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The Voice of Calm Podcast with Liz Horsman
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The Voice of Calm Podcast with Liz Horsman

Author: Liz Horsman

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How mindful are you? The Voice of Calm Podcast explores mindfulness, happiness and that oh so elusive, calm. Liz Horsman takes us through the best of the week on Voice of Calm plus interviews, reviews, recommendations and loads more. Created by psychotherapist, songwriter and teetotaller, Liz Horsman, Voice of Calm promotes mindfulness, inspiration and shared insight. It is a place to stay for a while, look around and visit regularly to refuel your spirit.We all have a Voice of Calm: an inner wisdom that knows the answers. Mindfulness is about practicing awareness of our thoughts, being mindful of our habits and training that inner calm. If you are unfamiliar with mindfulness then we’re here to help you.As a society we are so programmed to over-indulge while ignoring basic self-care. Our lives can become physically and mentally toxic and we risk crashing. Mindfulness is not an escape from reality, in fact, it is an embrace. Practicing mindfulness in our everyday lives can make us more present then ever, ready to be our best selves.Mindfulness is an ongoing journey. It is not something that once completed never has to be reviewed. We are constantly learning and growing. It seems like a devestating waste for one person’s self discovery to be hidden away and not shared. Voice of Calm is a place to share, learn, explain, explore and enlighten.Although true happiness lies within us, not outside of us, there are huge rewards in hearing other people’s stories. We hope you will find mindfulness tools, light, joy and learning here: something you can take away and use to nourish your own Voice of Calm.
10 Episodes
Are you a control freak? A perfectionist? Stop trying and start living!
Victoria Adams is the city girl turned food therapist and yogi you need in your life. Luckily for you I invited her to come on The Voice of Calm Podcast so I could ask her why I spend so much time in my fridge. She is so wise and so gorgeous you can't not take her advice on board!From crowding in to making sure you surround yourself with the right people Victoria give us loads of great tips to help us stick to the rules we make about food and wellbeing. 
You'll know Gabrielle Aplin's music but you won't know that she has been on a journey of self discovery for the past 2 years. In 2018 she was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and it has changed her life. Gabrielle explains how her depression and anxiety were symptoms of the ADHD and how she finally got the help she needed. 
Do you meditate? Do you sometimes struggle to stick with it? I always find that a guided meditation works well, especially if you haven't done it before. Episode 7 is a guided meditation to set your intentions for the day ahead. You can do it on the train on your way to work, on the floor of your bedroom or on the sofa. Anywhere you are happy to sit with your eyes closed. Just take 10 minutes and grab yourself a slice of calm. 
In episode 6 of The Voice of Calm Podcast, I went to Bhaktivedanta Manor to meet Balaram who is a practicing Bhakti Yogi, aka Hare Krishna. How does a Krishna devotee meditate? What is reincarnation? How does karma work and what on earth does Avengers End Game have to do with intention? It's all there for to discover.I also met Kavi who is a musician and life long Bhakti Yogi. He told me about the Ashram in India where they keep a mantra going 24/7/365! 
Julia Rose has been a yoga teacher for 16 years. She's seen a dramatic rise in Instagramers claiming to be yogis. They've got the handstands, the back bends and an endorsement deal with Lulu Lemon but are they doing yoga or gymnastics? Julia explains why it's important to leave our egos out of yoga and remember that at the heart of our practice should be a connection with inner peace and calm. She calls it a 'moving meditation' and a progression, rather than a performance. 
Do you feel stuck? Depressed? Unfulfilled? Have you been clinging onto the edge of life thinking that you were safe from harm? Maybe you have been struggling to stay afloat amid the torrent. Today we are looking at ways to get unstuck and find flow. Using the Hindu analogy of The River Of Life, Liz explores the idea that we are the same energy that creates all life. All we need to do is jump in! 
Matt Brown and Liz Horsman discuss social media stress and over thinking. Also in this episode Love Island, meditation, creativity and how we tell us ourselves a more positive life story.When you are creative it can be really hard to switch your mind off. But mindfulness can help to channel those thoughts in the right direction, rather than switching off your great ideas. Matt and Liz discuss how they strike the balance between being 'full' of ideas while having space for every day life.Self criticism also seems to go hand in hand with creativity. If you have any sort of social media then you'll know how damaging the 'like' count can be. How do you emphasise all the good stuff you do rather then feel like an underachiever? Mindfulness and positive self-talk!
Liz explains why you need to embrace failure in order to find real success. Mike chats with Liz about the Muse 2 brain sensing headband and we learn that 'maths stress' is a thing!
The very first episode of The Voice of Calm Podcast is a little introduction to Voice of Calm, Liz Horsman and the online magazine. Liz also talks to Andrea Manning about how Rheumatoid Arthritis has inspired her to enjoy the simple things in life. Be inspired to find happiness in the little things. 
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