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Bringing light to relatable Filipino experiences and stories from across the globe.
23 Episodes
Did you guys miss us? We couldn't keep you hanging. Our collaboration was so juicy, we had to make a part 2! Continue the discussion, as we continue to celebrate FAHM with Daily Malong.
What is up everyone and HAPPY FAHM! In honor of this amazing month, we are collaborating with Daily Malong and we are discussing the Indigenous People of the Philippines. Many of these people are rich in their culture and we wanted to highlight and celebrate them in this very special month. So join us as we partake in this festive discourse.
Welcome to the Season Finale. As we wrap up the 2nd season, grab a bite to eat as the final Dinner Talk is in session. Join as what it means to be Filipinx in today's day and age. From our experiences growing up to leaders in the space, we discuss the impact of what it means to be Filipinx. We would like to thank everyone who has listened to our podcast this season, and we can't wait for you all to get ready for the next. See you all soon.
Now it's time for the tea. Is our panel who people think they are? Get ready to hear our panel debunk and discuss who they are. Now tell me, were any of your guesses correct? Join the panel in our second to last episode before the season finale.
Now raise your hands if you have been misjudged by someone due to your first impression on them. Not that fun right? Or maybe you guys are the best of friends. For this dinner talk, our panel talks about their first impressions of each other. Time to get your popcorn ready as some secrets are unveiled, and who knows maybe your first impression is different.
What is up everyone? As the saying goes, "no deed goes unpunished," therefore, we bring you a bonus episode to episode 11 of GUP. As we played Reveal or Conceal again with our lovely guests, it's time to get punished. Join as we get to even bigger tea here on GUP.
Hey GUP gang, we are back with a special series: Dinner Talks w/ Kirk. Join Kirk as he begins to open this special series by uncovering some juicy secrets about our first GUP guests. It's Round 2 with Reveal or Conceal.
Ok we all have that one scary story. Join GUP as they gather to tell some spooky stories. Maybe you'll hear something ominous.. hehehe. Get ready, turn off the lights, and make sure is sitting next to you.
Time to see if we are lucky for 2020. Join Kirk and Ernest as they dive into their horoscopes for the year 2020. Do you think we'll have some lucky fortunes being told?
It's finally Valentine's Day. Ah don't you smell something? Something sweet? That's because we are uncovering some secrets about our team. That's right! Join Crisdel, as she uncovers some juicy secrets about Kirk, Kaithleen, and Ernest. Hope you have your champagne ready.
What is up everyone? Time to get a bit deep out in here. Have you ever been in an interracial relationship before? Join hosts Jamie, Kirk, and Ian as they discuss interracial relationships in pilipinx american culture, and through their own experiences.
Now raise your hands if you were a former weeboo? gamer? car enthusiast? Yo, let's re-explore that and take a ride in our time machine as we discuss the subcultures we grew up in. Y'all already know there's more to life than being swagapinos, so let's uncover those groups we connected with growing up. Join Kirk, AJ, and Ian as they not only explore these groups, but uncover some fun secrets about their past.
Tabi tabi po. I see moo moos. Be sure to get your holy water and golden buddhas, as we explore Filipino superstitions and the supernatural. Join Kirk, Jamie, and AJ as they talk about the various superstitions and ghost stories they’ve heard growing up. Be sure not to be alone, as this one gets spooky.
SHHH! This is very NSFW. Let’s start the year with a bang! Gang bang that is haha JOKE. Join your favorite trio: Kirk, Jamie, and AJ as they share their experiences and get real on this taboo subject.
MANO PO NINONG! MANO PO NINANG! It's the holiday season and what better way than to celebrate with your favorite squad and our special guest, Francis. Join us as we talk about filipino parties and all the chismis in between. Don't forget to bring the pancit!
What is your love language? Join your favorite trio: Kirk, Kaithleen, and Jaime, as they talk about the 5 love languages not only in their own lives, but how they have played a role in their entire perception of giving and receiving love! Do you feel the love yet?
And Miss GUP 2019 is... KIRK. Just kidding, but you know what time it is? It's beauty pageant season! Join hosts: Kirk, Jamie, and Crisdel, as they tackle the beauty pageant craze in the Philippines. From the origins to its impact today, get ready to listen to an episode that sheds light on how the Philippines went from a pageant fan country to a pageant power house. Get ready because a new queen is about to be crowned.
Join GUP Team Members, Kirk, AJ, and Ernest as they discuss Pinoy Lifestyle. From tabos to taking off shoes in the home, the boys of GUP talk about traditions and stories they grew up with and still continue today. Take a listen and get ready to enter the GUP household.
We are back! Join the newly revived GUP Team, as they make a comeback to the Podcast World. Join Kirk Acnam, Jamie Caputol, and Kaithleen Apostol as they reminisce the wonderful world of Tumblr. From fyeahfilipinocuties, swagapinos, and many more; take a trip down memory lane and relive those fantastic and cringey Tumblr Dayz.
Do you all remember your early school to college days? What was it like being Pinoy? Join us in this week discussion as we are joined by 2018-19 SCPASA board members, as they take a walk through memory lane.
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