaches visualization and comprehension skills on Amazon:
Join Stacy and Terri as they will discuss the value of presuming competence in our children. We describe movement differences and why its crucial to understand the motor planning challenges that our kids experience. We will talk about why its important to see their behavior and development through this lens. We offer a look at how this mindset can grow connections and bring us closer in our relationships with our children! We will also give tips on beginning to change how you relate to your children so that you can presume competence more often while helping them be more confident, understood, valued and respected.
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss the neuroscience behind communicating with neutrality and trusting kids with emotional information. How do we say "no" kindly, firmly and understanding that there is great benefit to doing so? Teach your kids safety, boundaries, security and problem solving by being kind and firm and allowing them to create experiences around emotions that are thoughtfully responsive - instead of reactive. You can find a link to Dan Siegel's "hand model" they discuss at this link:
Join Stacy and Terri as they break down the use of visual schedules for kids. When would we use them at home and in therapy and how are they helpful? We give the basis for using them and identify common challenges at home that they would assist - as well as how to fade your support and grow a more independent, successful child! 
Join Terri as she defines occupational therapy, especially in the pediatric setting.  She discusses how Family Tree's comprehensive approach may vary from traditional therapy and identifies some "red flags" you might see in your infant through school age child that indicate s/he may benefit from therapy.  She explains how the Treehouse provides both in the moment strategies as well as specific exercises to help organize the entire body and provides examples of how our OTs collaborate closely with our speech therapists. 
Join Stacy as she discusses how speech therapy is traditionally viewed versus all the things we address at the Treehouse. She discusses some "red flags" you might see in your infant through school age child. She explains the bigger picture on how a speech and language pathologist can help with communication and relationships. 
Join Stacy & Terri as they welcome Laura! Laura is their billing manager who has been with them for over 5 years. She brings the billing side of Family Tree Therapies to life by answering all of your frequently asked questions. She explains the insurances that we participate with and how you can find out more about your individual policy. Laura works with the families as a team to navigate this difficult subject! 
In this episode, Terri and Stacy give a closer look at who might benefit from services at the Treehouse.  They explore what services are provided and explain the team approach taken. They begin to briefly explain some of the specific treatment approaches used at Family Tree Therapies that help families and clients achieve such great functional gains!  
Join co-owners of Family Tree Therapies, Stacy Pulley & Terri Cooper, as they introduce Family Tree Therapies and the services they offer.  They plan on sharing their knowledge in the fields of speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, child development and parent coaching to enhance your child's development and relationships both at home and with peers. They are excited to begin this journey with their Family Tree families and can't wait to hear questions, explore topics more in depth and stay connected to their community of "Tree Huggers." 
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