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Ok guys...we know ... we know.  It's been a looong time since our last episode; but hey, better late than never!  On this episode we're catching you guys up and then talking all about those high demands our wives place on us to complete a project to Tom Silva standards!  Tim's master bathroom remodel has become one such project.Support the show
Is it Worth it?  |  #107

Is it Worth it? | #107


Sometimes doing a project yourself just isn't worth it.  Or is it?  We're talking through the decision making process of getting things done.  Maybe the risk vs reward just isn't adding up. Or maybe you weigh all the options and it's worth doing it yourself.   Tim talks about hacking an IKEA wardrobe and Josh's table saw of death.The bonus segment is back!  Josh tells us all about the horrific tornadoes that ripped through Kentucky and other states on December 10th.  If you'd like to donate to the relief effort we suggest doing so HERE.Support the show
WE'RE BACK!  Yes, it's been a minute since our last show and an even longer minute since Dave and Josh were on.  BUT, it's better late than never and we're back delivering that quality You can, man. podcast content with our 3rd Annual Christmas Gift Guide!  Listen in as we catch up on life including our joint trip to the great state of Hawaii!2021 Gift IdeasTim'sGarmin Instinct GPS watchMeater Plus Smart Meat Thermometer Balega running socksVuori running shortsDave'sOlight Warrior Mini FlashlightBlackstone GriddleAround the yard/house misc grab bag/bucket (2 cycle oil, yard bags, trimmer line, etc)Josh'sSamsung, The Frame TVFave t-shirt replacements (YCM Amazon affiliate links)Support the show
What's it like to be a career musician?  What's it like to be a contestant on NBC's The Voice?!? I sat down with singer/songwriter Jason Wilkes (aka Wilkes) to find out.  Listen in as we discuss his music career, the struggles of being a creative, life priorities, what defines success, the ins/outs of being on The Voice, working with Blake Shelton, and building out a home studio.Follow Jason's latest musical venture, Wilkes & The Coles: the show
What's it like running a startup company?  What goes into creating an innovative educational financial literacy platform?  Guests of the show, Drew Scholtens and Ted Waller are founders of the Marietta, GA based fintech startup company, OinkChing.  They've both left the comfort of traditional jobs to pursue the high risk/reward journey of entrepreneurship.  Drew was a guest of the podcast back in March of 2020 and is back again to share the struggles and wins of this difficult path towards success.Support the show
Have you felt intimidated going to the lumber yard not knowing the basics?  Have you wondered what's really behind the astronomical increase in lumber prices over the past year and half?  I've got the Vice President of Peach State Lumber Products, Bert Scarbrough on the show to give you the proper know-how!  Bert has decades of experience including completion of the rigorous training program of the NHLA (National Hardwood Lumber Association).Support the show
How much do you know about your car's filters?  I've got a filter expert, Nathan Mades from FRAM on the show this week to give you the proper know-how!  There's oil, air, fuel, and cabin air filters along with a few others you don't normally think about.  What does each do and what are the differences in quality?We specifically mentioned a recently released cabin air filter from FRAM called TrueAir.  It features an N95-grade filter material!Nathan wrapped up the show with a bonus segment about his DIY journey and philosophy.**Special thanks to FRAM for sponsoring this episode!**Support the show
Our guest this week is Atlanta Braves team photographer, Kevin D. Liles.  This episode is a continuation of what I'm unofficially calling the career series.  Here's Kevin's bio pulled from his site,  www.kevindliles.comKevin D. Liles is a documentary, commercial, and sports photographer based in Atlanta.Kevin specializes in creating narrative, layered and powerful images, and has photographed hundreds of assignments for The New York Times, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and The Wall Street Journal.  Since 2018, he has served as the team photographer for the Atlanta Braves. Other clients include Turner Studios, The Golfer's Journal, the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, ESPN, the NBA, and The Players' Tribune.Kevin is co-founder of ATL Photo Night, a monthly artist talk founded in 2016 aimed at investigating the creative process. He is also past president of the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, the longest continuously operating photojournalism conference in the U.S.A longtime member of the National Press Photographers Association, Kevin adheres to their code of ethics.Social: @kevindlilesSupport the show
Episode #100!  Why is it called, You can, man.™?  I answer that question with my good friend, Julian on this week's show!  Julian has a lifetime of home renovation knowledge and really helped me along my DIY journey.  He would say, "What one man can do, another can do."  That's where I came up with the name, You can, man.Julian mentioned a book that he's been reading - Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry into the Value of Work, by Matthew B. Crawford. <---the YCM Amazon affiliate link btw.Support the show
Thinking of getting a riding mower but don't have the cash?  Maybe you just want a hobby mower to learn more?  You should buy an older model in need of a little TLC!  On this week's show, Tim and guest Brandon talk through the basic components of riding lawn mowers and what it takes to overhaul one.Tim mentioned a helpful resource with tons of lawn tractor info: the show
Having thoughts of ditching your 9 to 5 for something you've got a drive and passion for?  Our guest this week, Brad Woodall did just that and is now a full-time real estate investor.  Listen in to learn something about creative real estate wholesaling and hopefully gain some inspiration along the way.Support the show
It's been a minute since we highlighted some of the things the YCM community has shared on our Facebook group page!  Our little community has been steadily growing and it was due time to do a few shoutouts to some contributors.  Tim wrapped up the show with an interesting brief history of Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, TN.Support the show
Would you and your family survive the next two weeks if disaster struck?  We've got a special guest, Will "the prepper" on the show to go over all the basics.   Let this be a wake up call for you to gather your emergency stash of water, food, and fuel!Will mentioned the Big Berkey water filtration system and also WaterBricks.note: the links are our Amazon affiliate linksSupport the show
Dave (a professional structural engineer) is dishing up some construction related blunders on this week's show.  If you have interest in that engineer/contractor design/build process than listen in!Josh wrapped us up with another morbid bonus segment - the Lake Nyos disaster!Support the show
Maybe you've never had to think about it because it's never happened to you, yet.  A main sewer line backup will ruin anyone's day.   Unclogging, repair, and replacement can all be very expensive when you hire a pro.  We'll discuss what you can DIY and leave you with some knowledge to help you navigate hiring pro should it get to that point.Tim wrapped up the show with his bonus segment answering the question, "What makes a good sunset?"Support the show
We don't really like to think about it, but we all kick the bucket at some point.  When we punch that final ticket to eternity, our physical frames are left behind... meaning someone ensures our remains have a proper place to persist on this planet... or beyond!Greg Free, is a mortician with over 20 years of experience and he came to answer our questions! Who comes to get your body? Where does the all blood go? Can I make my own casket?  . . . and so much more!Support the show
What does it take to become a C-130 pilot?  We've got Georgia Air National Guard C-130 pilot, Chase Eriksen to tell us all about it!  Support the show
We've got HVAC pro, Tim Willis on the show with us this week!  Tim runs a top-notch heating and air company based out of Marietta, GA - Summit Heating and Air.  We discuss what got him into the trades, some HVAC basics, and DIY tips to keep your system running as it should.Support the show
Have you been putting of that big project?  Quit that!  This is the year!  On this week's show we look back on projects completed in 2020 and our plans for 2021.  Our hope is that you find that fire to get to work on what you want accomplished in this new year.Dave rounded out the show with a run down of major events that happened in 2020 besides the Rona.Support the show
Load-bearing walls, lending a hand, pergolas, politics, religion, quarantines... Yeah, we get into all of that on this week's episode with our guest, Ernie Wagoner. Ernie is a pastor at Sojourn Church in Marietta, GA and provided us with some perspective and hope as we close out 2020. He had a lot to share about being a young pastor, building community, and loving our neighbors in these crazy times.Support the show
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