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Misfit Athletics provides information and programming to competitive Crossfit athletes of all levels.
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Building positive daily habits comes down to consistency, but there are ways that you can make things easier on yourself. Drew and Hunter are here to talk about the positive daily habits they have, and how to build some positive daily habits of your own.
Recently on the Talking Elite Fitness podcast, new Crossfit CEO Eric Roza sat down to discuss the future of Crossfit both on the sport side of things and the affiliate side. Drew, Hunter and Sherb sit down to share their thoughts on what Eric had to say.
A common occurrence in the life of a gym owner is word of mouth leading to some clients that fall ‘outside of the box’. This week the boys tackle the topic of training traditional sport athletes within the walls of a CrossFit gym and why you might be much more qualified to do so than you think.
Phase 8 is here and kicked off today, so we wanted to provide you all a chance to get your questions answered. We had some really great questions in this one and even if you didn't ask one there are some great knowledge bombs in this episode. Enjoy!
And just like that, Phase 8 has arrived. With the Open just a few months away we've got some big changes and updates to announce as well as digging into the nooks and crannies of what Phase 8 programming will bring to the table. Hope you enjoy!
While the 2020 Crossfit Games was held under much different circumstances than years past, the goal remained the same; to crown the worlds fittest. Was it a well rounded test? Was it entertaining to watch? The Misfit HQ coaches take a look at the 2020 Crossfit Games from a programmers perspective to discuss how we felt about this years test!
On today’s podcast the usual suspects talk about a potentially contentious, highly personal, moderately sensitive topic: should you be programming for yourself? As with life’s most important questions, the answer is usually: it depends. Today is no exception, but we’ve got some insight that may help clarify this murky topic.
Cody Mooney and ROMWOD Owner Scott Perkins join us for a transformation story that touches on growth in health, wellness, and business. Tune in to hear what Cody has been up to this past year and how all of the recent craziness in the world was actually a catalyst for Scott to make the changes needed to really turn his life around.
Today the usual suspects jump down the rabbit hole that many athletes debate entering on their own: should you take time away from your traditional CrossFit programming to address a weakness such as total strength, the olympic lifts, or cardio? Even if you think you know our answer, you might be surprised.
This week on the Unprepared Podcast, Drew, Sherb, and Hunter talk about the differences between percentage based strength training and ways to personalize it so you can maximize your gains.
Stage 1 of the 2020 ONLINE Crossfit Games are finally here and to say that we're excited is an understatement. Drew and Hunter breakdown the announced workouts in today's episode of the Misfit Podcast.
In today’s Coach’s podcast, Hunter and Sherb talk about three key ways to get buy-in from your athletes when they come into class. Whether it’s trying to do weights that are too heavy or movements an athlete isn’t ready for, being able to communicate that you care and that you’re looking out for their best interest is a topic every coach needs to know how to navigate.
Will you lift? Yep. Will you do metcons? YUP. Will you sweat a whole lot? Most Definitely. Drew, Hunter, and Sherb tell you what to expect from Phase VII of our 2020 training season!
On today’s Misfit podcast, we celebrate the 10th birthday of Misfit Gym Portland, the original Misfit affiliate. Hunter interviews Drew and Sherb as we outline the 5 pillars we think an affiliate needs to make it to the coveted 10-year mark. Happy birthday, Misfits!
This week on the Unprepared Podcast the guys bring it back to what they know best - how to get insanely fit. Misfit Athletics has spent the better part of a decade writing workouts for athletes of literally all levels, but how do you know what combination of volume, intensity, and program choice is right for achieving your goals? Like most important in life questions, there’s no one size fits all  answer that depends on your goals.
Today we talk about the Misfit Anywhere program and how working out from home can still give you great results. It's all about MOVEMENT. Check out The Misfit Project Episode 47!
Coaches Hunter and Sherb talk about how the Team Misfit HQ affiliates safely navigated outdoor classes and reopening the inside of the gym for members as the COVID-19 situation developed. Disclaimer: believe it or not, neither Hunter or Sherb are medical professionals. This is not medical advice.
The guys catch up with Misfit Athlete and Coach Caroline Conners about training, the unknown Games season and what life is like in the year 2020
Phase VI is right around the corner, and with it come some great additions including a brand new program. Tune in to learn all about it!
We talk to the first lady of Misfit Alexis Johnson about maintaining a work/training balance and how she's dealing with the recovery from a season-ending Achilles tear.
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