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Author: Laura Timbrook

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Ever find yourself often confused about what to eat and what is truly healthy? Well, you’re in the right spot, we’ll discuss all the latest health and nutrition trends to breakdown what’s real and what’s a real waste of time.
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This episode contains topic discussions that may be disturbing to some people. In this episode, we are discussing weight, body image, and eating disorders. If you are currently living with an eating disorder or know of someone who is I recommend seeking help by contacting the National Eating Disorder Helpline at
Whole 30 Diet

Whole 30 Diet


In this episode, we are talking about the Whole 30 Diet.https://whole30.com
This week we are talking about vegetarian and vegan diets some benefits and information on the benefits.Information referenced in this episode:Gerson Therapy: Study: Study Book: Baron Licensed Dietician:
New Year New...

New Year New...


Welcome to 2021
Find out what apps I have rated as the top health and wellness apps of 2020.To learn more about these apps visit
In this episode, we talk about the current shit storm we are all living in and how to avoid the work from home (WFH) burnout.This episode also has a bonus content of a video so if you want to watch the podcast being recorded and what I look like in my studio you can watch it on my YouTube channel.
Holy Sh*t Thank You

Holy Sh*t Thank You


We just got amazing news from Spotify this morning.
We have all heard that we should leave holiday food at the holidays and not eat the leftovers but if you are like me and hate wasting food or just love leftovers using a simple technique you can eat the leftover mac-n-cheese.If you are interested in the podcasting workshop visit to find out more.
This week we are talking about the importance of light excercise.
Next Wave of Stress

Next Wave of Stress


Do you use natural or traditional deodorant? Have you been worried about the deodorant and the cancer connection? In this episode, we are talking about the issues, research, and things I have found over the years.Research for this episode:,salts%20can%20cause%20breast%20cancer.
Good Belly Laugh

Good Belly Laugh


Today we are going to talk about the benefits of a good belly laugh and the new Netflix series The Cabin with Bert Kreischer.Research for this episode: Kreischer The Cabin:
Healthy Cheap and Easy

Healthy Cheap and Easy


Have you ever said healthy was too expensive or hard? Well in this episode we are breaking that BS down.
In today's episode, we talk with Licensed Professional Counselor Connor Moriarty from Reset Outdoors to discuss how nature can improve our mood, stress levels, and mental health.To learn more about Connor and Reset Outdoors visit
In this episode, we talk about nutrition differences from fresh, frozen, and canned to see which one works best for us.Studied referenced:
In today's episode, we discuss standing vs moving and if standing desks are really better than the traditional desks you sit at.Research for this episode:,past%20one%20another%20more%20smoothly.,the%20body%2C%20including%20the%20skin.
In this week's episode with talk with Registered Dietitian Barbara Baron on the importance of family meals and how to keep them simple.For more information on Barbara visit Better Meals with Barbara To learn more and register for the Frozen to Fabulous Workshop click hereDon't forget to join the 5-Day Eat Your F'ing Veggie Challange that starts Monday, Sept 21st click here to join 
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