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Meet Lora Wonderly! Join Stacy & Terri as they discuss all the frequently asked questions that parents usually bring to us when we suggest an evaluation of tethered oral tissue. Dr. Wonderly & her office are a welcoming, well-trained team that does a fantastic job educating parents and performing this procedure. You can find out more about Dr. Wonderly at: & the place where she was trained: 
In this episode, join Stacy and Terri as they talk with the Director of Education at Buteyko Clinic International, Patrick McKeown. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology, a Member of the Physiological Society (UK), a Member of Academy of Applied Myofunctional Sciences, and a Fellow of the International Academy of Breathing and Health. He is an educator and author of several books, including his latest "The Breathing Cure" which is a compilation of his exercises and explanations of how many ailments can be traced back to the breath. We are honored to share Patrick's voice today as we acknowledge that his work truly is a matter of life and death. You can find articles to referenced in this podcast in notes below. The collection of his work on AmazonButeyko Clinic International 
Today Stacy and Terri introduce Jessica Crafton, an OT at Family Tree Therapies and her sweet daughter, Nora. Jessica has decided to share Nora's journey through orthotropic dentistry and we are so so glad she did! We are going to follow Nora so that parents become aware of this VERY important issue - sleep disordered breathing and healthy orofacial growth! Thank you Jessica for sharing your journey as a mom and a therapists so that you can help lead the way for others to feel empowered to manage the health of their child!  
Join Stacy & Terri as we introduce Dr. Mike Mew! Dr. Mew is an orthodontist that practices in London. He is the son of professor John Mew. They are well known for their work with "Orthotropics" which is a facial growth guidance system that results in straight teeth, wider palates and a more patent airway. Dr. Mew is extremely generous with his knowledge and shares a history of why he has come to have these beliefs. He has challenged many in the orthodontic community to think more critically regarding their practices. He welcomes discussion and future research with all professionals. He shares not only his background and his wealth of knowledge, but his top tips for all people on how to heal yourself. Listen in as Dr. Mew teaches you his valuable information and gives tips on getting your child the healthiest start that you can! Dr. Mew's You Tube channel The Black Swan - 2009 White micropore tape Blue silicone tape
Meet Debra Beckman! Where to start with Debra and all of the amazing work she has done and contributions to the field of speech pathology. She joins Stacy & Terri today to discuss her work, how it began and how she continues it. She has worked across the lifespan from birth to 99 and has implemented her own protocol to aid babies through adults with improving their oral facial muscle function for improved speech and swallowing. She is a pioneer in the field, writing books, lecturing, teaching and holding patents on special tools that help therapists each day in their work. We are honored to have Debra for a conversation about her work, how to best help parents, what to look for in a therapist, the importance of breastfeeding and more! Join us in the conversation and see the link to all of her work below! All the wonderful Debra info! 
We are proud to introduce Diane Bahr, a speech and language pathologist, feeding therapist and Certified Infant Massage Instructor.  She has over 40 years experience in the field working with infants through adults with communication, feeding and speech challenges. She has written several books (linked below), has an amazing website with tons of parent friendly resources and is a speaker & educator - lecturing all over the world,  providing quality information to parents and professionals. This podcast is a learning experience for parents and professionals. Watching the video presentation on You Tube will be helpful as we put in highlights, resources, websites and more as Diane attempts to summarize her years into one short interview! Diane will talk about infant developmental motor and feeding milestones, family centered approaches and her favorite tools. There is so much to gain from this listening/video experience. We hope you enjoy! Diane's full set of PDF slides and infant checklists can be found at her podcast link on our website at:'s free professional and parent e-coursesNobody Ever Told Me (or my mother) That! : Everything from Bottles to Breathing to Healthy Speech DevelopmentFeed Your Baby and Toddler Right: Early eating and drinking skills encourage the best developmentOral Motor Assessment and Treatment: Ages and StagesJust Take a Bite: Easy Effective Answers to Food Aversions and Eating Challenges
Dramatic headline? We don't think so - meet Dr. Karen O'Rourke. She is a dentist that specializes in "orthotropics" which is a treatment that focuses on guiding the growth of the face. Why is this important in our little ones? Because the growth of the face, placement of the jaw and tongue and eruption of teeth all help to stabilize an open, patent airway. As we know, breathing is key to life, so let's start when they are little with the RIGHT information. Let's ask questions, learn and advocate for ourselves and our children's future. Dr. O'Rourke's information is based in solid science and years of clinical experience. We can tell you first hand the difference she makes in the children that we refer to her practice. So tune in and be EXCITED because you are about to learn information that will improve your health and the long term health of your child!
Join Stacy & Terri as they discuss nasal breathing patterns and the importance of the tongue and all that it does for breathing, posture, speech and feeding! Check out this book which is one of our new favorites:  Breathe by James Nestor
Join Terri & Stacy as they discuss the role vision plays in developing motor and communication skills. Understand the role vision plays in note taking and memory here! 
Join Terri and Stacy as they provide support for the current "homeschooling" situation that we are currently finding ourselves in! Do you need guidance, support or just a shoulder to lean on while we navigate these new waters? Listen in, download the helpful handout to help you see your role as a "homeschooling parent" in new ways. Download our Parenting: Communicating with Confidence course now for a huge savings (since our time home longer than we thought..) with the code "Familytree" you get the whole course for 99.00!! Or you can do monthly payments of 60.00 each! A ton of information for the cost of ONE therapy session (or less!) You can find us at: You tube videos mentioned in this podcast:Focus on the process! Help me or show me?
Welcome to Family Tree Therapies Online School! We are excited to be bringing the best of Family Tree online with video content. Our starter program is Parenting: Communicating with Confidence. Our parent educator and speech pathologist, Stacy Pulley, brings to you the best of her 22 years of clinical experience and 16 years of being a mom! We are excited to be able to reach those families that can't make it to a live workshop in West Michigan. Go to to find the course. Exciting news! Now offering a coupon code of: save20 for 20% off of the full course. There is also a VIP option where you get the full course + a 30 minute phone consult with Stacy + access to a private FB group where you will receive continued support. 
Join Stacy as she breaks down how "being curious" is an art to be mastered in any difficult conversation but especially in our relationship with our children. She describes specific steps to take in being curious and then discusses how to modify our language so that no matter the age of our child, this strategy will work! 
Stacy and Terri introduce a new program at Family Tree Therapies in both our Rockford and Grand Rapids locations. We will be offering Occupational and Speech therapy screenings for those children ages 2-6 with parental concerns with meeting developmental milestones. 
Join Stacy and Terri as we discuss what is a "big emotion" and how do we hold a successful space for these feelings while teaching kids that all feelings safe. We need to remain calm, loving, attentive and confidently in charge. We do not need to step into their tantrum with them. 
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss the importance of understanding baby equipment - how to use it and how/when to avoid it. Our children have to experience their bodies in a variety of positions for proper development of movement patterns, bones and muscles. We develop our vestibular system and visual system through movement. Development of these systems lends itself to optimal states of regulation, feeding and motor speech patterns, successful communication, language development and socialization. The Upseat
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss the topic of screen time and how it affects development in children. This is a challenging subject for most as we move into a more digital world. How do we find balance and why do we need to? Listen in and get more information on the importance of limiting screens when are children are young and setting respectful boundaries as they age. Check out the link to the blue light blocking glasses mentioned in the podcast:Prospek glassesFamily Tree Therapies hosted "Screenagers" at Wealthy Theater in 2017. It has been an ongoing source of great up to date ideas and research. This link gives many wonderful resources:Screenagers resources
Join Stacy and Terri as they explore children with feeding and eating challenges. We will discuss important terminology and how picky eating presents emotionally and physically in children. We will also touch on things to avoid and things to remember during mealtime! Here is the link to our favorite feeding chair, The Upseat!
Anxiety in Kids

Anxiety in Kids


Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss anxiety in children. What does it present like? What will we see, hear and experience from our kids when they are demonstrating anxiety? What does it look like in their communication style and what would we see in their bodies? We discuss our methodology and how we would address it in therapy in addition to giving you therapeutic strategies proven to help! Hand Model of the Brain by Dr. Dan Siegel Name it to Tame it by Dr. Dan Siegel 
Just Go To Bed!

Just Go To Bed!


Join Stacy and Terri as they discuss an important concept that every parent needs for themselves and their children...SLEEP! We introduce strategies to get to sleep and stay asleep as well as how to assess and modify the environment for deep sleeping. Stacy will discuss establishing a nasal breathing pattern at night (and during the day as well) can lead to improved sleep and overall regulation of their nervous system. A video example of the oral development discussed in the podcast:
Join Terri and Stacy as they discuss how chores are helpful and necessary in growing your capable, cooperative, intrinsically motivated little human. We discuss the "why" of chores along with breaking chores down into their steps, the skills needed to complete chores and the value of partnering with your child. We reference an important article on partnering with your child and what that looks like, and you can find that here: posting that link, we found this little nugget to go with it:
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