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“Do You Speak Geek?” is a platform designed to bring the latest and most exciting content from the geek/nerd realm. Covering topics such as comics, TV shows, movies, books, technology, gaming and any other topics of interest from a fan’s perspective.
104 Episodes
Nix goes in on racism in the video game consumer community before dropping the news on the Apple "California Streaming" event, a live-action She-Ra project, the new Hawkeye series trailer, and much more.
Nix express his exhaustion with GTA 5 before delivering the news on the PlayStation Showcase Event, the new trailer from the Matrix franchise, Apple's latest event, the ticket sales of Disney's D23 Expo, and much more.
Nix pushes you to go for yours and then drops the news on the upcoming DC Fandome event, the PlayStation Showcase broadcast, Windows 11's release date, more WWE cuts on the way, and much more.
Nix dedicates the episode to two great icons before giving the news on the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer, the Cowboy Bebop release date, Gamescom 2021 reveals, Apple's new negotiation, and much more.
Nix shares his confusion on the Jeopardy host situation before diving into the return of CM Punk, the Star Wars: Visions trailer, the Gamescom 2021 schedule, the Tesla Bot, another horrible WWE Pay-Per-View, and much more.
Nix opens with a message on lightening up before giving the news on Tim Drake now being Bi, a potential GTA remastered trilogy, Chloe Bennet exiting Powerpuff Girls, Keith Lee explaining his absence, and much more.
Nix speaks on his hip-hop past before giving the news on the Lord Of The Rings series, the new Stranger Things trailer, more WWE releases, and much more!
Nix explains why you don't have a PS5 yet before giving the news on Scar Jo suing Disney, Comic-Con At Home news, DC/WB's latest eff'up, WWE BIGGEST eff'up, and much more!
Nix opens his heart to those feeling defeated before giving reviews and news on Leslie Grace as Batgirl, Michael B. Jordan's Superman, the EA Play Live event, rumored AEW signings, and much more!
Nix gives total praise and thanks to BlerdCon before giving the news on Candace Parker being the first woman on the NBA 2K cover, the new Chuck and Grease series', John Cena's return, and much more!
Nix pays his respects to the late, great Richard Donner before giving the news on the new trailer for Marvel's What If series, the new Nintendo Switch OLED Edition, Malakai Black arrives in AEW, Misha Green inks a deal with Apple TV, and much more!
Nix gives his honest feelings on the 4th of July before delivering news on Kevin Feige's hopes behind the Black Panther sequel, the disrespectful cancelation of LoveCraft Country, Ghost of Tsushima's Director's Cut, and much more!
Nix jokes about the recent Yu-Gi-Oh card auction before giving the news on Windows 11 details, Virgin Galactic taking people to space, the reveal of the new suits of the Shazam Family, old CW/WB shows being revived, and much more!
Nix shouts out to all the Dads for Father's Day before dropping the news on Warner Bros. giving the ax to a Batman/Catwoman sex scene in the TV-MA Harley Quinn animated series, the Titans Season 3 trailer, part 2 of his E3 2021 coverage, and much more.
Nix gives props to the greatest superhero of all time before breaking the news on Netflix's Geeked Week announcements, the new title of Aquaman 2, the new Batwing suit, E3 2021 so far, and much more!
Nix goes in on the shooting in Florida where GTA is to blame before giving the news on E3's 2021 schedule, a new Windows version is on the way, another TMNT reboot, the launch of the Spawn Universe, and much more!
Nix opens up with a BlerdCon Giveaway before giving the news on The CW and all its shows, Timothee Chalamet is Willy Wonka, the 2021 IGN Expo, a new Batman book from DC, and much more!
Nix shares his thoughts on the reveal of the new Impulse suit from The Flash before dropping the news on the coming soon Injustice movie, GTA 5 being released AGAIN, the Google I/O event, Will Ospreay vacates the IWGP title and much more!
Nix thanks all his supports before giving you the news on Masters Of The Universe: Revelation's first look, the potential AT&T/Discovery merger, the new DualSense Controller colors, the passing away of New Jack, and much more!
Nix opens up giving all the mother's early flowers before dropping the news on the return of DC's FanDome event, Invincible getting a double renewal, PlayStation's State of Play announcements, Andrade challenging Kenny Omega, Roku breaks up with YouTube, and much more!
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