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A martial arts Podcast featuring interviews, news, training techniques, and information about Taekwondo from the pages of Taekwondo Life Magazine. We Celebrate Life Through Taekwondo and here is the place to hear the best guests and get the most updated information on the art and sport of Taekwondo.
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Mike Tyson took on Roy Jones, Jr on Saturday November 28, 2020 for a historic fight at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.   Taekwondo Life Magazine covered the entire event; from the press junkets prior to the fight, the weigh-in, the match, and post-fight analysis.   This episode provides a look at this long awaited event, a break down of the judge's scorecards, and final decision in this match up.  Mike Tyson was the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of the sport.  Roy Jones Jr. was a former US Boxing Olympian, having made his debut at the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, where Taekwondo first got its chance to be featured as a demonstration sport.  It was the same 1988 Olympics where Taekwondoist, Herb Perez, earned a Gold Medal for the United States.  Tyson has been out of commission for 15 years.   Jones retired more than 2 years ago.   These men were on a course to fight in the 1990's but circumstances did not allow it.  Now they meet, in combat, 3 decades lates.  Both men are in their 50's, but this didn't stop this event from being the largest Pay Per View event in the history of sports.  Hear Marc Zirogiannis' take on the fight and what is to come.Support the show (
Taekwondo Life Magazine's special coverage the MEDIA DAY Press Conference for the historic Mike Tyson v. Roy Jones Jr. match to be held on Saturday November 28,  2020 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Hear Jones and Tyson in their own words at this event.Support the show (
Marc Zirogiannis, Taekwondo Life Magazine's host, recommends some essential reading for Taekwondo practitioners.  From practical books on Taekwondo to techniques to books on self and life improvement there are boundless books to choose from.   Taekwondo Life Magazine provides some insight into a handful of book that are worth an investment of time and energy for the modern Taekwondo practitioner.  These books include the newest release from bruce Lee's daughter, Shannon, to the controversial book by Alex Gillis, which has created a rift between Gillis and host, Marc Zirogiannis.To check out these titles on our  You Tube Channel: the show (
As the Global Pandemic of 2020 began to escalate Taekwondo schools around the world began to close their doors, indefinitely.  Many Taekwondo schools made monumental changes in their delivery mechanisms, implementing online classes and alternative training programs to provide a lifeline to their student populations.  While these programs were able to help individuals train during the pandemic there was no ability to practice sparring under the conditions of social distancing, and in a virtual setting.   Sparring has always been the centerpiece of Taekwondo competition; it was the basis of the recognition of Taekwondo as an Olympic Medal sport.  As the months dragged on, with no sparring,  the Taekwondo community needed to do something to energize and re-engage its worldwide population.  What would it take to accomplish this goal?  The answer-the explosion of Poomsae practice and competition.    Poomsae was an area of Taekwondo that has been around for centuries, but only recently became an area of Sports Competition.  During the age of COVID, thanks to technology and the creativity of the world Taekwondo community, safe, virtual tournaments could be held, offering high level competition in the age of the Pandemic.  From USA Taekwondo's Summer of Poomsae to the 2020 NY Open Taekwondo Virtual Championships Poomsae took center stage.  In this episode Marc Zirogiannis, USAT Certified Poomsae Referee and host, talks about the emergence of Sports Poomsae during the Global Pandemic.Support the show (
Amy Johnston is an American Actress and 3rd Degree Black Belt.  She has been a stunt double on major films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Deadpool.  She has starred in such martial arts action films as Lady Blood Fight, and Female Fight Squad. Following her first two films Johnston starred in the award winning short film titled The Gate. She is constantly working as an actress and martial artist in popular video games such as Tomb Raider and Spiderman. Amy also played the very memorable "Jane The Ripper" in Scott Adkins' Accident Man.  Amy is also the author of an acclaimed guidebook on industry of stunt doubling, How to Stunt in Hollywood.  She spoke with Marc Zirogiannis about her training, success, and goals for the future.  Amy was recently featured in a documentary on the history of Stuntwomen in Hollywood.The audio component of this episode can be found everywhere podcasts are heard.To find out more about Amy Johnston visit: the show (
2020 saw the rise of the greatest worldwide medical crisis in 100 years.  Sickness and death have not been the only consequences of this global pandemic.   The world has seen a rise in anti-Asian sentiment as a result of misconceptions, conspiracy theories, and ignorance about the nature and origins of COVID-19.  The era has been marked by political figures in the U.S. calling the virus "Kung Flu" and "Chinese Flu", to acts of violence against Asians in countries around the globe.  The behavior of some individuals has been disturbing.   In some cases the acts are clearly criminal.   Brave members of the martial arts community, including Cung Le and Into the Badlands', Daniel Wu, have used their Social Media platforms to highlight and bring attention to this international plague of hate.  Taekwondo Life Magazine is committed to using its voice to speak out against hate of any kind.   We express of our love and commitment to our Asian brothers and sisters around the globe and we thank them for their contributions to the world.Support the show (
Nina Park is a 3rd Dan Taekwondo practitioner, musician, songwriter, and world traveler.   After 13 years of yoga practice Nina became a certified yoga teacher in order to help others discover the life improving benefits of this practice.   As a second generation Taekwondoist Nina offers a unique perspective on the benefits of yoga study for the Taekwondo practitioner.  She talks with Taekwondo Life Magazine's Marc Zirogiannis about her journey from living as a Korean-American woman, living in the United States, to traveling to Asia to live and work in the music and entertainment business.  In this episode Nina demystifies some of the common misconceptions about Yoga and talks about how it has impacted her physical and mental well-being throughout travels.  Nina is the recent author of the published article "How Yoga Changed My Life".   The video version of this episode appears on our You Tube Channel.  You can learn more about Nina Park at:Nina Park Yoga:Support the show (
Gabriella Corvina is a Martial Artist and Actress known for her Martial Arts and Action Films. She has over 17 years of martial arts experience, including Boxing, Kick-Boxing, American Kenpo Karate, Filipino Arnis, and Brazilian Jui Jitsu.  She came to the attention of Taekwondo Life Magazine when she showcased her fighting skills in an Oikos Yogurt Commercial, of all places.  She has appeared with prior guest, Thekla Hutyrova, in a number of videos, including some high end action and stunt videos.  She is among the rising stars of female martial arts action stars producing, directing, fight choreographing, and starring in exciting content on her way to stardom.  She sat down (virtually) with Marc Zirogiannis to discuss her training, her life and her plans for super-stardom.To Learn More about Gabriella Corvina:Gabriella CorvinaSupport the show (
Friday September 4, 2020 marked International Taekwondo Day. Taekwondo Life Magazine compiled some messages from our Taekwondo Family. From Grandmaster YH Park in NY to Master Monsour del Rosario of the Philippines, as well as from Taekwondowon and World Taekwondo in Korea (where it is already World Taekwondo Day). Master Erica Linthorst shares a special message from TKD Go For the Gold. Please enjoy, be safe, and think about how Taekwondo has made your life better as World Taekwondo Day approaches.Support the show (
Guest, Grandmaster Keith Vitali, talks with Taekwondo Life Magazine about his martial arts life and career.  Keith Vitali is the legendary, Taekwondo trained, full contact fight champion, movie star, producer, teacher, and author.  He was named one of the 10 best All-time, full contact, and point fighter in the world by Black Belt Magazine.His legendary film with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung, Wheels on Meals, is often hailed as containing some of the best martial arts, action fight scenes in movie history.He talks with 3rd Dan, Marc Zirogiannis, on the release of his new anti-bullying book, Victor Stops the School Bully.  Master Vitali wrote this empowering book with the help of his grandson as part of his commitment to using the martial arts to end bullying.Grandmaster Vitali is a true martial artist.  In this episode he walks us through his martial arts journey, and shares a fascinating and comedic look at how his training in the martial arts brought him to the Golden Harvest film family, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and the covers of almost two (2) dozen martial arts magazines.  The video version of this episode is available on our YouTube ChannelTo find out more about Master Vitali, or to order his books, please visit:Keith Vitali EnterprisesSupport the show (
Master David Zabransky is a Taekwondo Master, Retired NYC Police Sergeant,  and family man, including being the father of four Taekwondo students.   He began his training in college, under the tutelage of Grandmaster Y.H. Park, as part of his preparation for a life in law enforcement.   After 30 years he made his way up the ranks of the police department and the Taekwondo hierarchy.   He talks with Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis, about his life and career.  He shares his thoughts on the changes in martial arts training, understanding Taekwondo goals, his life, and career.  Master Zabransky is the winner of the prestigious 2016 Taekwondo Golden Award for philanthropy and contributions to the spread of Taekwondo.  This is a truly thoughtful and insightful conversation.Support the show (
Kickstart Kids is a martial arts character development program non-profit organization, formed by Chuck Norris on August 16, 1990 as the Kick Drugs Out of America Foundation.  In 1992, with the help of former President George H.W. Bush, the program was officially implemented in four schools in the Houston area: Burbank, Central, Hamilton, and Hogg.  Today, the program operates in over 60 schools throughout Texas. The program is taught in mostly middle/junior high schools and some high schools. They currently serve almost 10,000 of today's youth, making a positive impact in their lives by teaching character through karate.  The stated mission of Kickstart Kids is to teach character through karate to empower youth with core values, such as discipline and respect, to achieve their greatest potential.  Marc Zirogiannis talks with Martial Arts Master and  Chief Director of Operations, John Kurek, about the organization, its structure, its mission, and its future.  The audio component of the episode is available everywhere podcasts are heard.  (Some connection issues caused some slight disruptions in the stream-my apologies) To find out more about Chuck Norris' Kickstart Kids please visit:Website: the show (
Sabumnim Edward Park, Certified Sixth Degree Black Belt, and Head Master Instructor at the YH Park Taekwondo Academy of Levittown, NY is the guest host on this week's episode.   He is a second generation Taekwondo master.  In addition to being a superior martial artist, instructor, and philanthropist, Master Edward developed a series of creative, virtual ways to keep his Taekwondo students engaged during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  One of his programs included a Facebook Live interview series with Masters and Instructors from the Academy.   In this episode he interviews Taekwondo Life Magazine's Editor-in-Chief and 3rd Dan Black Belt, Marc Zirogiannis.   While Zirogiannis normally plays the role of host, in this episode he is the guest.   Topics include the origins of Taekwondo Life Magazine, the evolution of Taekwondo over the past 3 decades, and more.  Support the show (
On August 7, 2020, Taekwondo Master Valerie Loureda secured a TKO over Tara Graff in Bellator MMA #243 at the Mohegan Sun.  Master Loureda, in the closing seconds of the second round, finished the fight with two devastating punches and a top mount.    We bring you her post fight remarks as part of our continuing coverage of her fight and career.   Look for the full audio version of the preliminary Press conference, the fight, and post fight coverage on our Podcast.  Check out the full fight commentary by Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis: the show (
Taekwondo Master Valerie Loureda decisively defeated Tara Graff in Bellator MMA #243 on August 6, 2020.   In the closing seconds of Round 2, it was not Taekwondo kicks, but a flurry of hook punches that finished Graff.   Bellator #243 took place at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort, with no spectators.  The preliminary fights were simulcast on YouTube. Loureda is now 3-0 with Bellator and Taekwondo Life Magazine awaits her next bout.  Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis, called the fight as it happened.  This episode is a summary of the pre-fight, the round-by-round calls, and the post-fight victory celebration.   In the days following this match Master Loureda signed a new contract with Bellator MMA.  Scott Coker, President of Bellator, spoke about Loureda's dedication and growth in the sport.To read more about the Loureda/Graff match: the show (
Talking The Power of Nunchi is the topic of this week's episode.    What is Nunchi?   Korean born and raised people know Nunchi as the art of instantly understanding what people are thinking and feeling, in order to improve your relationships in life. It emphasizes using all your five senses and the all-important sixth sense, as well as speed, and listening twice as much as you speak.  In 2019 Euny Hong introduced the world to The Power of Nunchi with her New York Times' best selling book, The Power of Nunchi.    Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis, discusses Hong's book, The Power of Nunchi, and how this intuitive skill set can help the Taekwondo practitioner in their life, martial arts practice, careers, and, even, their sparring.  This is not a paid endorsement.   To purchase Euny Hong's Best Selling book:The Power of NunchiSupport the show (
Lauren Mary Kim

Lauren Mary Kim


Lauren Mary Kim is a martial artist, dancer, stunt person, and motion capture artist.   After earning her Taekwondo Black Belt she went on to study Wushu, Kali, weapons and more as she emerged as an esteemed Hollywood martial arts stunt and action star.   She talks with Taekwondo Life Magazine's Marc Zirogiannis about her work with Jackie Chan, Michael Jai White, Iko Uwais and the top martial artists in the entertainment today.   Lauren Mary Kim is one of the hardest working and most visible people on the action scene today, whether it is in Marvel's Daredevil or The Mandalorian you can find Lauren's work.  She has recently expanded her visibility with the production of some high end video productions such as You Tube's "Kali Diaries".  (Look for Episode #10 featuring Taekwondo).  Lauren Mary Kim is a person to watch now and as the Pandemic subsides and she gets back to racing cars, slinging swords, and kicking butts.Check Out Lauren Mary Kim's work and Social Media:YouTube ChannelInstagramSupport the show (
Dr. Paul Ledesma joins Taekwondo Life Magazine for a discussion of the Extreme Mist Portable Sanitizing Solution for Your Dojang.  This sanitization delivery mechanism, derived from Ron Laikind's The Extreme Mist Portable Cooling System, may be the convenient, efficient, and effective solution to addressing sterilization and sanitation in the COVID-19 era.  This device is being used in Dojangs, Gyms, and Fitness facilities around the country as a way to insure athletes, parents, and club members that their Dojang owner cares about their health and safety.   THIS IS NOT A PAID ADVERTISEMENT but an interview explaining, demonstrating, and answering questions about the system.  To find out more out more about the system you can visit:  https://www.portablesanitizingsystem.comSupport the show (
JuJu Chan is "The Female Bruce Lee", or at least that is what she has come to be called by her international fan base.   Juliana 'JuJu' Chan is a Hong Kong-born American actress, martial artist, model, singer, scholar, and writer.  She was also a winner in the Miss Chinatown USA 2009 pageant.  Juju was a member of the Hong Kong National Taekwondo Team and an international medalist and Taekwondo Demonstration Team member.  Parallel to her martial arts and action star pedigree she has developed her skills as an actress.  The two areas have converged to make her a leading martial arts action star in recent years.   In this episode she talks during the pandemic with Taekwondo Life Magazine's, Marc Zirogiannis, about her work in such hits as Scott Adkins' Savage Dog, the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon sequel, as well as the Netflix martial arts series, Wu Assassins.  Juju Chan is a true mixed martial artist and weapons aficionado and is constantly working to live up to the esteemed nickname she has been given.  She was recently featured in Mike Fury's best selling book, Life of Action II.  To find out more about Juju Chan visit:Instagram:             IMDBSupport the show (
Martial Arts Growth with Mike Gowans is the topic of this week's episode.  Mike Gowans is the founder and CEO of a company designed to assist Taekwondo Dojang owners, and martial arts business people, in developing and maximizing their sales and student recruitment strategy.  According to Mike " helps martial arts entrepreneurs understand business as a network of simple systems. We focus on finding and solving problems with quality products and services focused around the student. We strive daily to deliver real value, to increase our efficiency and forever reach for perfection."  Mike talks with Taekwondo Life Magazine about the foundations of his business and course, his target audience, and what his course and resources can do to assist Dojang owners define their marketing message to connect them with ideal prospects and candidates for their training.  While this episode comes amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Mike Gowans actually started his business prior to the pandemic.  Mike discusses how his system can assist Dojang owners through the Pandemic and beyond as business environments continuously change and evolve.  THIS IS NOT A PAID ENDORSEMENT but an interview.To Find Out More About Martial Arts Growth:www.martialartsgrowth.comSupport the show (
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