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Author: BBC Radio

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We're obsessed with…Killing Eve and I May Destroy You

A TV companion podcast where celebrity superfans take a forensic look at some of the biggest phenomena on the small screen
61 Episodes
Sophie Duker and Candice Carty-Williams, author of Queenie, dive into episodes seven and eight of I May Destroy You. They talk about how novel it is to see flawed black characters on screen, explore if Terry and Theo are trustworthy and go deep into Kwame’s big date. And of course, more hair ranking.
Tolani Shoneye (also known as Tolly T) writer and co-host of The Receipts podcast joins Sophie to talk episodes five and six of I May Destroy You. They talk about Theo’s motivations, how novel it is to see best friend Terry have her own storylines and rank the hair in the show.
Sophie Duker and Phoebe Robinson (co-host of 2 Dope Queens podcast) dive into episodes three and four of I May Destroy You. They talk about the comeback of Biagio, the overconfidence of Zain and what Kwame goes through in that difficult scene.
Host Sophie Duker and Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff dive into the first two episodes of I May Destroy You. They give their first impressions of Arabella and talk about how seen they feel as young black creatives and predict where the series will go. Join them over the next six episodes as they discuss two at a time.
Susanne Heathcote joins Naomi and Zing to talk about her vision for the third series of Killing Eve and how she handled the pressure following up Phoebe Waller-Bridge.
Harriet Walter joins Naomi and Zing to talk about her iconic role as Dasha. We discuss how she went deep in her Russian gymnast research and ask - did she really put a baby in a bin?!
Fiona Shaw joins Naomi and Zing to talk about how she approached Carolyn this series. Fiona talks about how, now that Killing Eve is in its third series, she has come to know Carolyn better than anyone else.
This episode is all about Villanelle, as she arrives in Russia to reunite with her family. Naomi obsesses over Villanelle’s backpack, Zing has a theory on Villanelle’s type and Jenna digs deep into Villanelle’s mommy issues.
Naomi and Zing dissect episode four of Killing Eve with drag performer Tom Rasmussen
Naomi and Zing dissect episode 3, joined by Killing Eve security consultant Gordon Corera
Naomi Shimada and Zing Tsjeng are back to dissect the second episode of the new series of Killing Eve, all from their home recording studios.
Naomi Shimada and Zing Tsjeng are back to dissect the first episode of the new season of Killing Eve, all from their home recording studios.
Connell and Marianne themselves, Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal join Evanna and Riyadh to talk behind the scenes.
Evanna and Riyadh are joined by mental health advocate Scarlett Curtis to unpack how mental health is represented in Normal People.
Evanna, Riyadh and sex expert Alix Fox unpack the sexual dynamics in Normal People.
Evanna Lynch and Riyadh Khalaf discuss the ending of Normal People
Evanna Lynch and Riyadh Khalaf discuss Marianne and Connell arriving at college.
Evanna Lynch and Riyadh Khalaf discuss the first episodes of Normal People, before Marianne and Connell set off for college.
Join Kelechi obsesses over Noughts + Crosses with Candice Carty-Williams and Melissa Cummings-Quarry
Join your host Kelechi Okafor as we dive deep into Albion, a world where love is never black and white. We'll be discussing the iconic story and its transition from page to screen, with exclusive behind-the-scenes insights from the stars of the show!
Comments (16)

Rebecca MA

Some very accurate predictions

May 27th

Panda Harris

kenny was so innocent, like the prime example of someone who is innocent........when he read something overly sexual, he couldn't recite it back😅

May 26th

Sara Coppard

season 4 recap again?

Sep 14th

Teresa Edgley

This episode won't play or download for me.

Sep 12th

Max Shaw

this is season 4 recap?

Sep 9th

Tom Plov

Disappointing when comparing against other LoD podcasts - especially given its the BBCs own. Not enough discussion on the detail, bits you may have missed etc.. for my liking anyway....

May 1st

Simon Williams

Annoying... Giving up on these amateurs! Sticking with some proper fans on Shrine of Duty. And it's fucking Mercurio... Not Mercutio!

Apr 24th
Reply (5)

Midori Lumsden

sure they keep calling the character Jeremy Corbyn...

Apr 23rd
Reply (1)

Sarah Gardner

You guys are hilarious x

Apr 8th
Reply (1)
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