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This podcast is dedicated to inspiring women and men to become prosperous on their own terms. At we want to change the narrative around money to be gender inclusive, positive and practical. Join the conversation as we build a new vocabulary around money and what it means to be successful. Hearing how women and men have rocked their finances—and have navigated traditionally closed-minded systems, is a great way to get inspired and shift mindsets. This podcast provides money tips, resources and insights through weekly discussions and guest interviews. Let's!
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In this episode of the Podcast, Erin and Maia sat down with Dr. Brittany Peters, clinical social worker and founder of Lead Clinically. This episode dives deep into how financial stress can impact cognitive and physical wellbeing and provides ways to improve your money mindset!  Connect with Brittany from her website: Or on IG at
What don't you want to know about the complicated and exhaustive U.S. health care system? This week, Erin and Maia sat down with Dr. Sebastian Tello-Trillo, an economist focusing on health policy in the U.S. and Latin America. Together with Dr. Tello-Trillo, we confront your opportunity for access, what to do if you lose care and how the global Covid-19 pandemic is shifting the ways we think about our health and effective care.  For more on Dr. Tello-Trillo's work, head to his research website: And follow him on Twitter: @dsebastiantello
This week we’ve sat down with Megan Hryndza and Sophia Wagner, co-founders of Mighty Deposits. Mighty is a bank comparison site that helps you find banks that are mission-aligned with you and your values. They evaluate the impact of banks big and small on things like gender and racial equity, small business investment, and sustainability. In this episode, we dive deep into how banks make money, what to ask your bank and how just one deposit can contribute to the economic prosperity of wherever you call home. Check out Mighty's free search platform: And get social with them on Facebook & Twitter @mightydeposits
And just like that, Lisette is back!  Free is a weighted word these days. The financial world often cites financial freedom as the ability to live without ties to a 9-5. That's not exactly a realistic goal for many of us- nor would we want it to be. Instead, we want to learn how to become financially resilient so we can live life on our terms, in a career we love.  No one knows how to Nav. a path to our type of financial F.R.E.E.dom better than Lisette.  Tune in to learn how Lisette nav.igated debt, side hustles, dropping-out, masters degrees, and everything life threw at her in between in this episode of the Podcast. Find Lisette from: (hit her up for all your web design needs!)
We're honored to bring you this episode with 2x Olympic saber fencer, Dagmara Wozniak (a.k.a. Daga). Daga's had an inspiring journey to her time on the Olympic stage. Now with her 3rd Olympic Games on hold due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, Daga's had time to stop and think about what the next 5, 10, 20+ years will look like. Because even an Olympian needs to have #RetirementGoals. You'll be surprised to learn her journey to financial wellness looks like many of our own. There have been highs and lows, (imagine working 4 years for 1 paycheck!). Here's how Daga took her lessons in sport to become F.R.E.E. (financially resilient, empowered early). 
This last episode of fostering financial wellness explores the many ways we leverage knowledge to grow resilience (see Part I on resilience). While knowledge won't change all behaviors, it's a powerful driver of changing financial choices to better outcomes.  You'll learn:  Why knowledge is a key component to wellness How we leverage knowledge to better our financial behaviors Why financial knowledge has felt far from our control Where to find financial resources that resonate with our own experiences
There's a lot we can't control right now, but our minds aren't one of them. As we begin nav.igating the world a little differently these days, we'll seek to become more aware of how stressors, like our money, impact our physical and cognitive health. Building a resilient and confident money mindset starts within. Here's how to practice mindfulness with Dr. Ellen Blau.  What you'll learn:  What wellness really means How financial wellness impacts other aspects of your health The different between mindset and mindfulness How to improve your mindfulness practices How mindfulness interacts and builds resilience Want to connect with Dr. Blau? She's doing virtual visits! Reach out to her at
At we like to think there are 3 key principles to financial wellness. Resilience, Knowledge, and Mindfulness all help to optimize our financial routines and impact our overall wellness. In this episode Erin and Maia breakdown the meaning of resilience, the ways in which it manifests throughout our life, and how we can strengthen our financial resilience to improve our overall wellness.  Here's what we'll cover:  What makes us resilient Why resilience is so important towards financial wellness How we can become more resilient Lessons from our own moments of financial resilience Don't forget to leave us a 5-star review, it seriously helps the show and we truly appreciate your support!! xx E&M
Buying a property doesn't have to be as complicated as it sounds. Just ask our resident real estate guru and founder of Live with Plum, Justine Chan. We (virtually) sat down with Justine from her hometown of Singapore after leaving NYC in the wake of Corona-mayhem. Sure, there's a lot to unpack in the home-buying process, but so long as you've set yourself up for success, the process should be relatively stress-free.  Here's what you'll learn:  Where to start in your buying-process How to present a competitive offer What to consider when looking for your perfect spot Who the key stakeholders are and how they benefit How to evaluate the best buy You can find more guidance and support from Justine at: or @livewithplum across the social channels.  Psst... don't forget to leave us a review. It really helps! Thanks for listening! - E&M
During these highly uncertain and extraordinary times, we are compelled to maintain our promise to you, our listeners and customers, to bring you the best money management tools available. So, while we're launching 2.0 from the comforts of our homes, we are launching nonetheless! This episode is a dive into those new features on our brand new, beautifully designed money management app. Erin reviews the design and purpose behind key features, while also relating them to how they might support our users during these trying times.  You got this. We've got you- with more personalized features and a more powerful application than ever before. Drop us a note here or email to share your thoughts, questions, and feedback! 
Let's be honest, this interview was too good not to include every answer from Jen. So, we've split this into a 2 Part episode as the second half of this interview covers some VERY valuable insights around what your financial journey might look like and how you will recover from those bumps and bruises along the way. Here's what you'll learn in Part 2 of Episode 5 with Jen Sapel:  Money is emotional -- and it's ok to make some decisions based on that gut instinct. But, also, try to realize what might not make financial or long-term emotional sense. Here's how. Find someone subjective to help you in those larger money moves. When to merge your money... and when not to. How to prepare for newcomers in your household. Oh, and mark your calendar each year to review your credit report. Join us in celebrating a new Hallmark holiday, move over V-Day, meet Beneficiary Day! 
There's a lot to unpack about how the Coronavirus is hitting both the US and global markets. We'll cover why the markets are so volatile, what you should do to stay up to date and how you should stay prepared. Erin will also cover how to keep safe and minimize your chances of infection. We'll keep you updated as this outbreak progresses. 
Ever wonder what a financial advisor is actually all about? Learn what a great financial advisor can help do for you and your family on this HIGHLY entertaining interview with our friend and fellow financial founder, Jen Sapel. In this episode, Jen helps us identify what to look for in an advisor, when you might need to start your search for one, and how best to patiently grow your wealth. There's a ton to unpack in this 2 Part episode, here's what you'll learn in Part 1:  What to look for in a financial advisor When to consider hiring an advisor What you need to be sure you're covered - from insurance to investing, here's how to begin fostering your future self You can pay down credit card debt, here's a bit of how you do that
There's a lot to consider when setting up a small business. Some of your first questions may be, where should I file and what should I file as? Well, our Co-founder Maia Monell knows a thing or two about starting small businesses and how to begin. From taxes to profits, liabilities to operations, we'll cover it all in this episode of the Podcast.  Here's a bit of what you'll learn:  What the differences are between Partnerships & LLCs How to file for both What the liabilities are for both Taxes and the pass-through opportunities Operating agreements and roles & responsibilities  If you're enjoying our podcast, please take a moment to give us a 5-star review. It SERIOUSLY helps our show!  
While it might not be everyone's favorite topic, credit is a reality of this great beautiful world. Here's how you can best leverage your credit cards, credit scores and lines of debt to live the life you want to lead, all on your terms.  Here's what you'll learn:  How and when to open and close credit card accounts How to improve your credit score What actions will surprisingly impact your credit score How to manage personal and business loans more effectively Enjoy! As always, we love to hear from you. If you love our show, please take a second to give us some stars and provide a review wherever you're listening from. Thank you!   
Join us as we interview our very first male. That's right. This season (and our new app) celebrates the value of inclusive conversations around money. As a brilliant financial entrepreneur and advisor, Jordan is just the person to speak with as we head off on this next year. Jordan is a successful two-time entrepreneur, husband, and father of three. Needless to say, he has a lot to unpack around spending stereotypes, gender roles and the need for inclusive environments at work and at home.  Jordan, thank you so much for joining us!  What you'll learn:  How to create a more equitable relationship at work.  Having open, honest conversations at home.  Better ways to foster financial partnerships. How competitive will you two get??  Growing your skills in allyship.
Resident behavioral scientist and founder of, Erin Papworth, is back to launch Season 2 of the Podcast. It feels only right to talk about how to set and actually meet both micro and larger goals as we dive into 2020. This season, Erin's joined by co-founder and CMO at, Maia Monell.  What You'll Pick Up:  The science behind goal setting Why some goals just don't pan out How to change your goal-setting mindset How to create a growth mindset How those big life goals can impact your money mindset If you are enjoying the podcast. please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe – we would appreciate it as  it really helps us grow the show.  Other comments, suggestions or other feedback? Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @letsnavit.
We're so excited to have you back for Season 2. This season is all about money, honey.  Why? Well, we're learning a lot from our fellow Nav.igators  on a journey towards financial and experiential freedom. With the release of the Money App hitting your app store in February 2020, we wanted to leverage the stories, tips and insights from our in-powered community members. What better place to discuss our financial wins and woes than here, with you!  Join us each week as we unpack financial concepts and strategies to help you live prosperously on your own terms. Each month takes on a new theme to help guide us through the many money topics we want to nav.  If you are enjoying this season of the podcast. please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe – we would appreciate it as  it really helps us grow the show.  Other comments, suggestions or other feedback? Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @letsnavit.
In our last episode of the season, we talk to Amy Barnes, a financial advisor with 20 years of experience and founder of Firebrand Wealth Management. Amy is especially passionate about helping women navigate change such as retirement and divorce, women entrepreneurs, and women working in the technology sector. She shares with us why women are typically underserved financially, what socially responsible investing is, and how financial planners can help. What You'll Learn Why women are typically underserved financially and under-invested What some specific financial challenges are for women Financial planning strategies for women consider What financial planners do Why women tend to be smart investors  What socially responsible investing is What exchange traded funds (ETFs) are How mutual funds are different from ETFs Why it's important to understand fees The different types of financial advisors  How to invest in socially responsible funds What a standard global stock index is  What the best part of her career has been Her advice for getting started with investing and financial planning Where to Find Amy Firebrand Wealth Management On Facebook   *This episode is not intended as a recommendation of any investment or security, nor a solicitation of business by Amy Barnes or by Firebrand Wealth Management, LLC.  The discussion is for educational and informational purposes only. If you are enjoying the podcast. please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe – we would appreciate it as  it really helps us grow the show.  Other comments, suggestions or other feedback? Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @letsnavit.  
Join us as we talk with Nicole Negron, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who specializes in women's health. Nicole is leading a movement that encourages women to live in sync with their monthly cycles, and bring female brain chemistry and hormonal health into everyday conversation. She shares with us what led her to embark on this career path, what to consider for each of the phases of the 28-day menstrual cycle, and the role that nutrition plays in finding balance within our cycle. She shows us why deeper knowledge and understanding of our cycle can revolutionize the way we work, parent, play and live. We had so much fun with Nicole that we ended up splitting her interview into two episodes. If you haven't heard it already, listen to episode 17 before digging into this one. What You'll Learn PART I What led her to  work in women's health The work she does with her clients   What endocrinology is  What the female cycle impacts (productivity, nutrition, sex, exercise, etc) Information about estrogen and how it affects the female body  Why what we eat an essential part of the equation How hormones change during the 28 day cycle What to consider for each cycle phase (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal) Myths surrounding the luteal phase ("PMS") How she is helping her clients become more balanced in regards to their cycle and hormone levels How to apply what you learn about your cycle in your life (especially in regards to work and productivity) PART II Nutrition in relationship to the female hormone cycle What kinds of foods are best for each cycle phase How sexuality is impacted and why sex and orgasms are important Information about when peri-menopause starts and what is causing it to start earlier How to track your cycle when it's hard to do What is important in menopause and post-menopause How to honor our cycle in our daily lives and take good care of ourselves Why learning more about your cycle is so worth it Where to Find Nicole You can get in touch with Nicole at or visit her website at  You can also find her on Instagram.  Resources Mentioned Information about Menstrual Cycle Phases  Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)    Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm by Nicole Daedone  Ava Bracelet   Daysy Fertility Tracker  Jennifer Racioppi  If you are enjoying the podcast. please take a moment to rate, review and subscribe – we would appreciate it as  it really helps us grow the show.  Other comments, suggestions or other feedback? Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @letsnavit.  
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Angela Coryell

What an inspirational interview with Jamila. She’s really inspired me to start investing again, even though we’ve got a little bit of debt we’re trying to get paid off. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who needs that extra kick to get themselves in “I can do it!” mode 👍🏼

Apr 4th
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