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WJBW is an independent Network dedicated to the promotion of talented people all across the country. The Circadian Cast is a philanthropic effort that plays your original music send an mp3 or a statement of approval to air your music to and we will get your music on air and into rotation. Viva la indie.. we broadcast once a week so join up via our mothership site via,,
324 Episodes
Another fine edition dig it
Dig It or Do not dig it you better work girlfriend…Ok Papa Peace and Love…Cheers..JB
Another round of originals covers of covers…ok papa chill ….papa…relax and peace…JB
Boom …Smack …POW and other onomatopoeias ……4 Honda episodes of Original music… Take That..LOL Please Enjoy Love and RESPECT each other..peace out Papa…
Be Upgraded stop all the Hate and Elevate your mind..or whatever .ok papa peace and love..JB
Uh pretty much everything is in the title or artist tag so knock yourselves out cupcakes….peace..JB
Straight up coming correct all the time. Nobody can front on that. We give and Give and Give…and you must just be jealous… instead help us amplify the talented …peace JB
Come together all peoples and know for real that Music is Universal and has healing Power… spooky…but for real It is a Force to be reckoned with..So to all those who do…Thank you for making Music,.I love sharing your sounds via this show…so keep creating my pretties…. lol …..ok Rock Steady. JB
It is a Real Monday and we hope to help distract you.. .dig the sounds we go all over the map and back in time for some of these please enjoy..
The CC EP 392 #Upclose

The CC EP 392 #Upclose


We are LIVE for this session so dance your face off or whatever…cheers JB
Please keep making music, even if I fold this whole thing up, and go away for ever…there are still plenty of ways to get your sounds all around, so just keep creating every papa.. peace out..JB
The CC EP 387 #Clouded

The CC EP 387 #Clouded


Sometimes we think we know but our judgement is clouded, this episode is for all those folks who got it wrong… don’t let your experience jade you.. keep rocking be the light papa…cheers,JB
Hey Hey, It is not a metaphor IT is HOT out in Orlando, I woke up at 4 am to 80 degrees..So I said Let me dump some love on hard working musicians..and here we are…please enjoy…JB
We have the place wired for praising you on the weekly, great work keep creating music we love you..rock steady..
We got to give you the new sounds on the weekly so dig it papa
The CC EP 383 #Quarks

The CC EP 383 #Quarks


Some sounds from local central Florida artists plus much more…, so saddle up..for this quarks edition of The Circadian Cast..look it up papa..peace JB
Long ass Movies or Plays would have an intermission. A break in between part one and part two.So as we endorse the idea of taking a break.. we also hope this sound track will keep you tranquil and allow your clear minded effective side to burst onto your problems..ok papa love and respect each other…enjoy this Lofi jazz and episode chock full of subtle sounds…JB
Put that Ego away, papa..everybody gets helps in life. That is just how it works. To do great things it takes a great team..please enjoy this inspiring a little help episode..Cheers JB
Yes it is a Tuesday yet It does feel like a Monday oh yes it does. So We offer up some smooth sounds to smoothly slide out the balance of your work day.. Please stay awake and Enjoy…
This week we got that good weird sound, bunched and crunched up into one chunky set. Happy Monday dig it.. stay weird my friends ..JB
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