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David is a licensed professional counselor in private practice and core faculty member in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Anneline is a nutritional food scientist who says that, In her opinion, it's the best career in the world! Now she says It's not a normal career path, but since everyone needs to eat, there's always a job available! @DrAnneline @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
www.shutupandgrind.me @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Andy Reid is an award-winning auctioneer and Director of Sold By Group, a full-service auctioneering company that services more than 120 agencies throughout Victoria. He is passionate about his craft and believes that more young people should pursue a career in the real estate industry.Social: @ _andy__reid_ @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Elijah has been working as a private jet charter broker for more than 5 years, arranging luxury travel for celebrities and other ultra-high-net-worth individuals. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Dr Eamonn is a forensic Psychologist whose passion is providing traditional one-on-one therapy, he concluded that to truly help at-risk kids, he needed to take a role that would let him make an impact on a broader scale, which is what led him to take the CEO role at Lighthouse Foundation. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Sue hasn't had a job since 1994 and is a self proclaimed 'Gigster' aka a person who uses technology to attract aligned gigs. She says that There is a way to balance life and work (not a job) and it means building a network and building multiple sources of income. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Robyn is an award-winning event strategist, experience designer and thought-leader who has created event strategies for some of the most recognized brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Spotify, Visa and IBM. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
SPARBAR® brand founder Jasvinder "Jazz" Gill has always had a love for boxing. While training, he came across the idea of a sparring device for boxing training - an interactive alternative to the static punch bag. Jazz immediately had the vision to bring this concept to market and began developing the SPARBAR® PRO. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
In her corporate career Karen was a Chief Financial Officer and a senior manager for more than 25 years, still maintaining her C.P.A. status. In July 2011, Karen’s life changed forever when her 27-year-old son, Dan, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at her back door. Within 15 months, Karen resigned from her CFO role and began a personal, professional and spiritual journey culminating in her becoming a beyond loss expert and co-founding her business: The Chaston Centrewww.thechastoncentre.com @WhyiNetworkSupport the show @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Simona has been teaching pilates for strength/core building as well as physical rehabilitation for decades, and was previously working as a professional dancer. She is originally from Italy and extremely passionate about her work. @ehpilatesbysimona @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Eileen spent several years developing Web sites at large companies like IBM and Merrill Lynch before she started working for herself. Now she runs her own Web design and development firm in New York City. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Kyra has spent over 20 years in the media industry, including being the former editor in chief of Ebony magazine, and another 6 years at the Chicago tribune, with a consistent emphasis on equity and representation. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show
Marlo is a former police lieutenant who is now a restaurant owner, founder, and CEO of four California-based Cannabis businesses. @MsMarloNicole @WhyiNetworkSupport the show (
Mellissa is a newscaster turned award-winning storyteller. With over 25 years of experience and 1,200 stories and counting, I work with brands to shorten their sales cycle by way of storytelling. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show (
Matthew Kincaid, a former social studies teacher, and school administrator is now the founder, CEO, and Chief Consulting officer of the non-profit, Overcoming Racism. Overcoming Racism was founded in 2016 and works with schools and organizations nationwide and provides professional training, leadership, board coaching, and consultations around race and equity. @OvercomingRacism @WhyiNetworkSupport the show (
Manuel is an experienced Web Application Developer with an interest in product research and development. And is currently the Software Engineering Manager at Vestwell. @WhyiNetworkSupport the show (
Jared began his career practicing workplace benefits, HR and compensation law. But After the rise of the #metoo movement in 2017, Jared realized industry-standard practices and the system were entirely broken. Jared knew he had to improve the system and created Work Shield. @WhyiNetworkBuzzsprout - Let's get your podcast launched! Start for FREEDisclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.Support the show (
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3 Year Anniversary


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