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Enjoy life on a higher frequency!! I want to inspire everyone to increase their energy so they can live their dream life. Huge goals take a lot of physical and mental energy. Stay positive and give your best every single moment!
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Happy Monday!! No judgment, no expectations, no resistance & no separation.As the rules change your intentions do not. If you're following your passion, you can't lose. Even if you fail, you just spent all that time doing what you love.
We talk about making dunking a career, dunks that have never been done, being yourself and a lot more! Happy Dunk Tip Tuesday! LETS GOO!!
Happy Monday!! Start today off hot!! A little mindful movement, get the blood pumping, think about your highest ideal of life and GO FOR IT!! Life is short! Earth is Insignificant, waves come and go. Distractions are easy to get sucked into and hard to notice! ENJOY!
Why you should NOT commit to a plan! Insight from Sadhguru, the book 'The way of the peaceful warrior' and even Matthew Mcconaughey. Shana Tova to my fellow jews!! Learned some new facts about the holiday as well a time to be OPEN! ENJOY!
Every single day we create our reality! I encourage you to try to FEEL as if you're the person experiencing miracles NOW!Almost finished with Ross Edgley's book 'The Art of Resilience'. I go over his sleep deprivation studies as well as Smiling To make you stronger!
A journey to Dunk is our own Okugake, which is an endurance-based pilgrimage of self-discipline and spiritual enlightenment. Intrinsic motivation is the only way to achieve your dreams! The PROCESS is the REWARD!! Happy Monday LETS GOOOO!!
We all have an entire ocean of energy. Building clarity through awareness can help us connect with ourselves and others. You can use these skills to build clarity in every aspect of your life. Don't let the past dictate your future! LETS GO!! ENJOY!
After a week of once in a lifetime experiences, I couldn't be more amped up!! The power of sharing energy with others is invaluable! Start your day with gratitude, be the source of energy for those around you and watch your energy AMPLIFY! LETS GO!
We may not all be as expressive as myself but it's a valuable tool! The fastest path to our higher self is getting to know ourselves. Physically, mentally & spiritually. To do this, we must express ourselves. By doing so, it shines a light on our thoughts, feelings and emotions. KEEP LEARNING! ENJOY!
We always "think" we need to do something when all we really need to do is enjoy. YES WE DESERVE TO ENJOY! it can sound irresponsible or like we're doing nothing. The truth is we're actively creating our future as we're enjoying! so ENJOY MORE!
Every single moment your energy is being YANKED in all directions. How can you shift it in your favor? 3 steps to building awareness around your energy sponge so you can be yourself and build momentum in any goal, ambition, dream you can think of! ENJOY!!
Any goal, any task, any DREAM is about mastery. Mastery is about the never ending journey. You can never compete with someone who has passion chasing their dream. Today I give an analogy that will hopefully inspire you to see anything you want to achieve as a game that gets harder, yet more rewarding as you play it. ENJOY!
This is something i do every single day! One of the most important skills i've crafted over the years. Listen to understand what to do and not to do to get the most out of your day to day training! LETS GO!
Gratitude, Joy, Happiness, Peace how do we find these feelings? We create them! And by creating them we attract the experiences we want! Living on a higher frequency is the understanding that we are creating are reality, not reacting to it. ENJOY!!
The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life


ENJOY!Currently Reading Conversations with God.This is my take on the meaning of life right now.
The daily discipline of details! This is a reminder to train your best TODAY! Notice your thoughts about your potential. Do you believe you can achieve your highest goals? or are they just wishes. I'm here to tell you it's 100% possible!! LETS GOO!!
The discipline to do the daily details always pays off!! Who do you want to be?!? Be that person NOW!! No time limit, no restrictions just be that person now and watch your life unfold!!We are only ourselves because of others. There is only love because of fear, which will you choose to direct your choices? ENJOY!!
How do you find that balance between listening to what your body needs and pushing it to the next level? That's the art of dunk training and here's 3 common mistakes I've been seeing recently in the dunk community. LETS GO!!
10 day trip to New York came to an end. Nonstop hustling and inspiration. I hope this energy helps you start living fulfilled NOW! Stop waiting to for more time and money and start doing what you love! Let that energy lead the way. ENJOY!
Our survival brains want to keep us in the KNOWN! Anytime we try something new, go somewhere different, our fear holds us back. Think of all the possibilities and say WHY NOT?! Stay ready for all those experiences that could happen and you vibrate with that ENERGY! LETS GO!!
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Hey Steven i have a little question I want to set the intention to find my dream life but i don't know have to do it Am i suppose to set an affirmations or a question? Like am i suppose to say to myself "i know what i want to do" or "What does i want?" Thanks you 👌🏽

Feb 5th


That's crazy how you raise my vibration! 🔥✨

Feb 5th


Let's gooo!!

Feb 5th
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