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On Prayer | Psalm 131

On Prayer | Psalm 131


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Luke 4:16-21 | Doug Banister...Support the show
Matthew 22:34-40 | Doug Banister...Support the show
On Prayer | Psalm 14

On Prayer | Psalm 14


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Ruth 4 | Doug Banister:: Click here for more information about baptism and the Welcome to All Souls Dinner....Support the show
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Matt talks with Justin Phillips ( about a fall class @ All Souls called: "Neighbor Well: Moving Toward Missional Justice through Jesus":: WHEN ::The following Sundays at 3:30pm in the Chapel:September 18September 25October 23 (skip October 2nd, October 9th & 16th)October 30 (skip Nov. 6th)November 13::WHAT::The Christian tradition marks the formal beginning of the church—those people who believed Jesus Christ was God’s son, crucified and now resurrected—with the coming of the Holy Spirit described in Acts. We’re told that people of different languages and backgrounds begin to hear and understand one another; the Holy Spirit has translated us (and for us) across so many divides. Soon thereafter, communities form, money and resources are shared, and this already- strange people becomes stranger still, but not strangers. Neighbors.In this course, we invite All Souls Church to consider what it means to “neighbor well.” All Souls Church is a new fixture in this neighborhood. Members have spent time listening and attempting to understand our neighbors. It seems appropriate to ask, “what’s now?” How can All Souls Church seek Jesus and his kingdom for our neighborhood? This simple question requires turning back to some familiar stories, which we hope to make a bit unfamiliar in the best possible way, so we might have new eyes with which to see Jesus in our new home....Support the show
On Prayer | Psalm 143

On Prayer | Psalm 143


Psalm 143 | Paige SeveranceSupport the show
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