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Montel Weekly - market insights from people in the know. Montel Weekly is a podcast dedicated to energy news from markets in Europe and beyond. Every week we invite key industry experts to share insights and to discuss latest developments.
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Continued oversupply, mild weather and a massive growth in wind power capacity, will keep Nordic power prices low for the coming year at least. Further out, increased demand thanks to the electrification of the heating and transport sectors could provide a shot in the arm for power producers.Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Sigbjorn Seland, Chief Analyst, Storm Geo. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Reform of the mechanism to reduce market oversupply, tweaking the cap and not least the final 2030 target are all uncertain factors for the EU ETS which will continue to cause price volatility in the coming months. Listen to a discussion on current EUA price dynamics and where the market is heading in the short as well as medium term. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Ingvild Sorhus, Senior Analyst, Refinitiv. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
China’s ban on Australian coal imports, strikes in Colombia as well as potential weather disruptions from the La Nina effect have had a major impact on global coal prices. This week’s pod discusses the outlook for coal in Europe and Asia amid the green energy transition, and the role played by Russia, a key exporter to both regions. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guests: Diana Bacila, Senior Analyst, Alpiq, Laurence Walker, Coal and Gas Editor, Montel. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
In a special podcast looking at the US election, we discuss what a Biden administration will mean for global efforts to tackle climate change and transition towards cleaner energy. With the prospect of a divided government, how far can the US move away from fossil fuels and will a new Congress pursue further sanctions to stop Russia’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline? Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Ketil Raknes, Assistant Professor, Hoyskolen Kristiania, Trevor Sikorski, Head of Natural Gas and Energy Transition, Energy Aspects. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker. 
The Hydrogen backbone

The Hydrogen backbone


This week’s pod discusses plans for a hydrogen backbone in the Netherlands, including proposals for a trading exchange for the potentially green fuel. We also talk about why November has been a key month historically for power market coupling. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Bert den Ouden, Managing Director for Energy, Berenschot. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Oil demand could surge following the arrival of a vaccine for Covid-19, possibly as early as early 2021. This key moment, or “Liberation Day”, will see life slowly return to normal, with an increase in oil prices. Listen to a discussion on why the market is nihilistic” and the impact of Opec cuts, Libyan supply and the US election. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Bjarne Schieldrop, Chief Analyst Commodities, SEB. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Burning fuels to generate energy should remain a relic of the last century. This week’s pod discusses, with a touch of “I told you so”, the outlook for decarbonisation in eastern Europe and the options available to countries in the region. Firms will need to urgently move away from coal and lignite before it’s too late or costly.  Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Paolo Coghe, CEO Acousmatics Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Ready, steady, GO

Ready, steady, GO


Guarantees of origin (GOs) will be an important part of the transition to clean energy. And, at current prices companies can source renewable power at very low cost. This week’s pod discusses how long these weak prices could last and the use of GOs to decarbonize Europe’s gas sector. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Alexandra Münzer, Managing Director, Greenfact. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Europe is experiencing ever more extreme weather, with storms, floods and drought hitting several countries in 2020. This is part of a change from steady, predictable weather patterns to one more dominated by extremes. Listen to a discussion on the impact on energy markets, and the outlook for the coming months. Will the “beast from the East” return this winter? Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Mark Stephens-Row, Meteorologist, The Weather Company, an IBM Business. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
In theory, the Green recovery fund should provide assistance to companies trying to get back on their feet following the coronavirus pandemic, but in practice they will struggle to access available funds. This week’s episode discusses the legal aspects of the EU Green deal, Nord Stream 2 and Brexit. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Ana Stanic, Principal of E&A Law. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Boosting PPA demand

Boosting PPA demand


PPAs are a vital component of Europe’s green energy transition. This week’s episode discusses whether deals have slowed down amid the Covid crisis, and the outlook in the coming years. Listen to an expert view on the changes required to increase the involvement of small and medium sized firms, and how companies should deal with counterparty risk. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Sam Ebohon, Transaction Association Director, Arup. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Asia’s appetite for LNG will continue to grow as coal becomes more expensive. But outages at key facilities in Australia could tighten global supply ahead of this winter. This week’s show looks at the key energy market drivers in Asia and a discussion on “sticky” demand. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guests: Henning Gloystein, Director, Energy, Climate and Resources, Eurasia Group,  Saul Kavonic, Director APAC markets, Credit Suisse. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
To Prussia, with Love

To Prussia, with Love


A poisoning scandal surrounding Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny has threatened to derail the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, now only kilometres away from the German mainland.This week’s pod discusses the likelihood of a cancellation and the potential impact on Europe’s gas markets.Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guests: Hanns Koenig, Head of Commissioned Projects, Central Europe, Aurora Energy Research, Nathan Witkop, Reporter, Montel. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Poland may be one of the last bastions of coal plants in Europe, but the country is currently experiencing massive growth in rooftop solar panels. This week’s pod discusses the country’s exit from coal and the prospect of replacing the dirty fuel with gas and renewables. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Joanna Mackowiak-Pandera, CEO of Forum Energii. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Ample supply, full inventories and subdued demand are likely to pressure oil prices well into 2021, says Rystad Energy’s Paola Rodriguez-Masiu. Listen to this week’s pod discuss a potential return pre-Coronavirus market conditions and what the new “normal” will look like, since changing consumer habits, increased electrification and a reduction in commuter and air travel in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic could actually accelerate the demise of oil. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guest: Paola Rodriguez-Masiu, senior analyst, Rystad Energy. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Nordic power prices have languished near historically low levels amid a combination of extreme factors, notably an abundance of hydropower supply, and limitations in interconnector capacity and nuclear supply. In this week’s pod, experts discuss the outlook for prices going forward and whether 2020 will be a one-off or if market participants should brace themselves for more of the unexpected. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guests: Eylert Ellefsen, senior analyst, EQ, Tor Reier Lilleholt, head of analysis, Wattsight. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker and Ben Bower, Taizo Audio.
Rogue carbon trader?

Rogue carbon trader?


This week’s pod focuses on the carbon market and, in particular, the reasons behind the price spike in mid-July. Was it due to the closing of a speculative position that went rogue, or were other fundamental factors at play? Tune in for a discussion on the outlook for prices going forward, the potential impact of the EU green deal and the UK ETS post Brexit. Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guests: Louis Redshaw, founder and CEO Redshaw Advisors, Alessandro Vitelli, Carbon Reporter. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio.
Short-lived gas rally?

Short-lived gas rally?


In the first pod after the summer break, we welcome back Wayne Bryan and discuss the outlook for gas prices amid waning demand, ample supply, healthy storage and geopolitical tensions. Is the current rally in European gas prices sustainable, or will market fundamentals limit the gains amid a potential second wave of Covid-19? Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Wayne Bryan, director EU gas research, Refinitiv. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
Iceland is starting to position itself as a producer and exporter of “green” hydrogen. Listen to a discussion on the potential for the island nation to export the clean fuel, expand wind power and on the difficulties currently faced by large industrial energy users. Host: Snjolfur Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel, Guest: Hordur Arnarson, CEO Landsvirkjun. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Taizo Audio. 
For this week's pod, Montel journalists review the key energy market developments in the first six months of the year, and provide an outlook for the remainder of 2020 and beyond. What will happen to prices, will demand recover and are markets prepared for a second wave? Host: Richard Sverrisson, Editor-in-Chief Europe, Montel. Guests: Olav Vilnes, Chief Editor Nordics, Montel, Chris Eales, Editor France, Montel, Andres Cala, Editor Iberia, Montel, Christian Driessen, Editor Germany, Montel. Produced by Anna Siwecka. Music by Laurence Walker, Ben Bower and Taizo Audio.
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