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An unsolved true crime podcast
41 Episodes
A bunch of stories from and Good News MovementSOURCES: News Movement Newspaper/Social MediaSupport the show (
We go over cases we pulled from Elle goes over a couple stories from Good News MovementSOURCES the show (
Elle and Arian go over a handful of articles in the news. Laid back and straight to the point!SOURCES: ****** the show (
Another week of crazy stories!Sources: on their homocide page, 15, charged with murder in stabbing on Washington DC Metro trainShooting at 'illegal gambling' club in Brooklyn leaves 4 dead, 3 injured, police sayTwo Ohio teens charged in death of woman struck by falling 74-pound logMichigan mother tells her daughter's murderer 'I want to rip you limb from limb'Illinois woman: Son, 9, made 'terrible mistake' intentionally setting home ablaze, killing 5 family membersSupport the show (
Week of October 1, 2019 news stories covered by Elle and Arian. This new series SOURCES: the show (
Elle goes over the incredibly sad murder story of Selena Quintanilla–Perez. She covers her entire life history from young childhood to a life taken too early. SO so so sorry for the poor audio. We are learning!Arian goes over The Brighton Trunk Murders based on Brighton, England being our TOP listening city! Thank you to our Brighton listeners, it means the world to us. Hopefully highlighting one of your stories is a decent thank you. SOURCES: the show (
Elle goes over a cold case that needs more attention! Over 2 decades old and there hasn't been anything done on it recently! Amberly Ann Mendoza is the reason Amberly's Place was created. We got the majority of the information from and corresponding pages. Arian goes over a gruesome story of the Smuttynose Murders that took place over 100 years ago on an island off the coast of Maine. We got the majority of the information from Please help us grow at or you can also help via paypal to Please send your stories to letstakealookpodcast@gmail.comTHANK YOU!Support the show (
Launching LTAL 2.0! New set-up, new co-host, new music, and TWO new stories. Elle is brand new to the podcast and you are going to love her! The double letter murders took place in New York and claimed the victims of at least three little girls. A suspect has never been charged in the murders but we go over a few suspects.Pedro Rodriguez Filho has a TON of murders on his record that he has admitted to. So how is it that he isn't in jail? Take a listen to see what happened so that this man who had no problem talking about his over 100 murders, even so far as talking about his preferred method of killing someone, can be running an advice YouTube channel. Sources: Double Initial Killer/Alphabet Killer Rodriguez FilhoSupport the show (
SHORTIES is here to bring you a teeny episode with lots of stories!Arian goes over Barbara Becker from 1979, Jody Loomis from 1972, Jane Morton Antunez and Patricia Dwyer Morton from 1977-1978, Mary Silvani (Sheep Flats Jane Doe"/"Washoe County Jane Doe), and Robert "Bobby" Adam Whitt. DNA solved this is a series where we look at the latest DNA technology solved cases. SOURCES: the show (
EP 35: Jeanette Janusiak

EP 35: Jeanette Janusiak


Arian is solo this episode, but it's a long one. Hold onto your butts and see what you think. Could this be a false confession? Could a child abuser still be free? Or are they already behind bars? This episode features the case of a mom of 4, pregnant with the 5th, convicted of murdering her best friends baby. She claims her confession was not true and she only said what she said because she thought it's what the police wanted to hear. SOURCES: the show (
Elle goes over the case of Nate Anderson and the cold hearted murder of his sister. Arian takes a different turn and covers some Nevada Urban legends. written by Jennifer. 1-7 by Kevin Horridge 8-14Support the show (
Arian covers the case of Elizabeth Carter in St. George, Utah. Elle goes over the case of Elisabeth Fritzl that covered decades in Austria. SOURCES: the show (
EPISODE 32!Arian goes over the newly re-opened cold case of Marla Rae Scharp. Elle goes over the recently caught serial killer, Khalil Wheeler Weaver. SOURCES: the show (
Arian goes over the Neosho Grace Doe and Elle goes over several stories about ridiculous stabbings. SOURCES results for Halloween Stabbings. Support the show (
Arian goes over the case of Lillie Hoyle from 1887 and Elle talks about the Slender Man Stabbing! Spoooooky season!····Sources: *,_Rhode_Island the show (
The day after Thanksgiving 2009 was the last day a 25 year old man was seen alive. His family said that he was acting strange. Even after a doctor visit, he did not get better before he ran out of his family home. Not only did he just run away, but he ran out in the middle of a snowstorm. No keys. No shoes. No coat? Nothing to help him with the cold. I could hardly do that on a dare before turning tail and running back inside. Not Larry. He vanished. His father said it was like the earth had swallowed him whole. As a parent, I cannot imagine this feeling. Knowing that he had to still be somewhere, but not having any idea where to look. It wasn't until 2019 that we find out what actually happened to Larry. This episode goes over his discovery and what is believed to have happened. I Engrave Stuff is our sponsor this week. Check out there awesome website and get your hands on one of their cute pieces. I am ordering a darling sign to go over my nieces crib, my husband got a mini longboard which our two year old LOVES, and YOU can get whatever you would like at an additional 20% off with code: LOOK. Support the show (
SOURCES1. Week after the 9/11 Terrorist attack, letters started showing up with a white powder inside. Years later, it is unsolved. But what do you think of the suspects that were named during the investigation? Support the show (
A college senior took a Lyft from the airport to a park at 3am. A winding story unfolding in the public eye. Mackenzie had gone to California for a funeral for a family member. When she got back to Utah, where she was a senior at the University of Utah, she took a Lyft to Hatch Park at 3am. Initially the Lyft driver was the hot topic. Could it have been a fake Lyft? Was it a Lyft driver the assailant? Take a listen to this episode and find out what authorities know now. Support the show (
Alaska has way more missing persons than any of the lower 48 United States. Alaska is a huge state that is largely wild. The wild attracts those who want to adventure or even just be left alone. Some are not ready for just how wild Alaska is. It is to be respected and feared to some extent. Here are a couple stories I found that are probably the most popular ones, but they are examples of just how crazy the stories can be. Sources HereHereand HerePlease tell your friends! Follow us on social media and RATE AND REVIEW US! Support the show (
Stephanie was a beautiful, popular girl living the American dream who's legacy is one of the most grisly murders in Milwaukee history. Stephanie was the only girl in the family with a grundle of brothers and she was killed and dismembered and left to be found by a father and son on a fishing trip. What a terrible addition to a father son getaway. SourcesHereHereHereand HereSupport the show (
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