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This week Abby gets into..- the Cavs are on another win streak- Lamar! Stevens!- what have the Cavs fixed?- Browns vs. Bills- mailbag questions
This week Abby gets into...-Buckeyes beat Indiana-Cavs are going through a slump-Lamar Stevens deserves more minutes-Browns get destroyed by the Dolphins-Stop asking to run the ball more-What's next for the Browns?
A lot of winning sports teams to breakdown this week...-Buckeyes beat Penn State-Cavs beat Celtics in OT-Cavs beat Knicks-Browns beat Bengals in MNF-The Browns defense is good now?-Mailbag questions-Let's talk about Kyrie
This episode Abby gets into...-Ohio State beats Iowa-The Cavs first 3 games-Browns fall to 2-5-Mailbag Questions
This episode Abby gets into...-Guardians series against the Yankees-Kwan forever-What should the Guardians do next?-Browns loss to the Patriots-Let's talk about Joe Woods
This week Abby talks...-Guardians win over TB-Guardians loss to the Yankees-Cavs home preseason game-OSU vs. Mich State-Why do the Browns do this?-Andrew Berry made some moves-Mailbag Questions
This week Abby gets into... -Evan Mobley injured-Buckeyes beat Rutgers-Traveling to Atlanta for the Browns game-Lots of Mailbag Questions
So many good things happening in Cleveland sports right now. Before Abby breaks it all down, she gives her thoughts & prayers to Myles Garrett who was in a pretty bad car accident. Positive vibes to both him and his girlfriend.-Cavs media day-Evan Mobley's muscles-Guardians are AL Central Champs-Browns vs. Steelers-Jacoby Brissett is a joy-Mailbag questions
After a heartbreaking Browns loss, Abby breaks down the last week of sports...-Donovan Mitchell's arrival in Cleveland-Ohio State beats Toledo-Breakdown of the Browns' loss to the Jets-Mailbag questions
THE BROWNS ARE 1-0 FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2004Wow what a first week of NFL football! This week Abby gets into...-OSU vs Arkansas State-Cade York is King-Thoughts on player performances-PFF top graded players-Mailbag Questions-Highlights from other Week 1 games
Today's episode is a BIG one...-Donovan Mitchell is on the Cavs??-Aaron Donald helmet swinging-Matt Araiza allegations-NFL Top 100-Browns initial 53-man roster-NFL Award predictions-Division Winner predictions -Super Bowl prediction
This week Abby discusses...-LeBron's new extension-NBA schedule release-Browns injuries: Jakeem Grant & Nick Harris-Deshaun Watson final suspension-Preseason game vs. Jags highlights-Preseason game vs. Eagles highlights
I'm back after a short break and so is football! This week I get into...-Cavs thoughts-Kyler gets paid-Bubble wrap the WRs-Deshaun suspension thoughts
This week Abby gets into...-some quick thoughts on the world right now-Browns draft reactions-Browns schedule thoughts
This week Abby gets into...-Some NFL Draft predictions-What should the Browns do at 44?-What will happen with Deebo?-Why I'm starting to like Kevin Durant
This episode Abby gets into...-the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins & how the media reports on tragedies-Baker Mayfield podcast-Cavs lose to Nets; looking to play-in game-Browns make special teams moves-Dan Snyder still sucks-Steven Kwan for MVP
This week Abby dives into...-The Watson introductory press conference-Ridley gambling suspension-Thoughts on all the free agency moves/trades-Amari Cooper -What do we do with Baker-Stop feeling sorry for the NFL owners
This week's episode is a little more serious. Before moving on to the football side of the Browns, I wanted to use this episode to discuss my feelings on the Browns trading for Deshaun Watson. I did my best to be open and honest.The best part about Cleveland is the people in it who have not shockingly been donating to many organizations that support victims of sexual assault. Please donate to one of them, even if it's just a few dollars.Cleveland Rape Crisis Center- https://clevelandrapecrisis.orgRAINN-
This episode I get into...-All Star Weekend in Cleveland-Hue Jackson's Foundation-Stefanski & Berry at the combine-Any QB movement?-Initial combine thoughts-Should we be worried about the Cavs?
Football season is over :( This week Abby gets into...-Jarrett Allen is finally an All Star-Super Bowl thoughts-Is Stafford a HOFer?-Will the Bengals be back?-Initial free agency and draft thoughts-Stop blaming Stefanski for everything
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