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American by birth, Southerner by blood, New Englander by choice.This is a Podcast about all things New England.
30 Episodes
In this episode the Pilgrim Visits a vintage salvage shop with so so many thing to look at and be inspired by. Anthony is a great guy who is living the dream selling the coolest vintage items. Anything you can think of....he either has it or can find it. He lives and breathes antiques, and Mouse poop apparently. me on Patreon the show (
Tim is basically a farmer. And a Teacher in the district neighboring mine. We talk about quarantine life and the upcoming school year.Be well friends and follow me on Social Media!Rate me on iTunes! the show (
In this Episode Pilgrim meets up with Chris Stark again to talk teaching, Covid and the craziest story I've heard in a while. Rated PG-13Support the show (
Quarterback and Quarantine. What are we going to do without TOM? and the SAWXSupport the show (
(recorded January 20th)Pilgrim Talks with fellow New Englanders and Podcasters Chris and Francisco about their ventures into podcasting and media content creation. The conversation is very chill and they point us to some very interesting things happening in their neck of the woods.-This is a non-COVID 19 episode.Find all my social media and other great podcastshttp://www.newenglandpodcasts.comSupport the show (
I cannot recommend Mike's amazing podcast enough. Edge of your set listening indeed!Coast Guard Petty Officer Alex Devereaux responded to a medical emergency on a small island in Boston Harbor. What he finds on that island is going take him on a journey into depths he never imagined...Mike will tell me about his show, his experience in the Coast Guard, and how great audio drama is as a medium. (there's like two PG 13 swears)I will be posting extra conversation from Mike n Patreon about our processes and he talks me down from the EPISODE 9 hate @bostonhbrhorror IG: @bostonhorrorWeb: www.asylum94.com Links the show (
Ethan is a smart dude who knows his stuff about the history of video games. In this burgeoning field he is part of the fore front. I would argue this is the beginning of an important study to come. With AR and VR right around the corner and how gaming is shaping our lives and the next generations its important to get a grasp on how it all started.Ethans Site is here has worked with or recommends these links the show (
I talk with Kyle Moriarty about how awesome Disc Golf is and how awesome it is here in New England! Search a Course near youBuy from my Favorite ShopSupport the show (
In this Episode Pilgrims is Sick!I run through what I have been up to and what's next for the podcast. Exciting guests and opportunities for me!New England Podcast Consortium me on iTunes Support the show (
Pilgrim AND Boston Beer Girl Erika (guest hosting) talk with Matt about the Home Brew Convention that happened in Providence this year. He schools us in the art of the Home Brew and I propose a new (?) flavor with some success!Erika was great to have on and was my go to for beer stuff check her out atInstagramAmerican Homebrew Associationwww.pilgrimsdigress.comSupport the show (
Dave is a Veteran of the Marine Corps and is starting a Podcast geared towards Veterans and Veterans' issues. is 100% New England and he told me off air that he killed a bear. So there's that.Mission 22 Mission 22 is dedicated to healing America’s veterans when they need it most — right now. We offer treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury, substance abuse and all of the issues veterans are facing today.Support the show (
Going solo. First off, its ME on the Synths. (insert 80's raybans).I'm on Youtube now! LIKE AND hit that bell AND  subscribe or whatever the kids are saying.  Link below.Here are the links to the wacky Stories.Tesla Sleeper guy, must be nice the show (
In this Episode, the Pilgrim Talks with Zach from the Clap Trap podcast. His show is a great breakdown of the local sports teams and the takes and discussion is on point, interesting, and engaging. He has got a great mind for sports and passion for our local teams! all my episodes and Social Media I am taking messages and comments and chats on this new app.Come join our PodTalk group - Pilgrim's Digress Podcast.Click on the link to join: the PodTalk app: the show (
In this episode the pilgrim talks with Mr Stark. All schools are wrong and not boring enough....Chris is married to Brynne of Brynnes Bread from a few episodes ago and I had him back on the talk teaching! Its an hour so stick with it! We talk about the lecture and the structure of the school day, compare it to your own experiences!Support the show (
In this episode the Pilgrim talks with Cl0ud9 from the upcoming podcast "NewEnglandHippies". Cl0ud9 talks about the value of Cannabis and some of the struggles minority entrepreneurs encounter when looking to establish legal shops in the city. We also get deep into Hip Hop and Cl0ud9 gives us some of the best names in the Boston scene today. Be sure to follow him on Social Media. of Handles of Boston Hip Hop ArtistsTwo links on our discussion about minority ownership of legal shops the show (
In this episode the Pilgrims Talks with Erika who is a savvy beer enthusiast and who is embedded in the Beer community here in Massachusetts and New England. Her insight into beer is down to earth, insightful and her love for it is evident to anyone listening.We talk about the LOCAL LOCAL places to go and how the Craft Brew industry is shaping culture here in New England. She is a TRUE BLUE New Englander and was great to talk to with some of the best insight into the scene and tastes that beer in New England has to offer!Her Links Can be found hereAlso mentioned and quoted in a Telegram and Gazette Article She has since grown from 3,300 followers to about 4,600 since this article.Support the show (
In this Episode I visit my old neighbors the Starks. They have a lovely home and a very exciting and interesting lifestyle that I believe is quintessential NEW ENGLAND. Brynne sells homemade, stone oven fired Bread at local Farmer's Markets and Chris is a wood worker, Brynne Cheerleader, and fellow educator. Please Visit her Website below to spread the good word about her amazing products. ovenPilgrim's PatreonSupport the show (
My Most embarrassing stories from college. Don't worry, rated PG.Pilgrim also talks about WHY he doesn't talk about Politics. (on this podcast).Stay up to date with all the links www.pilgrimsdigress.comSupport the show (
In this Episode the Pilgrim sits with another (yes I dabble) Mandolin Player. Alex is a real life mandolin player in a band and everything! I went and saw him play live and then visited his house to talk about folk/bluegrass music and how just does it fit into New England? Support the show (
Brian is one of my first (and best) friends here in New England. Hang on because we have some wild stories about my origins in New England and I get some real answers to my quick round questions. Also Check out Watered GrassShe also interviewed me for her show! So check that out and the rest of her work online.WebsiteI have also started a Patreon Page just to cover subscription costs. So if you want to support that and get bonus episodes about me and my summer and BEYOND!!!CLICK HERESupport the show (
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