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Join the fun and excitement while enhancing your numismatic journey as Coin World editors Jeff Starck and Larry Jewett host a weekly on-demand audio series (since 2019!) discussing a variety of topics sure to enlighten and entertain.

There’s something for everyone from casual collector to seasoned investor and everyone in between. It’s essential listening for those who want to get the most out of coin collecting!

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253 Episodes
The Coin World Podcast welcomes the Rev. Dr. Daniel Harmelink of the Concordia Historical Institute to discuss a new exhibit of Reformation coins and medals, and the Institute's collection and publications. Listen to the rest of the show to learn about the time more than 44,000 Trade dollars were melted, and learn about Olympic medals.
George Cuhaj, curator of the Higgins Museum of National Bank Notes in Okoboji, Iowa, joins the Coin World Podcast to discuss a seminar being hosted there in a few weeks. Jeff and Larry explore a Coin World issue from 1978, and discuss the consolidation in the hobby recently.
David Heinrich and Patrick Hipple discuss the cooperation between Osborne Coinage and the Cincinnati Numismatic Association that will be on display at the CNA's annual show. Jeff and Larry also delve into an issue from 1983, and a Cincinnati-related coin.
Justin Hinh, the Dansco Dude on Instagram, joins Jeff and Larry to discuss the fun that can be had in searching out rare coin albums. The guys explore the usual menu of nuggets of history.
Larry and Jeff explore the circulation of world coins inside the United States before the American Revolution, and discuss the 1933 gold $20 double eagle. In addition, postcards and shows are part of the conversation.
Larry and Jeff discuss the future of coin shops, coins for the Paris Olympic Games, and the Great American Coin & Collectibles Show in Tampa in September, and the coins that will be launched there. All that and more in this episode.
Larry and Jeff discuss recent efforts to focus in on the important aspects of their collection, and explore what was happening in the world of coins in the 1960s.
Dr. Alan Stahl returns to the podcast to discuss his recent work with the Grouville Hoard on the Isle of Jersey, explaining the significance of this find and the long road to understanding its secrets. The hosts look back to an issue from 2012, and discuss the world coins that circulated in the United States up to 1857.
Jeff and Larry discuss the many variables and outlets to determine world coin pricing, before delving into an issue from 1970, and exploring the first Lincoln cents struck at the Denver Mint.
Derek Higgins of the Society of Paper Money Collectors discusses the National Bank Note gathering hosted in Dallas recently by Heritage Auctions. Jeff explores factors affecting the modern world coin market, and the hosts delve into a Coin World issue from 1978.
Keith Twitchell, the new executive director of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild, joins the Coin World Podcast to discuss the ongoing threat to collecting ancient coins in the United States. The hosts also look back in time to 1970, and many years earlier, for historical highlights from numismatic history.
Author and collector Ed Fuhrman joins the Coin World Podcast to discuss half cents. The noted expert has written six books about the "Little half sisters" and explains their allure and some things to know before collecting them.
Larry and Jeff preview the Central States Numismatic Society show in a few weeks, and explore early American coin history, a British connection to a scientist, and look at what was happening in 1972.
Joseph Cronin, author of a new book about Henning Nickels, sits down to chat with Jeff. Larry and Jeff explore the connection between U.S. and Panamanian coinage, and more, in this episode.
Jeff discusses his experience learning about J.S.G. Boggs at a lecture in St. Louis, and Larry and Jeff discuss numismatic history, including the special way designer Glenna Goodacre was paid for her Sacagawea dollar design.
Jeff interviews Gitta Kuenker of Numisstaxx to learn about her company's digital coin solutions for collectors. Larry and Jeff rewind the discussion to what was happening in the hobby two years ago, and share advice for flea market hunting.
Larry and Jeff discuss some developments in the hobby in recent weeks, and talk about some shows that are happening. The hosts also explore numismatic history and trivia as usual.
Larry and Jeff speak with James Morris of CIT to discuss the company's winter coin launch and trends in the modern coin market. The hosts also engage in their usual foray into numismatic history.
Larry and Jeff interview Prof. William Pressly, author of a new book about how America's paper money served as a canvas for an emerging nation in the 19th century. Jeff explains what world coin poundage is, and both hosts delve into numismatic history.
Larry and Jeff interview the CEO of the app Coiniverse, to learn how collectors can benefit from this new digital tool. In addition the hosts explore numismatic history as usual.
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Jesse Vaughan

Your count of coins featuring the US capitol should include the 2009 Lincoln cent, which shows the dome under construction.

Jan 20th

Southern Coin

for someone who makes coin jewelry. I sugfest going on YouTube and looking up Change You Can Wear. I've watched his videos and it pretty neat

Mar 26th

Yassar Almanaseer

Thank you for starting this podcast, please listen to your own cast. there is a problem with the clarity of the voices.

Apr 11th