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WJBW is an independent network dedicated to the promotion of talented people all across the country. The Circadian Cast is a philanthropic effort that plays your original music send an mp3 or a statement of approval to air your music to and we will get your music on-air and into rotation. Viva la indie.. we broadcast once a week so join up via our mothership site via,
336 Episodes
Free for all. or A Free for all. Or Take Liberties or to another Liberty Taken. Words are very important in this world. No need for coded messages, just be plain and honest for the truth shall set you free. Inside of this Edition we going to fire up some dormant parts of your brain, we may just set fire to your limbic system. No Matter what Music matters and voices matter, we stand up for the underdog and the little guy twice a week or heard that right you talking and walking honky tonk. Do not Laugh at people who are NO JOKE just some advice... peace and love are more than just words..papa... .keep rocking steady..JB
Life is a challenge. Do you follow wisdom, or do you let your emotions rule your thoughts and actions? Either way, Music is there to influence and soothe. Or you can use it to enflame your anger...we will take the former road...or At least that is how this edition is going to go down. Please enjoy a softer side of this Cover Me series, We go with all acoustic covers so saddle up donkeys, I am not sure how many rides any of us got left... Cheers, JB
Music helps so many folks. That is why we do this show to help raise awareness of some of these hardworking bands... So, have a sample, take a taste...I am like a musical costco up in dig..JB
Just some more Air Support for Independent muscians..never monetized...always free for the people..We keep pumping the Love out on the weekly. so dig.. JB
It do be good being good and doing good. Build others UP and most not foget to.DANCE .....anywhere asnytime.. we have afun House Centric session for ..dig it papabay..Peace..JB
It is a Drive that you have, not a drive that you do or take..ugh and .. also This aint no Driving Ms. Daisy bro..... Driven like winds, or the drive it takes to do 408 shows over the last 8 years...or just driven like a #mofo papa baby..oh ya....that is my new favorite thing to say, (awkward pause)... #papababy.... so saddle up for sounds familiar and new...just enjoy the drive...papababy... Peace JB #BeDriven
We got the goods on this one bang bang papa.. we go Live from WJBW Studios...because Music is where it is at..Ok so...Dig it slags.. peace...JB
Sometimes we must get out of our own way..this could be one of those times. Relax enjoy life a little bit. Share with strangers and loved ones alike. We all unique, like snowflakes…. no wait… like snowflakes in a good way.. oh lord it is sad i have to clarify….should i just stop typing ,….yes please ok papa….. dig it..
Another unique thing about WJBW here is our fifth installment of this Words Spoken series. We take literary greats and run Lofi jams in the background…Dig it Papa..Peace out..JB OH YA I am doing this LIVE by the way. Love you papa
Another fine edition dig it
Back at home Studio and It do Be feeling Good I ain’t got on NO Pants… ok…it is True anyway.. Peace and hair grease Papa
Dig It or Do not dig it you better work girlfriend…Ok Papa Peace and Love…Cheers..JB
Another round of originals covers of covers…ok papa chill ….papa…relax and peace…JB
Boom …Smack …POW and other onomatopoeias ……4 Honda episodes of Original music… Take That..LOL Please Enjoy Love and RESPECT each other..peace out Papa…
Sometimes you just have to go with nothing… so that is the background on our humble title no title edition..nobody cares if you get it or not…OK Papa..Peace out
Be Upgraded stop all the Hate and Elevate your mind..or whatever .ok papa peace and love..JB
Uh pretty much everything is in the title or artist tag so knock yourselves out cupcakes….peace..JB
You know how e do it make words u paid what not… please enjoy… slags…peace out JB
Straight up coming correct all the time. Nobody can front on that. We give and Give and Give…and you must just be jealous… instead help us amplify the talented …peace JB
Come together all peoples and know for real that Music is Universal and has healing Power… spooky…but for real It is a Force to be reckoned with..So to all those who do…Thank you for making Music,.I love sharing your sounds via this show…so keep creating my pretties…. lol …..ok Rock Steady. JB
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