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Layoffs & Salary Cuts

Layoffs & Salary Cuts


I understand that one of the concerns everyone’s having today is about the jobs and their salaries. And why shouldn’t you have one? Your job is the major source of income and not just for you but the majority of the population in India, their income source is just their job. And nothing else.Due to the Covid19 situation, the surveys have reported that the unemployment rate in India is hovering around 27%, which is a huge number for India’s economy. Also, 39% of the salary cuts have been planned and announced across all the industries. This is leading to fear of survival within the entire population of India.Watch and Enjoy!Follow the show on the show on #Layoff #SalaryCuts #Unemployment #JobSupport the show (
Solo Travel

Solo Travel


Recently someone asked me a great question that Rohan, where would like to travel after the lockdown and covid19 situation subsides. And this might be one of the questions on all of our minds. I can guess everyone planning for at least a short trip even after being at home for over 50 days, as work has still been a part of your stay home routine.This got me into a thought that “Why do people really travel or take trips?” And supporting to my question I happen to come across a quote which quotes “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us” Watch this episode to know more about solo travel #solotravel #solotraveller #solotravelling #solotravel #solotraveler #travelsolo #solotraveller #traveling #wanderlust #wanderlustlife #travelphotography #travelphotographer #travel #travellife Support the show (



Millennials is the first episode of the season 4 of The Rohan Arote Show.In this episode, Rohan talks around millennials and how are their areas of life? The Population of Millennials and Generation Z amounts to half of the earth total population.  And that is not the only reason why they are one of the most talked or discussed generations. It is also because this generation has seen everything I believe. They have experienced massive instability as well as uncertainty at home as well as at work. This generation is breaking all the rules and customs which previous generations have played down for them. A study on millennials highlighted that the millennials don’t trust and have faith in the ways and processes designed by their preceding generations.On the other front, the millennials are also marked as the most unsatisfied generation due to the ever-changing economy and ways of doing things. Check it for yourself if you are a millennial. You might have done a task recently with which you might not be very happy because you figured out later that the task could have had done in a much more efficient and productive way. And this is a constant behaviour at work as well as at home. And that is why they value experiences than just satisfying themselves materialistic things. They feel more the experiences they have the more they can do things in different ways and also create an impact in societies.So to know more about the millennials and who are millennials:1. We looked into a lot of surveys2. Interviewed some Millennials (Of which we have handpicked to make it a sensibly casual episode)3. And while doing all this we figured out the key areas of the life of the Millennials. And they are- Career & Profession- Relationship- Life and Emotions- Money- Lifestyle & Health- SpiritualThe entire episode of Millennials revolves around these areas of life. We also have clippings of the millennials we interviewed. And here is what we have come up with. Listen to the episode now!Follow Us on Instagram Us on Facebook Our Website #MillennialsAge #MillennialsMeaningSupport the show (
How to be perfect?

How to be perfect?


How to be perfect? May be perfect in your life, relationship, health, spirituality or maybe your emotions. I am here to tell you why you shouldn't bother to be one. Listen to the episode Now!Connect with us onInstagram: connect@rohanarote.comListen to our podcasts onSpotify: Podcast: Podcast: the show:!#perfect #howtobeperfect #trending #therohanaroteshow #rohanaroteSupport the show (
Do you have a quarantine account? Not yet? Then watch this episode.In this video, I share how a quarantine account can be created and further how can you use this account for investing in yourself as well as your future. Also with this account how can you help #coronavirus victims. Connect with us onInstagram: connect@rohanarote.comListen to our podcasts onSpotify: Podcast: Podcast: the show:!Support the show (
Why Cold Water Shower?

Why Cold Water Shower?


In today's episode, I want to share about Why Cold Shower Bath. Many of you who have been following the #21dayschallenge, have asked me about a question that Why cold shower bath? So I thought of rather than sharing the Why? with each one of you individually, why not I create a video about it where I shall shareWhat is a cold water shower?What are the benefits of it?How to take a cold water shower?Enjoy the episode.Support the show (
The outbreak of coronavirus has created a panicking situation and one of the reasons is the overloading of misinformation. In this episode, I have invited the Coaches Swamy Pillai and Maansi Pillai who are in the Human Empowerment industry for long years. I dive in with them to get answers to my questions:1. How to tackle the overloading of coronavirus information?2. What is the impact and effect of this information?3. How to Mentally deal with coronavirus?4. How to use coronavirus to benefit?5. How to work from home?And much more. Don't forget to listen and share it with your loved ones. Cheers!#coronavirus #workfromhome #howtodealcoronaviruspanicSupport the show (
Hey everyone, welcome to episode number 8 that is Coronavirus: Stop the spread of rumours. This is a very important episode, as the coronavirus disease 2019 which is also called as COVID - 19, is spreading rapidly throughout the world, with it the, rumours are also spreading rapidly.Support the show (
A Journey Of A CEO

A Journey Of A CEO


Welcome to episode number 7 that is A Journey Of A CEO,  which happens to be an interview episode. Today’s guest is an entrepreneur who started off his journey from a small town and today is a CEO of Salt Design and Infra Service, an Infra company which visionsTo Be a leading company in the Market By Delivering Best In The Class Engineering Consultancy Services, Structural Audits,Project Management Consultancy Services. The company also takes pride in being Committed Towards Achieving Quality And Ethical Standards which Are The Firm’s Backbone Of such a Progressive Growth. His firm has been working with one of the big names in the industry, to name few like ISRO, BHEL, Alfa Laval, Honeywell, Jhon Deere and many more like itLet’s welcome a very calm and composed personality and the CEO of Salt Design and Infra Service, Manoj BaraskarSupport the show (
How to stay positive in the negative world? This has been the most asked question by most of the people in the world. So here I invite my Coach Swamy Pillai to answer my questions around positivity and negativity. Do listen to the episode completely, as I have some prizes for you all.Cheers!Support the show (
In this episode, my Coach Swamy Pillai drops some knowledge bombs which shifted my perspective around goal setting, dream manifestation, and vision setting. It is such a power-packed episode that you can't miss it. Enjoy it.Support the show (
An interview episode with Ronit Mangnani, A young entrepreneur with passion to find his own way out by being resourceful. Listen to the episode now.Support the show (
Welcome to the forth episode of season 2 that is Protect Your Business & Startup From AJC virus. Infact they are 3 but I see it as one because I see they 3 have a very strong compatibility and they operate hand in hand. A little about this virus, this virus happens to be found common is most of the human beings. They have been living with it for many decades and human being as whole have been living it since centuries. It has been passed on by generations to generations. And it is getting serious as it have started now closing down the great potential businesses and startups. It has already been playing with human minds but now businesses and startups as well.Support the show (
Welcome to third episode of season 2 that is Top 5 Rituals to be a successful entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur for over now 8 years, I have realised this one thing that anybody can be and entrepreneur but very less can be a successful entrepreneur. You must have also heard these very less entrepreneurs who are successful quoting entrepreneurship is hard, it a 24 x 7 hours game. You need to keep up all the time everytime. Now these entrepreneurs must have gone through some hardship, intact a lot of hardship and from that point of view they are coming from. I have realised over these years is that to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have a ritual. This ritual doesn’t mean like praying to god on daily basis that let my business or startup get funded or succeed or whatever your ask is from God, but rituals of an entrepreneur are different than the common population. These rituals are the formula success of whatever the entrepreneurs achieve in their lifetime.#entrepreneur #success #startup #businessSupport the show (
Welcome to second episode of season 2 that is Why Indian Entrepreneurs Fail?In this episode, I am going share why Indian entrepreneurs fail? What are the common reasons of failures. So some of my listeners are going to question me, what different reasons could Indian entrepreneurs have to fail, which other regions don’t? So I am not saying that these reasons are exclusive Indian reasons, but they may not be found that much in other part of the world. The culture and the up bringing in India is different. The hardships are in different areas. It is also because of, India is a developing nation, though now a fastest developing nation, but yes the entrepreneurs in Indian have different challenges to fight with, because of which the could fail. I am also going to share what shall you be doing for taking precaution for not being any of the reasons as your reason for failure.Support the show (
I am very excited to share these Top 5 Questions. So, many would ask how to really ask your startup these questions. When I say ask your startup these questions, what I mean is your team and you, sit across the table at least once in a week and ask each other each question. What this is going to do is make your team mates and your really find an alignment with each other, which further results in focused work. The whole team, even if each one is working differently or in different style or even for that matter different location, everyone will still arrive at the same outcome. And when I say outcome I mean the mission of the startup and your business. So, this thing clarified, as for who to really ask these questions, let’s now directly dive in to these and discuss these questions at length. Support the show (
Today’s marketplace is a lot more price sensitive due to a lot of options available. These options are the substitutes to your offerings. Unless really your customers are deriving the value which they are looking for and no one else in the entire market place is offering. But this case is very rare now. Almost all the products and services are having a healthy competition within their industry and this makes pricing a very important aspect to make your venture successful. Pricing strategy is a key for many startups and small businesses to  really survive in the market when their are sharks who are providing similar offerings to your target customers.So let us now take a look at these top 10 pricing strategies.Support the show (
Nex Gen Marketing Plan

Nex Gen Marketing Plan


In this episode I am going to share with you the nex-gen marketing plans and how can you have one for your startup or business. The nex gen marketing plans focuses usually on 6 core areas, though you can add more areas if you have knowledge about it but the 6 areas which I am going to share with you is going to be enough for any service sector based business.Support the show (
In this episode, we are going to discover the techniques on how to Identify Your Potential Customers. Once you have got a good amount of confidence around your startup idea or business idea, the next important question that immediately needs your attention is to understand whom are you going to sell it? Who are your target customers? Which class of customers are going to be benefitted by your products & services?Support the show (
How to start a startup

How to start a startup


This word startup has attracted so many, it's not just limited to the young generation but the Suite executives as well. It has been a trend that the executives between ages 35 to 45 have been quitting their current cooperate jobs and are putting in efforts to think about initiating their own Startups or work with a startup from the most uncomfortable places or locations. Many giant corporations have also stepped up a different division which is into acquiring the startups and deploying a suite team to work on that startup. The government of various countries irrespective of whether they are developed or developing. They have launched startup schemes which focuses on supporting and helping the under resource startups to work aggressively on their idea and grow rapidly.  So what is this startup really and how to really start one? Why did this word startup catch the attention of masses? Support the show (
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