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This week we rewatch the recent poll winner brought to you by: Pauly Shore.  Bio-Dome the 1996 "classic" about two dummies that break into a science experiment.  Thanks to everyone that voted, make sure to check out our polls on our social media every Wednesday!  Facebook & Instagram @ruiningourchildhood Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast.  
This week we rewatch our latest poll winner, brought to you by baseball.  Remember baseball? Thanks to everyone that voted!  Check out our detailed show notes on our website at Want to help us pick our next movie?  Head over to our Facebook and Twitter between Wednesdays and Saturdays. Instagram poll will be in our stories every Friday.  
This week we rewatch the 2004 "classic" Dodgeball.  A comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, and Christine Taylor.  It's another poll winner chosen by our lovely listeners! Thanks again to everyone that voted.  If you want to help pick our next movie, head over to our social media: Facebook & Instagram @ruiningourchildhood and Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast.  New polls every Wednesday!  
Episode 53 - Dogma (1999)

Episode 53 - Dogma (1999)


This week we rewatch 1999's Dogma.  The recent winner of our weekly movie poll brought to you by Kevin Smith.  (Kevin Smith did not sponsor this poll, it's just a thing we say because both options were Kevin Smith movies.) Thanks to everyone that voted in last week's poll. If you want to a chance to help pick our next movie, head over to our social media: Facebook & Instagram: @ruiningourchildhood and Twitter: @ROCmoviepodcast. New polls every Wednesday!  
We're back with SEASON 2 of Ruining Our Childhood.  This week we rewatch our social media poll winner Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990.) We make a few EXCITING announcements before we break down this classic 90's film!  Will it hold up to our adult standards?  Listen now to find out!  WANT TO HELP US PICK NEXT WEEK'S MOVIE? Visit our social media now! NEW POLLS EVERY WEDNESDAY!   Facebook @ruiningourchildhood Instagram @ruiningourchildhood and Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast.   
This week we dive into one of Baby Ashley's favorite films, The Secret Garden.  We also discuss what movies we loved to watch on repeat and whether our parents were strict about watching R rated films.  We discover that Ryan might have a phobia of seeing live plants grow and question what is really wrong with Colin Craven.  As always we award our best and worst and decide if this classic film holds up to our adult standards.  
This week we celebrate our little baby podcast turning one years old! We decided to answer some questions that were sent by our lovely listeners and then we decided to add alcohol and some good old competition to the mix.  We go on tangents about being latchkey kids. We name our least favorite actors and the discuss our worst moving going experiences.  In the second half of the episode we go head to head to find our who is the 1st Ruining Our Childhood Champion.  We also make a small announcement about a new listener focused segment. We want to know your favorite/worst/embarrassing/funny movie memories.  Is there a movie that you left in the middle of?  What movie makes you cry like a baby every time you see it?  Did you eat way too much candy at five years old during a showing of Hook and end up throwing up all night? That one was really specific, but a true story.  Send us your movie memories to and they could be read on our next episode!   
We know the world is kind of freaking out right now, so to get your mind off things we rewatched the 1992 "classic" Wayne's World.  Ryan discusses how he was late to the party on this movie because his older brother told him it wasn't funny.  Ashley talks about her fondness for the soundtrack.  As always we give out our prestigious awards and decide if this comedy holds up to our adult standards. Also, don't forget to DM your questions for our special Q & A episode by March 20th!  Ask us anything at Facebook & Instagram: @ruiningourchildhood. Twitter: @ROCmoviepodcast
This week we rewatch our recent poll winner, Problem Child.  The 1990 "classic" about a child monster that gets adopted by a clueless couple. If you love when we talk about anything but the movie; this episode is for you. It sparks a lot of tangents.  We discuss everything from our earliest music memories to why catholics (from our parents generation) only name their kids five different names.  Ryan talks about his rat tail envy and Ashley tells a story about the creepy clown from her childhood closet.  As always we give out our prestigious awards and decide if this "family" film (we question this) holds up to our adult standards.  
NO PANTS! This week we rewatch the 2005 "classic" Fantastic Four.  This pre MCU Marvel film stars Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Ioan Gruffudd, and Michael Chiklis.  Ashley is confused on why she thought this movie came out when she was in high school and Ryan struggles with pronouncing Ioan Gruffudd. (Okay we both did.)  We wonder who thought it was a good idea to make Jessica Alba wear blue contacts the whole movie and question how Johnny made into NASA.  As always we discuss our best and worst and decide if this film holds up to our adult standards. Hey are you really reading this?  If so, Hi! Thanks for reading. Why not follow our social media and while you're at it, DM us your burning questions for our 50th episode/One Year Anniversary celebration! Facebook & Instagram: @ruiningourchildhood and Twitter: @ROCmoviepodcast.
This week we rewatched the 1991 cult "classic" Drop Dead Fred.  A movie that Ashley may have watched way too much as a child.  We discuss how our own imaginary friends or rather, how we can't remember their names.  We point out that smoking and jogging was a thing people did at the same time in the 90's. We also disagree about whether Drop Dead Fred was real, or if Lizzie (Phoebe Cates) caused all the destruction by herself.  As always, we award or best and worst and decide if this film is worth the rewatch or if we have once again ruined our childhood.  
This week we let you decide what movie to rewatch.  After tallying up the votes from our Facebook and Instagram pages, we had our winner! The 1997 "classic"  Con Air starring Nicolas Cage.  Of course we couldn't watch a Nic Cage film without talking about the origins of our coveted award named after the man himself. We also discuss the logistics of the ending of the movie. Spoiler Alert: They land a jet onto the Vegas strip!  As always we award our best and worst and decide if this classic film holds up to our adult standards!  Thanks to everyone who voted in our poll this week! Check out our social media Facebook and Instagram @ruiningourchildhood and Twitter @ROCmoviepodcast to join in on future polls!  
Its the last week of our RomCom-tastic Valentine's Day Celebration! This week we rewatch What Happens in Vegas starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher.  A tale about two people that stay married just to get their hands on a shared Vegas jackpot.  We discuss ALL of the Vegas themed plot holes and talk about our own recent trip to Sin City.  Ashley gets duped by the internet as it lies about where you can stream this movie.  For the record, you CAN'T stream this movie on the WWE app, thanks! As always we award the best and the worst and decide if this late 2000's movie holds up to our adult standards.  
Continuing our RomCom-tastic Valentine's Day Celebration, we rewatch the 1998 "classic" You've Got Mail starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  We discuss this classic duo, but somehow forget to mention that they were also in Joe Versus the Volcano. We reminisce  about the good old days of AOL chatrooms and our amazing screen names. We question why Kathleen (Meg Ryan) had so many employees in her struggling book store.  As always we award our Thomas J. Hanks Award for Exceptional Acting. Will the man himself win?  Listen now to find out! Also don't forget to let us know what your silly/embarrassing/awkward AOL screen name was on our social media!  Twitter @ROC_moviepodcast, Facebook & Instagram @ruiningourchildhood.
Its the 2nd week of our RomCom-tastic Valentine's Day Celebration...yes Ryan named this one as well. This week we rewatch 2005's Fever Pitch starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. Ashley recalls the horrific tale of seeing this movie in theaters.  We discuss how its still weird that the wardrobe from this movie could look dated (why so many layers Jimmy?) because this movie is not that old, oh wait, it's 15 YEARS OLD?  We make a lot of comparisons to last week's movie The Wedding Planner and question how Lindsey (Barrymore) had never heard of the Curse of the Bambino. As always, we hand out our coveted awards to the best and worst and decide if this romcom holds up.  
We are back after surviving the plague with a brand new episode. This week we rewatch the romantic comedy classic, The Wedding Planner starring Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey.  One of Ashley's picks for our Valentine's Day celebration because to a 14 year old Ashley, Jennifer Lopez was everything.  We discuss how this movie breaks a couple of the romcom rules and whether we believe Dr. Steve when he said that he "just liked going to movies."  We disagree during the award segment (not a lot, but Ryan did demand that Ashley change her award at one point.) Of course, we answer the question Does this movie hold up to our adult standards?  Listen now to find out!  
This week was supposed to be a film that we loved in our youth, Homeward Bound. We were once again tricked by Disney Plus and this childhood classic is not available until May. So we decided to start our celebration of Valentine's Day early with the comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall.  We discuss all the cameos of funny people we forgot were in the movie.  We talk about some of the late 2000 references including a once favorite reality show.  As always we award our best and worst and decide if this film holds up to our adult standards. 
To celebrate Christmas we rewatch the original Die Hard in all its glory.  The action cult classic that is up for endless debate of whether it is an actual Christmas movie.  We name all our favorite cameos from the film and do our best (but horrible) Snape as Hans Gruber impressions. We discuss the number one douchebag Ellis and talk about John McClane's wondering eye.   As always we award our best and worst actors and decide if this film holds up to our adult standards.  Don't forget to go check out our Instagram for our Holiday contest where you could win a t shirt. Happy Holidays friends!
It's a week before Christmas, so we thought we would do a football movie?  We both decided that we rewatch too many Christmas "classics" every year to fairly judge them for this podcast. So this week we decided to watch a one of the best 90's teen sports films (because honestly there really isn't a lot of choices.)  Ryan discusses how the Coach's behavior in this film is horrible, but slightly accurate to real coach's before in the past.  We discuss the toxic relationship between the fathers and sons depicted in this film and we cringe with everything that comes with the character of Tweeter.  As always we decide if this film holds up to our adult standards.  
This week we rewatch another childhood "classic" that is actually available on Disney Plus (unlike last week).  The 1989 film that apparently was a huge success for Disney. We reminisce about all the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids attractions at DisneyWorld that no longer exist.  We discuss how the movies use of sets instead of all green screen was definitely a good call. We also chat about our favorite Christmas movie traditions. Also we announce our choice of movie to celebrate Ruining Our Childhood's first Christmas episode!  As always we award the best and the worst and decide if Honey, I Shrunk the Kids holds up to our adult standards.  
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