Discoverin:dispensable- business truths, tools + tips you can't do without
in:dispensable- business truths, tools + tips you can't do without
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in:dispensable- business truths, tools + tips you can't do without

Author: Colleen McKenna

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Indispensable is a podcast focused on hearing about the business truths, tools and tips others can't do without. After interviewing hundreds of people for their profiles and talking with thousands of people looking to use professional platforms more strategically, I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know people that lead, create, and engage within their companies and in their communities with great intention, abundance, focus, and sheer grit. I want to share their stories so that you can gain insight from a variety of people, not just the podcast and tech rockstars that have become household names. Rather, let's focus on the people whose stories influence those around them and maybe even you.Everyone has indispensable truths, tools, and tips even if they haven't realized it yet. Come, join us and get to know some of my clients, colleagues, friends, and neighbors.
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Colleen McKenna, a technology aficionado, shares five of her favorite tools to save time, stay organized, and streamline her work and business. This handy list of apps will provide solutions and enhancements to your workweek in no time. 0:00 Introduction 1:55 The best tool for saving passwords 2:34 Never miss important details again. Record, transcribe, and save meetings 4:34 Swiftly fix typing errors 5:57 The best alternative to GoogleSheets and Excel 7:27 Staying well-read without straining your eyes   8:11 Conclusion and how to master LinkedIn with InsideTop 5 Tools Keeper https://otter.aiGrammarly https://www.grammarly.comAirtable links mentioned: G-suite https://calendly.comZoom https://zoom.usLinkedIn Sales Navigator https://www.intercom.comTim Ferriss’ Book List
More Than A Resolution

More Than A Resolution


Show notes:0:00 Introduction0:15 Observations made after ten years talking about LinkedIn 1:12 Create a stellar, world-class network  2:27 Marketing efforts need to be well-planned, proactive, consistent 3:32 Why people don’t realize the true potential of LinkedIn5:05 Leveraging LinkedIn easier than ever with in:side6:25 Livestream information 7:03 Coming up, next week’s episode will cover business tools to use in 2020 Links https://www.interoadvisory.com
Katie Bush is the Business Development Manager at KatzAbosch, a leading certified public accounting, tax and consulting firm headquartered in Maryland.In today's episode, Katie talks about why she helps others connect with the experts at KatzAbosch and others in the community. She serves as a “living LinkedIn” and takes that seriously!https://www.katzabosch.comKatie Bush LinkedIn 0:00  Introduction :20 Katie shares what she does and why 1:12 Accounting firms working as a team 2:08 Acting as the “living LinkedIn” for her clients3:28 What Katie wants to know about her clients 4:50 Auditing service providers, seeking specific certifications6:24 Katie’s ideal client 7:15 How to connect with Katie
Sundeep Patel shares what drives him and what he's learned as he's solved a business problem that everyone can benefit from, every day.0:00 Intro :54 Sundeep Background, getting into app development and eLearning 4:10 The rise of eLearning and online training, decreasing employee onboarding time5:35 Creating the most simple and quick app for training employees 8:35 Being accessible to clients, talking with customers drives Sundeep 10:56 Traveling the world with his family and meeting his first customer in Malaysia 15:00 The uses of Iorad- employee training, tutorials, on-boarding 17:05 Making sure the app is as simple and quick as possible 20:10 The apps Sundeep uses— Slack, Zoom, Intercom, Calendly 24:08 Patel’s business truths- focusing on strengths, not weaknesses26:30 Not following a traditional path to success- worrying his family 29.29 Patel’s wife joining the business 32:10 Conclusion Sundeep Patel LinkedIn https://www.iorad.comslack.comzoom.ushttps://www.intercom.com
There are lots of ways to communicate these days and you need some go-to tools that you can rely on. The team at Intero has come to rely on Zoom for just about everything; recording webinars, calls with clients, coaching, and podcasting. Colleen talks with Doug Lobdell from Zoom and learns that there will be even more ways for all of us to use Zoom.Show Notes:46 Doug’s professional background3:20 History of Zoom and it’s founder Erik Yuan8:25 Zoom’s growing customers10:05 Doug lives and breathes Zoom12:16 Uses of Zoom - Meetings, Podcasts, Recruiting, Interviews, Remote Companies14:17 Zoomtopia15:22 Zoom’s Newest Release - virtual clapping, live transcription, live translation18:40 Unified Collaboration- Streamlining Communication20:20 What spaces do offices need- video conference rooms23:16 Using Zoom for Podcasting24:30 Doug’s Favorite Tools- Zoom, SalesForce, Outreach, GoogleShop, Pocket29:15 Learn more about ZoomLinksZoom- https:www.zoom.usZoom’s Youtube https://www.salesforce.comOutreach https://www.outreach.ioPocket https://getpocket.comPodcasting with Zoom- LinkedIn
In this episode, Colleen McKenna speaks with Matthew Isales, Founder of iSales Solutions LLC, and the host of the Sales Strackr Podcast. They discuss Sales Stacks, new and emerging sales tools, and his experience working remotely in the Dominican Republican.0:00 Introduction1:20 Matthew Isales’s background in sales and freelancing from home7:50 Matthew explains Sales Stack11:48 Integrating Marketing into Sales13:40 Choosing the right CRM16:50 Clients who lack a sales system19:05 Choosing a sales stack that doesn’t let leads fall through the cracks20:10 What prompted Matthew to start his podcast, Sales Stackr21:50 Why Matthew interviews the users of Sales Tools, and not the creators25:00 Matthew’s favorite new sales tools, Crystal and Router Jet28:30 Keeping up with constantly changing technology and system upgrades33:20 The tools Matthew uses for his one-man-show business36:10 Change Management- Is it the tools fault when a pilot fails?39:35 Running a business in the Dominican Republic vs. the United States43:22 Conclusion and Take-AwaysLinks:Crystal Jet CRM Sales Stackr Podcast Solutions
Kevin Ledversis is Director of Sales at Newcastle Systems and devoted to all things process improvement. In a time when it seems like Amazon is taking over the world, Kevin and his team find ways to maximize efficiency and keep everyone rowing in the same direction.  Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:46 How ecommerce demands have changed the way companies do business2:49 Kevin shares his background and "why"4:20 Kevin explains the value that Newcastle brings6:24 Kevin's preferred channel for prospecting + communication7:22 How to get in touch with Kevin8:35 ConclusionLinks:Kevin's LinkedIn profile - Systems website -
What happens when a wellness expert burns out? Rachel Druckenmiller shares her personal story and all of the wisdom that she's gathered since; from employee engagement to living more intentionally.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction2:28 Rachel explains her background 5:05 Rachel defines the role of "entrepreneur"8:06 The power of intentional leading and the effects of living in a "burnout culture"11:42 The cost of losing an employee or keeping an unengaged employee on the team12:03 Employee retention and company culture and how it affects success14:29 Why the human connection element is so important16:24 How fear of rejection can prevent us from connecting19:33 "The job misery triangle"22:01 Rachel's new business "Unmuted" and how it was born26:52 Reframing your goals to focus on how you want to feel instead of what you want to accomplish30:45 Small steps toward living more intentionally33:18 Rachel's favorite tools38:55 Where to find Rachel39:53 ConclusionLinks:Website: unmutedlife.comSocial media: @unmutedlifeRachel's LinkedIn profile: to Belong blog - Truth About Employee Engagement - Firestarter sessions - app: band: app: Tasks: assessment:
Ed Mullin has one of the largest networks in the Baltimore area. He's a technologist, a sales champion and a really good listener. Everyone loves him and we're sure you will too.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:07 Ed explanis his role at Think2:31 How Ed built his career by listening3:36 Solving problems is Ed's motivation4:21 Some of the industries that Ed has worked with/in5:10 All the ways that Ed and his team strive to make their clients look good6:44 What it's most important for clients and prospects to know about what Think provides7:27 What are Think's ideal clients8:16 Ed's preferred social media platforms9:30 ConclusionLinks:Ed's LinkedIn profile: Systems's website:
Colleen shares so much of her LinkedIn expertise with listeners and Matt Isales, Owner of iSales Solutions and Host of Sales Stackr podcast. From how to build and execute a LinkedIn strategy to live streaming, this podcast is chock full of great information for sales and marketing leaders.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction 2:07 Colleen discusses her background in sales5:39 The advantages of using LinkedIn over other social media platforms9:10 How LinkedIn provides more access12:26 Why you shouldn't sell directly through LinkedIn 17:29 The steps Intero takes to kick off a client engagement20:05 Steps to follow when you've downloaded your network25:49 Setting up your LinkedIn messaging26:51 Sharing content on LinkedIn30:58 How you can stay consistent with your LinkedIn strategy?35:21 How long does it take to see results from your LinkedIn strategy?38:15 Colleen discusses Intero's go-to tools  42:14 Colleen and Matt discuss the personality and sales support app Crystal 46:36 How Intero is getting into live streaming47:48 Intero's LinkedIn Mastery program48:59 Colleen's advice for growing online presence for sales leaders and business owners50:54 Colleen discusses her highlights from the interviewLinks:Hootsuite - - - - - Navigator - Drive - docs -
In this spin-off of Intero's podcast, in:dispensable, Colleen will be interviewing business development and sales professionals. Beyond the buzzwords and sales jargon, here is what Doni O'Connor with Target Marketing Group has to say about how creativity plays a large role in her sales success.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:10 Doni describes her role1:31 Doni discusses her background2:26 Colleen and Doni discuss the wide variety of products and services that Target Marketing offers4:27 The importance of relationships in sales6:31 How Doni uses LinkedIn to stay ahead8:27 Conclusion and wrap-upLinks:Doni's LinkedIn profile: Marketing Group's website:
Emmanuel Laroche is part scientist, part artist. With an entire career in the flavors industry, he talks about the importance of exploration and following your passions.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction2:25 Emmanuel discusses his role and the flavors industry6:35 The most popular flavors are the traditional ones7:54 How the American business culture drew Emmanuel in11:07 Why innovation and exploration are so important to our food tastes16:21 How television and social media are changing the culinary landscape20:57 Emmanuel's podcast "Flavors Unknown" allows him to continuously learn24:52 Flavors Unknown really digs into the passions of chefs, mixologists around the world29:49 How Emmanuel and his guests prep for a show31:40 Emmanuel shares his business truths34:38 How Emmanuel travels 37:37 Emmanuel shares his favorite tools43:28 How people can find and connect with Emmanuel45:09 ConclusionLinks:Flavors Unknown podcast - on LinkedIn -
Through her work at Rare Patient Voice LLC, Pam Cusick is connecting patients with market research companies and, ultimately, helping them to share their stories and experiences.  Show Notes:0:00 Introduction2:11 Pam shares her background3:50 How Pam's work helps patients share their stories6:29 How Rare Patient Voice is a trusted resource for people with rare diseases8:06 Sharing our stories helps others who are struggling12:34 Pam discusses the outreach that's involved in finding and connecting with patients15:29 How these communities form and how knowledge about tools and resources is shared18:09 How technology plays a role in the process20:15 How to build trust and begin tough conversations with patients22:49 Pam shares her passions in doing this work25:27 How the healthcare industry "disruptors" find their data and information28:15 The risks related to sharing your information through apps and technology32:50 Pam shares her favorite tools36:54 How experimenting and launching before it's perfect has helped Pam and her team39:01 The importance of authenticity40:15 The truths that have guided Pam42:05 Pam shares how people can contact her43:46 ConclusionLinks:Pam's LinkedIn profileRare Patient Voice's website"The Five Second Rule" 
As a former college basketball coach, Julie Heisey understands what it takes to win. In this episode, Julie discusses the importance of character, focus and relationships.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:40 Meet Julie Heisey2:09 Julie shares her background5:47 Similarities between starting a business and buidling a basketball team6:55 Julie describes one of the biggest challenges in her career.9:04 Julie discusses recruiting and her strategies for building a winning team.12:56 Transition from coaching basketball to advising CEO's17:18 What's needed to make big changes in life18:08 An introduction to and description of Vistage20:45 What student athletes and CEO's have in common21:56 The business truths that have shaped Julie24:45 How service to others can build perspective27:51 Why student athletes are so sought after in business31:08 The value to having been a coach and how CEO's value Julie's expertise32:04 The role discipline and routine play in Julie's success37:12 Where to focus your energy when starting a business39:37 How taking a break can actually propel you forward42:53 Julie discusses the highlights of her career44:39 The importance of having a support system45:31 Wrap-up of interview and conclusionLinks:
Colleen takes a pause from interviewing to share best practices for managing an executive or client's LinkedIn presence. Tune in for tips on how CEO's can evaluate someone's LinkedIn aptitude, and the steps that help others to manage someone's LinkedIn presence more effectively.Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:21 Colleen explains the challenge of having someone else manage your LinkedIn presence3:11 Don’t assume that everyone knows how to use LinkedIn3:53 Colleen advises executives on the right questions to ask to evaluate someone’s LinkedIn knowledge6:28 Make sure they can provide examples of how they’ve helped others with LinkedIn presence7:57 Colleen shares a recent example of a LinkedIn surrogate that is not being successful8:58 Colleen concludes the 9 questions CEO’s should ask 10:03 Colleen shifts gears to address the LinkedIn surrogates directly10:40 Tips for people managing someone else’s LinkedIn profile13:57 The difference between accidental success and building a strategy15:01 Suggestion to check out Intero’s online learning platform, in:sideLinks:The Ultimate Guide to Managing a CEO's LinkedIn Presence, Part One: (for CEO's)The Ultimate Guide to Managing a CEO's LinkedIn Presence, Part Two: (for EA's + LinkedIn Surrogates)
Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:35 Introduction to Jodi Hume, Leadership Strategist2:23 Jodi’s roles and methodology5:59 Having hard conversations with powerful people8:31 The foundation for Jodi’s podcast, “So Here’s My Story”10:43 The importance of transparency in business leadership14:37 What it’s like to have a podcast18:08 The power of making new decisions21:06 The importance of celebrating in business + ideas for how to celebrate24:08 Year end reflection exercise29:20 Making decisions in business to keep things moving34:06 Jodi explores other ways to use her skills37:33 Using apps and tools for greater understanding38:51 Jodi’s favorite tools to get her job done41:18 How conceptual drawing can help others understand a concept44:08 Utilizing metaphors as a way to describe and explain things45:40 Where to find Jodi online47:22 Conclusion of episodeLinks:"So, Here's My Story" Episodes Mentioned in This Podcast:
Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:31 Introduction to Sarah Bentley, Marketing Specialist for Intero Advisory3:26 Tools we use related to communication3:35 How Intero uses Slack6:07 About in:side and how Intero uses Intercom8:37 iorad and how Intero uses the tutorial tool11:46 Tools Intero uses for its website11:49 Wordpress- the cornerstone of Intero’s website13:30 Grammarly- one of our favorite tools19:10 Marketing tools19:30 Drip- email marketing campaigns and lead capture21:48 Using Zoom for coaching, podcasting, webinars, and profile development25:00 Live streaming with Zoom26:41 Using for podcast show notes30:45 Editing podcasts in Garageband34:38 Was Sarah’s idea of marketing when she came to Intero in June the same as what it turned out to be?36:20 Finding the right tools that worked for Intero37:59 How important marketing tools can be when hiring a marketing professional39:17 Colleen and Sarah’s top 3 toolsLinks:Sarah’s LinkedIn profile: https://drip.comZoom: http://otter.aiPat Flynn Youtube:
Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:20 Introduction from Colleen about how she met Walker2:26 Beginning of No BS Sales Podcast3:20 Why should businesspeople care about using LinkedIn3:35 People want to know who they’re doing business with4:38 The difference between using LinkedIn and regular social media5:38 LinkedIn as a business tool6:41 What LinkedIn is created to be the best at and how is it situated to be used in its best form7:36 How Colleen found out about LinkedIn9:45 The negative connotation of cold calling11:13 LinkedIn Sales Navigator12:12 Advice to be successful on LinkedIn12:21 Build an optimized profile that is not an online resume13:07 Download your first level connections15:52 Deleting connections on LinkedIn17:56 What is the hardest service about selling what Intero does22:50 The biggest hurdle Colleen has had to overcome24:08 How many books Colleen reads a year25:02 Book suggestions for sales leaders28:46 Three takeaways from the podcast31:03 Conclusion of Colleen and Walkers EpisodeLinks:Walker’s LinkedIn profile: BS Sales School: BS Sales Podcast: Leadership: Stroke of Insight:
Show Notes: 0:00 Introduction1:55 Introduction to Erin Dore Miller, Director of Recruiting + Personal Branding at Intero Advisory3:02 How Erin defines her role4:41 Recruiting as a jigsaw puzzle5:16 How Erin came to recruiting8:00 A candidate is vetting employer as much as the employer is vetting the candidate10:52 The role in how you look online plays in being hired or recruiting employees 15:28 Erin is in the Top 1% of Recruiters nationally on LinkedIn- what put her in that category20:43 Manging high touch personalization with the number she has to send out to start a conversation24:00 Recruiting is filling a job28:23 The importance of the candidate experience- passive and active recruiting30:44 Candidates- working with job seekers, and top encouragements Erin gives31:53 Writing profiles not for based on what you like, but based on who will be viewing your profile39:44 An example about someone who has tried to purchase LinkedIn Recruiter and Intero took over44:08 What tools Erin uses to do her job on a regular basis45:50 Erin’s business truth47:40 Crucial Conversations49:07 Where to find Erin50:41 Conclusion of Erin’s episodeLinks:Erin on LinkedIn: on Intero: Recruiter: Docs: https://zoom.usCrucial Conversations:’s top four blog posts:
Show Notes:0:00 Introduction1:21 Introduction to Bill Hueter- EOS® Implementer 2:10 What is EOS®, and how does it work?4:06 Why did Bill suddenly take EOS® so seriously and implement it into his company10:09 Did Bill have a vision for his company before EOS® and was the staff on board automatically?13:46 The importance of having a common language and vision amongst the team16:57 How Bill was able to get his team on board21:35 Bill’s role today27:55 The role of the integrator31:38 The accountability chart34:43 Why is EOS® suddenly becoming more of a part of the business landscape39:22 EOS® is a product or service agnostic44:35 Bill’s personal background46:33 What book you should start with to learn more about EOS®48:49 Tools Bill can’t live or work without51:43 How to find Bill52:51 Conclusion of Bill’s episodeLinks:Bill on LinkedIn:’s Email: bill@adventurecontinues.netEOS® Worldwide: www.eosworldwide.comTraction by Gina Whitman: a Grip: Fuel:
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