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Beyond Meat Trend

Beyond Meat Trend


This week we are discussing meatless meat, plant-based meat and beyond meat, trends to see if it's really healthier.
Health Tips for Nurses

Health Tips for Nurses


This past week has been Nurse Appreciation Week and to wrap up the week I wanted to say Thank you to all the wonderful nurses out there. Here is an episode just for you!
Research:Study on step count and mortality - Harvard Health article on stop count - Behind 10k steps -
Do you find certain foods it's either binge or avoid?This week's episode comes from a listener's questions on how they can implement moderation into a healthy lifestyle.
Melatonin for Sleep

Melatonin for Sleep


Is it sleep? Is it nutrition? NOPEDiscover today why this one missing factor and change the long game to being healthy.
Stress Eating

Stress Eating


Today we are answering the question, if I am stressed and not hungry should I just skip the meal?We are also going to dive into how we can better control stress eating.
ADHD Conversation

ADHD Conversation


Today we are having an honest open conversation about ADHD, the superpowers, the hard times, and the funny moments.Do you know what the ways boys and girls present symptoms of ADHD are different?Today we have special guest Jaci Stephens with us.  Jaci is a sports nutritionist and one of the top coaches at the Lyn-Genet Plan.Fun ADHD people to follow: for today's episode:
Do you work shifts and struggle to find time for the right meals. Intermittent fasting might be the answer to a healthier diet.  Listen to find out more.
How to stick to a diet

How to stick to a diet


Are you struggling with staying on a diet or keeping a healthy lifestyle?In this episode, we are discussing 3 simple tips to keep you on track.For more information and how to find a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach visit
Do you work the second or third shift and find it hard to work out? Or is your life crazy and you can never find a good time to prioritize fitness. In this episode, we are talking about a few tips to make exercise part of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.
Do you wonder if tests like EverlyWell, GenoPlate, and others really work? Could this be an answer to ultimately hacking our health?This week we have Lyn-Genet Recitas with us discussing food sensitivity testing and DNA nutrition.Connect with Lyn-Genet Instagram - - - -
Are you ready to implement healthy habits this New Year? If so we are letting you in on a big secret to get lasting change.
Food Mood

Food Mood


Sources:NAMI - Today - Checklist - Risk Assessment -,DepressionMRA
Better Gut Health

Better Gut Health


In this episode, we are discussing 5 common ways we are secretly sabotaging our gut health.
4 simple tips to keep off holiday weight.
On the family drama and anxiety episode we spoke about 4 7 8 breathing,  this podcast walks you through that.
Family drama can greatly increase holiday stress and be a leading cause over the holidays. In this episode, we are discussing simple techniques to manage stress and anxiety over the holidays especially those associated with family drama.
Have you seen the apple cider vinegar gummies and supplements for weight loss and wonder if it works? Today we are taking a look at what science has to say about apple cider vinegar and weight loss and is this something that is right for you.Research for this episode:Japanese Study: Study: Sugar Study: articles:
Have you ever wondered what Reiki is or is it even real? In this week's episode where are breaking down what is reiki what the science says and talking about some balanced advice.Check out the Reiki poll on my Instagram channel and let me know if you think Reiki is real or a Resources:Rat Study -
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