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Author: Wyatt Jordan, Breanna Waterman

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No Planet B is an independent climate change podcast hosted by Breanna Waterman and Wyatt Jordan! We talk to researchers, analysts, politicians, farmers, and more about climate change causes, effects, and solutions.
34 Episodes
Well if it isn't the dog days of summer! In this episode we're talking about the Biden administration's 2021 conservation plans, the agricultural industry's impact on air quality, and how to make your school more sustainable! Come join us for a while!
Hello everyone! This week we're talking about climate change fiction - or cli-fi - for you abbreviation buffs. We're discussing The World's Revolution - a collaborative effort among fiction writers to publish an anthology of climate fiction stories!
This week we're flying guestless! And we're talking about the effect of NFTs on the environment, China's role in greenhouse emissions, journalism, and more!
Ahoy there! This week we're talking about coastlines, climate change's effects on the ocean, and sea shanties with Kim McCoy. Kim is an oceanographer, adventurer, 2018 recipient of the Scientific Achievement Award, co-author of Waves and Beaches, and over all swell guy.
Hello everyone and happy March! Today we're talking about climate change activism with Sarah Goody! We're also discussing how mental health, age, and political power factor in to climate change activism. Get ready for some active listening!
Hello everyone and happy February! Love is in the air, and so is CO2! In this episode we're talking to Dr. Andrew Dessler about committed warming - AKA the amount of warming that the Earth is committed to due to previous years' worth of CO2.
Hello everyone! On this episode of No Planet B we're talking with Mike Kleeman of UC Davis about the connections between air quality and health, what makes up air quality, and the interaction of climate change and air quality. Stick around!
As we're wrapping up 2020 we decided to talk with our good friend Olubunmi Olajide. We discuss the future of the energy industry, energy storage, and difference between climate conversations and energy conversations. Olu is the host of The Energy Talk podcast, which you can find at:
Hi everyone! In this episode, we're talking with Veena Ramani at Ceres. We're discussing the role of financial regulators in helping economies adapt to climate change. We're also talking about what companies are already doing and what we can learn from the Coronavirus pandemic. Happy listening!
Hey y'all, we're back after a bit of a hiatus, and we have Matt Fidler on the horn! This is an episode all about the wildfire season of 2020, what makes it so active, and potential solutions!- Source Document -
Last year, an article was published in Scientific Reports claiming that movements in the sun were responsible for climate change. This week, we sit down with Ken Rice - professor at the University of Edinburgh and researcher in theoretical and computational astrophysics - to talk about this article, and how it was retracted. - Source Document -
Good morning quaranteens, we hope you're all staying inside and staying sane. Today we're talking with Olu Olajide of The Energy Talk podcast! We're talking about climate change conversations depending on location, foreign aid, and community involvement. - Source Document -
Hello! Today we thought we'd bring you something with some positivity. So we're talking about environmental news with a positive impact, as well as the fact that Bre Eats at Arby's. We hope you're all doing well and taking care. - Source Document -
Well it's about time we started talking about money around here. The Climate Impact lab is a group of climate scientists, economists, data engineers, and analysts, working to put a dollar value on the cost of climate change. We're interviewing Hannah Hess - the senior manager of Rhodium Group - about her involvement with the Climate Impact Lab as well as the cost of climate change.- Source Document -
Good morning! Today we're talking about Coronavirus, future of disease, and how educating women could help combat climate change. It's a little bit of a shorter episode today. We thought we'd experiment with this episode length and see how it goes!- Source Document -
Hello and happy new year! The world is a little bit on fire so we decided to talk to Matt Fidler - host of NPR's California Burning - about the causes, effects, and history of wildfires.
We're joined this week by Dr. Robert Howarth - a biogeochemist with research experience in the subjects of fracking, methane emissions, natural gas, and more! We're discussing the basics of fracking, the implications to policy, the myths, and the future of alternative energies. - Source Document -
Get ready to take on some water, this week we're talking quite a bit about Italy. Specifically Venice flooding and the requirement of climate education! Overall some wins and some losses. - Source Document -
NPB 15: Jane Fonda

NPB 15: Jane Fonda


We're collaborating with the CLEO institute and the Florida Climate Pledge to bring you this episode!We'll be discussing: 2019 sea level predictions, housing markets, California fires, and of course, Jane Fonda. - Source Document -
Good morning, (noon, afternoon, evening, etc. etc.) and welcome to the No Planet B Lounge, where we'll be playing pieces from our favorite episodes while we just relax and take our time doing whatever, no pressure. Outro Song: Summerland Ave. by Rene Day