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Author: The Center for Pastor Theologians

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A theology podcast for the church. The pastor theologians podcast consists of conversations and teaching resources at the intersection of theological scholarship and life and ministry in the local church. The vision for this show is to help equip pastors to be theologians for today’s complex world.
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We continue our conversation with CPT fellow Trygve Johnson on pastoring in an academic institution and corporate spiritual formation.  What are the key issues and challenges facing college-age Christians? How do liturgical rhythms form us into competent Christians, able to move out into the world on mission, empowered by the truth of the Gospel?
Why is the call to leadership in Christian institutions so important? How have our institutions fallen into neglect in recent history? What are the modernist assumptions that underlie our mistrust of institutions? Listen to part 1 of our interview with CPT fellow Trygve Johnson, Dean of Chapel at Hope College in Holland, MI.
This episode features a conference talk by CPT Theological Mentor Kevin Vanhoozer. The public theologian ministers the reality of the gospel to the time and place of their congregational life. Pastors work in a place, a particular community making disciples and teaching them how to live out the life and work of God in them as citizens in the city of God. How does the act of preaching relate to the pastor's work as a public theologian?
As the pandemic continues, how can pastors and Christians cope with the feelings of weariness, isolation, and depression in these unique circumstances? What challenges has the length of the crisis raised for pastors and churches? How can we be attuned to our embodiment and the ordinary means of grace as we tend to our emotional and spiritual health? CPT fellow Ryan Davidson joins again for this episode.
Podcast host and CPT President Todd Wilson is joined by Zachary Wagner and Joel Lawrence to discuss the fallout from recent events at the US Capitol. What has gone wrong in the church and in our nation to lead to such a deep ideological divide? Where do we go from here?
On a special midweek episode, we share a sermon by CPT co-founder and board chair Gerald Hiestand. This sermon was preached at Calvary Memorial Church outside Chicago on Sunday, January 10, 2021, in response to the deadly assault on the US Capitol by pro-Trump conservatives.
Looking Back at 2020

Looking Back at 2020


CPT Podcast co-hosts Todd Wilson and Zachary Wagner are joined by CPT Executive Director Joel Lawrence. We discuss the year that was and what its implications are for pastoral ministry and the role of theology in the local church. Join us as we look back on some of the most listened to moments from the podcast in 2020.
How can parents and pastors find a balance between emphasizing the theological significance of Christmas alongside the cultural trappings associated with the holiday? How can this season be an opportunity for discipleship and catechism of children? On this episode, we are joined by CPT fellow Dillon Thornton, author of Give Them Jesus: Raising Our Children on the Core Truths of the Christian Faith.
Is Advent merely an extended Christmas season? What is the function of this season in the liturgical calendar? What is lost when we rush past the penitential season of Advent into the celebratory season of Christmas? CPT fellow Benj Petroelje joins the podcast to discuss the significance of the season of Advent in the church's life – particularly in a year like 2020. How can pastors make the most of this time of year for their congregation?
We continue our conversation with CPT fellow Tim Fox on his story of life, education, and ministry. Tim discusses ministry in obscurity,  avoiding pastoral burnout, reading widely, and the story the the birth of his daughter and her diagnosis with downs syndrome.
CPT fellow Tim Fox joins the podcast to share his story of becoming a pastor theologian. Tim Pastor of Christ the King Presbyterian in Austin, TX. We discuss the importance of focused research on the biblical text, the way a love of reading connects to a love of theology, and the significance of staying connected with a local church during academic studies. Tim earn his PhD in New Testament from the University of St Andrews.
How has the Christian faith and its virtue tradition influenced the science of positive psychology and virtue research? Many social scientists acknowledge that virtue reaches its full expression when embedded in a tradition, such as the Christian tradition. Gratitude, for instance, involves the realization that the good that comes to us in our lives often comes from a source outside of ourselves, which Christians often associate with God. We discuss these and other questions, including how pastors and Christians can cultivate the virtue of gratitude.
[This episode was recorded on Thursday, November 5, before the election was called by media outlets in favor of Joe Biden.] Now what? What is the significance of the 2020 election going forward? How can the church be a witness for the gospel in a divided age? Todd Wilson and Joel Lawrence discuss division, unity, and hope in the church.
With the 2020 presidential election now upon us, we take some time to slow down and reflect on our spiritual lives. Love desires the good of and union with the other. How does this relate to our calling in Christ in a polarized election and a fractured society? We are joined for this conversation by Eric Johnson, Professor of Christian Psychology at Houston Baptist University.
Listen now to part two of our conversation with IX Marks Editorial Director, Jonathan Leeman. We discuss a recent lawsuit involving the city of Washington D.C., COVID restrictions, and Capitol Hill Baptist Church. Jonathan also expands further on his political vision for the church, including how to process the 2020 election and considerations for a Christian approach to voting.
How has the cultural situation related to justice, religion, and politics change since the founding of the United States? How should the church engage in politics? How should individual Christians think about their political allegiances? These questions and more are explored as we are joined by Jonathan Leeman, Editorial Director of IX Marks and the author of How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Politics in a Divided Age (Zondervan, 2018).
How does our spiritual formation relate to our political engagement? How can our spiritual practices and liturgies be both an inward and outward engagement with the world? Kaitlyn Schiess joins the podcast to discuss her new book, The Liturgy of Politics: Spiritual Formation for the Sake of Our Neighbor.
Are there legitimate "conservative" and "liberal" impulses in the Christian faith? How does personality and temperament relate to political affiliation for church leaders and congregants? How can pastors shepherd their congregations well during a time of heightened political polarization? We discuss these and other questions with CPT Co-founder Gerald Hiestand, who serves as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Memorial Church, a politically diverse congregation in the near west suburbs of Chicago.
What do apologetic discussions look like in a post-Christian age? How can pastors prepare to answer the apologetic questions raised by contemporary culture and the individuals in their congregations? All humans think in stories and narratives. What is the Christian story? What are the contemporary stories being told in our culture? CPT fellow Josh Chatraw joins the podcast to his unique angle on the task of apologetics and to discuss his new book Telling a Better Story: How to Talk about God in a Skeptical Age.
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