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Josh, Dave, and Tim have been tolerating each other since high school. They share a love of all things DIY; from basic handyman skills to major home renovations. For them, learning new skills and completing projects is more than just getting things done right. It's about becoming a better man and helping others along the way. We haven't reached the mass audiences the likes of The Art of Manliness or Jocko, but we're steadily growing the You can, man. army! We hope you'll take a listen and like what you hear! What one man can do, you can do as well. You can, man!
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All 3 of the You can, man.™ hosts recently experienced a major power outage in the Metro Atlanta area.  On this week's show we discuss some things you should be thinking through should you lose power for an extended period of time.  How long will all your food last in your now-dead fridge?We also discuss Tim's decision process with choosing a new line of cordless power tools.  He's strongly leaning Milwaukee btw!Links we mentioned regarding food safety times:FoodSafety.govCDCSupport the show (
Does the thought of doing electrical work around your house give you visions of ending up like the cat in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? Does the thought of shelling out big bucks on an electrician give you a shock? While you must always take proper precautions around electricity, we hope this episode gets you charged up about taking on a few DIY-level electrical projects.Support the show (
Do you frequently end up frustrated or angry when you get into political discussions? Do you feel like no one ever listens to the points you're trying to make? Does it seem like the "other side" is always combative?With another presidential election looming, we're giving our perspectives, techniques, and know-how on how to legitimately have civil discourse with those with whom we disagree. So put down your pitchfork, turn off the CAPS LOCK, and listen to this week's episode before you wade into your next political skirmish.Support the show (
The time is once again approaching to set our clocks back.  But should we?  We had Georgia State Representative Wes Cantrell on the show to discuss his proposed legislation to lock the clock.  You'd be surprised by the benefits of doing so!  Are you in the daylight saving camp or standard time?  We also got the scoop on how Wes went from zero political experience to State Rep and heard of his important legislation benefiting Georgia's children.Support the show (
We've had a recent uptick in new listeners as of late, so we thought a You can, man. primer was in order.  In addition, we gave updates on all the projects we're currently working on.  Dave rounded out the show with his Atlanta Braves trivia.Support the show (
There's a nip in the air and that can only mean: PUMPKIN. SPICE. EVERYTHING. Also, whether it's autumn, the harvest season, or even false fall, now is a great time to enjoy an outdoor fire pit! So grab a cardigan, wrap both of those chilly hands around your wittiest mug of hot tea or pour over coffee, and cozy up to your radio/smartphone/computer for this week's fireside chat.The repurposed solid steel fire pits we mentioned can be found HERE.Support the show (
Waiting just 1 minute for hot water each day wastes nearly 1,000 GALLONS of water over the course of a year! No need to watch that cold coinage circle the drain any longer. This episode walks you through the causes of your frosty flows and the ways you can bring the heat on the cheap, without having to call the plumber!Support the show (
Are you a Grill Master or a Grill Disaster? This episode is an introductory course on what you need to tame the flame and become a respectable griller. Our cookout coach, Alan Sears, gives you the tools, tips, and tricks required to up your grill game.Support the show (
Ask Us Anything | #078

Ask Us Anything | #078


This week’s Ask Us Anything episode is all about YOUR questions! We answer everything from Jeep Grand Wagoneers to fried chicken to ghosts. Thanks to all who submitted questions and keep them coming!Support the show (
Have you ever thought of owning rental property?  What's really involved in making steady income with real estate?  How do you find good tenants?  What's the 1% rule?  We've got Joel from the How to Money podcast on with us this week to talk all about it!Support the show (
Each of the You can, man. hosts own old Ford trucks.  Each truck has its own history, problems, and hopeful futures.  Josh: 1972 Ford F100.  Tim: 1975 Bronco.  Dave: 1989 Bronco.  We talk through all of it in this week's episode.  Tim had the bonus segment this week with the story of the world planking record held by 62yr old, George Hood.For further reading on George Hood and planking:ForbesMarine Corps TimesCNBCWikipedia (planking)Support the show (
Chimney caps, dump trailers, and old trucks.  Our special guest this week, Jud Cahoon is all about all three and then some.  If you're in the metro-Atlanta area and need a chimney cap, a dumpster, or advice about the asking price of that old truck you're thinking of buying then Jud is your man.  Jud's Dumpster business page can be found HERE.Support the show (
This week’s show is a follow-up with prominent exotic car enthusiast, Ed Bolian. Ed and his team claimed the speed record for the world-famous, coast-to-coast Cannonball Run back in 2013 and Ed gives us the story behind this amazing feat. Just a couple of amazing data points captured during the run: they spent 15 hours above 100 mph… they traversed Ohio in just over 2 hours… with two additional fuel tanks, they were able to travel more than 800 miles between stops!Support the show (
On this week's show, we chat with prominent exotic car-enthusiast Ed Bolian. Ed has done everything from breaking the coast-to-coast Cannonball Run record to launching a very successful automotive app. His VINwiki app provides the full picture behind a car’s unique history, filling in the gaps left by traditional vehicle history reporting services. Ed also runs the popular VINwiki YouTube channel with hundreds of amazing "car stories".Support the show (
The much-anticipated 2021 Ford Bronco is finally here and we were so excited, we road tripped to Nashville to discuss it in-person with Jon Melton of Nashville Early Bronco! This special episode was recorded in Jon's garage and will soon be published on his YouTube channel!  Links:The Ford-produced podcast we mentioned, Bring Back Bronco.Check out all the new Ford Bronco options on this PDFIf you'd like a sweet Bronco t-shirt like Tim was wearing during this recording you can get your own HERE.Support the show (
Adulting: those things adults gotta do. It’s not always fun and your natural inclination is to put it off. BUT, you gotta get it done. This week is about insurance and wills. Not a deep-dive, but you need to get this done!We also discuss Dave's driving habits, Josh's foray into building-out a trauma kit, and Tim's new found ability to climb ropes using only his arms (well, at least the one try).Support the show (
We know, we know... Pears, Weights, and Boats... it’s been done 100 times. But wait until you hear OUR take! The guys start with a brief chat about the ALL-NEW FORD BRONCO release, and stay-tuned in the coming weeks for a very special episode fully dedicated to the 2021 Ford Bronco.Tim gives an update on his pear trees and their massive yields, Dave tells us about refurbishing an old weight set, and Josh contemplates boat ownership.Support the show (
Are you ready to break some stuff?  Demo can be a lot of fun, but only if you're well prepared with the right tools for the job!Support the show (
This week's episode is all about Josh! (And he’s thrilled 🤣) How the heck did he cram a four year degree into nine? How do so many guys lose their way in their late-teens and early 20s? Should everyone go to college? What exactly is a Sr. Sales Operations Analyst? Josh has a story to tell. Have a listen and get to know a little more about 1/3 of the You can, man.™ podcast!Support the show (
So, you want to be an engineer?  On this week's show we dive into what Dave actually does as a professional structural engineer.  Support the show (
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