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Time and time again, random acts of marketing become a bottomless pit without returns for businesses of all sizes. This could not be more true than that of small businesses who typically rely on referrals, reputation and outbound sales activity to generate their business.We understand how frustrating this can be that's why we are taking you behind the scenes of how we dissect a business and approach marketing strategy. As the old adage says, if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. While we are really only able to scratch the surface in this episode of the Structured to Grow podcast, we give you insight on how to approach marketing strategy so you can focus your efforts on a plan that will yield a return on your investment. If you ever wanted to know how to put one dollar into your marketing machine and get 5-10 back out, this is where you should start. 
LinkedIn has been quietly growing in the background. While it has not gotten the hype of a platform like Instagram, it may be one of the best places in the world of social media to grow your business. BUT... a lot of people are going about this the wrong way. AND it looks really bad when they do. In this episode Nicki and Brad share some of their pet peeves and insight into using LinkedIn to grow your professional network and your business. WITHOUT being a troll! 
Everyone has an opinion and social media has compelled us more than ever to share that opinion. It feels like our right, perhaps an obligation.. But as a small business owner, how much should you really say? That at more on this short pro show clip! 
If you own a business you are familiar with cobbler syndrome. You know the old adage that cobbler's kids have no shoes. It's much easier to work on your clients business than on your own, even when it's in your wheel house. So how do you overcome it? Well we've been facing that and an identity crisis of sorts in our business. We discuss our name change crisis and how we've overcome this roadblock. 
Having been a home inspector for many years, one of the questions I am asked the most at the end of an inspection is "How much will that cost?" and it's a tough moment for a home inspector as I carefully explain why I can't provide repair estimates. Unfortunately, this problem is now passed off onto the buyer's agent as they scramble through the difficult process of obtaining information that can help the buy make a decision, or negotiate further. This cascades into a series of events that inconvenience the agent, the seller, and often service professionals and can often lead to a lost deal. But there's hope, and a certain company has created a solution, that in many cases, provides much needed relief for everyone involved. This week, on the ProShow we talk to Christian Adams of Repair Pricer and discuss how they are helping to solve this problem and relieve the headache for everyone involved. Personally, I am impressed with how they approach this process and excited about how this will improve the buying process for realtors, buyers, and service pros! http://www.repairpricer.com
Why is my garage door smiling? We interview Dan Close of primary cause of a sagging garage lintel is poor design. Many home builders do not build in the necessary allowances for the expansion and contraction of the grage lintel over time. As this size fluctuation happens over the years, the weight of the brick work above a garage door puts pressure on the structure at it's weakest point, the middle. The signs of a failing lintel are cracks above your garage door. 
What does it take to last and grow in your small business? Teamwork, and win-win situations according to @Dave Klima of Aardvark Home Inspectors Inc. and . Dave has spent the last 20+ years building a multi-million dollar pest and home inspection company in Indiana that employees dozens of people and knows a thing or two about building a local service business that lasts. Recently Dave has co-founded Inspected Houses offers buyers and sellers a service sorely missing from the typical real estate transaction, information on the condition of a property prior to negotiating a purchase. was created by Home Inspectors from all over the country who believe in working with Real Estate Agents and Sellers to end the anger, anxiety, and frustration which is often associated with the home buying and selling process.
Welcome to a series of special live on location episodes we did while attended ASHI's Inspection World 2020 in New Orleans, LA. In the first of the series, we sat down with Michael Conrad, to find out what, or may who is "The DILIGENT Inspector" YouTube - Closing Guys Media
A successful and well executed marketing plan can be a tall order for many small businesses. This week we discuss some of the factors and strategy to help small business find success with their marketing. Helping the good guys get their message out is one of our passions.
Your HVAC system is an expensive component in your home, the system you choose and  the way it's taken care of as well as the condition of that system can have a huge impact on your home. How it feels, what it costs to run, how long it lasts, as well as damaging the home and being a safety concern. We get some practical advice and tips from a local pro that can benefit any home owner. 
Mark Saunders is a broker, property manager, educator and entrepreneur who stays on the forefront of using technology in his real estate business. This episode is jam packed with insight from a local leader in our industry. 
It may come as a surprise but chimney sweeps are real outside of Mary Poppins. This week we sit down with Justin Sheffield owner of Chimney Sweep Experts, a local chimney business. We talk about what a chimney sweep can do for you, and more importantly we learn about chimneys and why it's so important to take care of yours! 
This week, Ashley with America's Home Warranty joined us to cover home warrantees. We learn how they work, what they cover and when you should consider one. Connect with us out about our 4 hour Realtor CE
Our Guest for this episode of the TCG PROShow, Matt Ingram, is a serial entrepreneur and his latest business is Real Estate. Find out how he is exploding his business, and how he manages to stand out against a sea of local realtors.
Work-Life Balance is tough for many in modern society, this week we sit down with real estate veteran Nathan Tabor to discuss this topic. Also Nathan discusses the importance of due diligence when buying commercial AND residential properties. Connect with Nathan www.nathantabor.comOn the Web www.theclosingguys.comFacebook @bradtheclosingguyFor information on upcoming Realtor CE opportunities, inquiries to be a guest on the ProShow, or for small business video creation please email
Is the cost time and effort worth it to have a custom home? How long does it really take? Should I have a realtor involved in the process? How does it all work? We answer all of that and more in this episode of the ProShow. This week we sit down with Bryan Elliott, a high end local custom home builder with a lifetime of experience in and around home building to discuss all things custom homes! Find us online www.theclosingguys.comOn Facebook Instagram @bradtheclosingguy For information on upcoming Realtor CE opportunities, inquiries to be a guest on the ProShow, or for small business video creation please email
For many being on camera is extremely intimidating, but when it comes to your business, small or large, it can be a game changer as we found out. Last year, we started putting regular video content up on social media for our home inspection business. The results blew out minds. Here are some of the lessons we've learned. Exceptional Home Inspections www.exceptionalhomeinspections.comThe Closing Guys @bradtheclosingguy
Home Inspections can raise more questions than they answer. In this episode we dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about home inspections. Brad and Don Williams are the founders of The Closing Guys and Exceptional Home Inspections and have decades of combined experience in real estate, building and inspections. www.theclosingguys.comCheck out the video interview us on Facebook @bradtheclosingguy 
We pick the brain of our friend Tyler Helms and how he takes a marketing approach to using video in your business. The biggest problem with video is it is often misunderstood how to best use it, and what type of videos to make. Get an inside look on jump starting integrating video into your business. 
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