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Opposing The Matrix is dedicated to exposing the lies and deception that are presented by the matrix of our linear reality by presenting the truth using Scripture and common sense.

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Communism has been tried and has failed in every country that has implemented it. People flock to America to be freed from the shackles of that failed system. But, leftists in America think that they can somehow make Communism in the U.S. It is said that a sign of mental illness is trying to do the same thing the same way over and over again expecting it to work. It hasn’t worked yet and it won’t work when deranged American Leftists try it.
Back From The Brink.

Back From The Brink.


Life has been very interesting these past four years. A pastor once told me that if you serve Yahweh seriously you have a target painted on your back. Judging from events in the past four years, that might be a correct summation of events in my life. Are these thing coincidence, or are they truths?
Is it just a coincidence that John McAfee was murdered a day before the Condo's in Surfside collapsed to the ground? Did McAfee have a condo in that same complex? Was the condo complex destroyed to destroy the evidence that McAfee said he possessed? Would McAfee trust just one source to safeguard the information?
This week the Biden Administration announced that they would be putting together a force of people that they called “Stormtroopers.” These people would come to your door to vaccinate you if you haven’t been stuck with the Jab. When the press said that they were concerned that police or troops would be knocking the press secretary said that it would probably be citizenry that would be recruited to do the deed. Great, torches and pitchforks at my front door!?!
Last week we talked about the possibility that the Chinese might invade America and how they might do it. Like every conflict, there are invaders from the outside, but they are often aided by allies that lurk within the intended target of invasion. Tonight we will talk about the many who are aiding China in the overthrow of America.
Yesterday Facebook started sharing test memes with their faithful audience. These memes asked questions about the user and their exposure to Extremists and such. Facebook has become even more a fascist mouthpiece and ear for the NWO and the Elites. And so American society spirals down the vortex of Socialistic Communism to become Totalitarian State, trying something that has always failed before. Woe to those who call good bad and bad good.
Many people predicted that the mRNA injections by Pfizer and Moderna would come back to bite someone in the backside. This week we found out that both in Israel and Britain people are starting to notice that the Delta Variant is being acquired by people who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19. We tried to warn loved ones not to take the vaccine but very few listened. We can only hope that Believers in Yeshua will be protected from this new infection, seeing that Yahweh promises that No Weapon Formed Against You Will Prosper.
Tonight I presented information about the mRNA vaccine causing some very serious side effects and how the CDC is brushing them off like they're mild effects that are not that serious. I looked at these diseases, their dangerous effects, including death, and how they should not be taken lightly. This led to the depopulation doctrine that the elite have fostered.
Over the last year or two there have been scattered reports of Chi-Com Troops being lodged in British Columbia, Canada. Is there any substance to these rumors? In addition, other reports state that there are over a hundred thousand Chi-Com troops in Mexico. Is there an internal threat in America that will aid the Chi-Com troops? We’ll talk about these things tonight on Opposing The Matrix
This show was a video show with a lot of pictures. If you can, go to Rumble to view the video. Tonight I will show pictures of Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. In addition, I will show pictures of mountains about 30+ miles to the West that have new looking buildings and equipment around them. Why would someone put so many structures and monitors around a mountain out in the middle of nowhere? Perhaps it is an underground base, much like Dulce and/or Area 51?
Last week I listened to a video where the presenter told of a friend who was exposed to a Nerve Agent used in biological warfare. His description sounded much like the symptoms of COVID-19 and the nasty after effects of the mRNA Vaccine. Tonight I talked about this and other related subjects.
Tonight Dave and Brian had as a guest Gordy Tong. Gordy joined us to talk about Deep Underground Military Bases and the Dulce Book. We also talked about lures that lead to deception. What makes people more vulnerable to alien / paranormal visitation and maybe coming to faith in UFO religions? What is the Vril Society?
Tonight Dave and Brian Talked about Anthony Fauci, the dualistic know it all. We looked at the published vaccine death and disability numbers and determined them a lowball estimate. We looked at the plans that the NWO has for world depopulation, and why they want to kill most of us. Other things were touched on as well, including a hope for a bright current and later life.
Tonight I talked about Men of Perdition, people born with a destiny of being evil. I talked about Scriptures pertaining to other worldly beings, technologically manufactured entities, hybrids, hubrids, and how technology, A.I., and men of perdition might offer mankind a false chance to be eternal and godlike. I presented the Dulce Book, by Branston and compared it with the work of David Jacobs.
Note: If you listen to this show on Spreaker or Podbean you might want to go over to Rumble to watch it because of the many pictures and videos that are shown. Last Monday Ralph Epperson presented good evidence that John Kennedy Jr. is still alive and wasn’t killed in a plane accident. He faked his own death to avoid the Clinton Killing Machine. Tonight, I presented pictures and videos that prove that JFK Jr. still lives and that he’s politically active and an associate of Donald Trump. I also presented pictures of Faked Biden White House photos.
Tonight, Brian and Dave talked with Historian Ralph Epperson. We talked about JFK Jr. being alive and well and that he’s coming back to take vengeance against his father’s assassins. Ralph gave us a short history of Junior and we talked about how he faked his own death and that of his wife and sister in-law. Ralph then explored the JFK assassination and presented things that neither of us had ever heard before. He presents a good case that Oswald was an innocent patsy and that George H.W. Bush was directly involved.
Tonight I drew from two articles that show that more people are dying after receiving the mRNA vaccines and that the government and press are downplaying it and not reporting it. I also showed that the Covid Spike protein can cross the blood/brain barrier as well as affect the major organs in the human body.
Tonight, Gordy Tong came onto the show. He talked about creatures like trolls, fairies, gnomes and other Medieval beings and their parallels to modern day extraterrestrials. We also talked about modern day Nephilim that will try to mingle with humanity in the days to come. Are they here now? Do they look like us? How does the Masonic Lodge and Ecumenism fit into this model? We look at these things and more on our show.
Tonight I read an article from that talked about the Deep State’s plans to create a large false flag situation for which they will blame Anti-Vaxxers and Gun Owners creating a call from the public to grab guns and persecute anti-vaxxers. Could this scenario play out? Will it play out? Does this plan have a scriptural foundation? What if it’s true? Is there hope for the future of vaccination resistors?
Tonight I looked at some polls and studies that showed that Liberalism and Mental Illness go hand and hand. We looked at articles from the “European Times,” the “New York Post,” and the Washington Times, where stats are presented that show that the number of Liberals that manifest psychiatric symptoms is much higher in both numbers and percentages than their Conservative counterparts.
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