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Hot Takes with a Hot Gal

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Highly opinionated her whole life, Alyssa takes her unpopular opinions to the microphone and has her friends + loved ones tell her why she's wrong. Serving up hot and juicy takes, hope you're hungry!
4 Episodes
Alyssa invites her friend Katie -- a HUGE history nerd -- to discuss with her which presidents were the hottest. Spoiler alert: it's Teddy Roosevelt. What can she say? Alyssa loves a good mustache.
In her third episode Alyssa invites her good friend Gavin to talk about their shared experiences with antidepressants, therapy, and psychiatry!
In Episode 2 Alyssa maintains her stance that participation awards are good + cool while her friend Carol schools her about those naive thoughts. Trophies are just fun okay!?
On Episode 1, Alyssa discusses one of her most passionate unpopular opinions: the unjust and overly generalized higher education in the U.S.! Listen as she sticks it to the man and fights with her own man.
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