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Opposing The Matrix is dedicated to exposing the lies and deception that are presented by the matrix of our linear reality by presenting the truth using Scripture and common sense.

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Toward the end of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln read one of the most profound speeches on the battlefield at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. In that speech, Lincoln talked about America being a nation, “Of The People, By The People, And For The People,” thus ascribing and affirming that America was a nation of self-governing patriots. During the last century, and in our current century, the Cabal of Deep State Operatives has quietly and patiently changed our nation to that of one governed by tyrants. Such a government now wages war against Americans. It can only win this war if we allow it to progress further.
Recently, a lot of truth has been released to the general public from people who have light to shed on the darkness of the COVID-19 fallacy. Doctors, scientists, politicians and many others have been asserting strongly that the public is being experimented upon in an effort to kill as many people as possible by destroying their immune systems, leaving them open to opportunistic infections. I purpose to shout to an unsuspecting public that the thing known as COVID has been a planned event that is meant to cast fear in all directions and to place the populace into a troublesome mind control that will lead them down the road to destruction. Let’s look at these plans and their results tonight on Opposing The Matrix
The Deep State has stepped up their mode of warfare against the American People and everyone around the world. Pestilence and mayhem rule the day. The former programming that we received through various forms of media has change, and we'll never go back to the former type of programming.
In a court case, in order to build a solid case, you need irrefutable proof, proof that will stand up against scrutiny and all things thrown against it. We are told that Donald Trump lost the 2020 election, even though evidence of Massive Voter Fraud and manipulation of the election, by election officials and foreign governments is quite evident. The best way to prove corruption in the liberal ranks is to build a case so strong that nothing can come against it. Is this what Donald Trump is doing? Is he waiting for the leftists to produce emails and written correspondence to hang themselves? Is he waiting for their own words and actions to be recorded and videoed so that there is no way out and the trap is set? I believe that this is the case. Tonight, I’ll produce some convincing material to prove that Trump is just doing this very thing.
Last year Israel’s Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu signed a secret deal with Pfizer to make Israel’s population a laboratory experiment for mRNA COVID research. With Israelis death and debilitation the world is witnessing the Second Final Solution, but the world is being forced to join Israelis in the laboratory. The attempted worldwide genocide has begun, but it doesn’t appear that it will be a total success.
Scientist Dr. Michael McDowell sets the record straight about the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine. News Anchor Mike Wallace’s 1970’s video about the ill effects of Swine Flu vaccine and how it affected people negatively. Doctors from all over the world urge you not to take the COVID-19 mRNA injection(s) and why you shouldn’t.
This World Is Psychotic

This World Is Psychotic


This world and its system have been manifesting psychotic traits, even more than in the past. Tonight Brian and Dave will look at the symptoms that are manifest that show that a diagnosis of psychosis does exist and is manifest many times a day all over the globe. What is the answer for this condition? Is there a cure? Is the cure safe and effective and does it lead to a cure, and not just a masking of the symptoms? Is the cost of the cure expensive? Does your medical plan cover the treatment? Tune in tonight and let’s look at this whole thing together.
Tonight we will look at the ultimate ignoramus, Jimmy Kimmel and his hatred for those who have chosen not to get the Death Jab. We will also read an article about an undertaker that attributes the higher COVID death rates to Death Jabs and not the infection itself.
Yesterday, Das Fuhrer Josef Von Biden (AKA The Anti-Kennedy) mandated that all Federal Government employees be vaccinated. Does he have the authority to mandate what private businesses do? Does taking money or contracting with the Feds make you their bastard children? Is there a price to be paid for covenanting with any government? We also read how a neurologist tells why the mRNA vaccine isn't effective. In a bold move, Denmark lifts all restrictions related to COVID.
The US Government set up the HIPAA laws back in the 1990’s to protect our health records rights, but with COVID now the government keeps HIPAA enforceable for you and me, but breaks its own laws. Meanwhile, the ADA is instructing Doctors in how to lie to patients concerning COVID, teaching them what “1984,” labeled as New Speak. The very government that condemned Goebbels in Nuremberg practices false propaganda. Lastly, we hear from two patriots, heroes who are sacrificing their livelihoods to fight draconian COVID mandates because they took an oath to do just that.
Tonight Ralph Epperson joined us again. Ralph taught us about some startling revelations regarding the Kennedy Assassination. He introduced fresh insights and explained further that Lee Harvey Oswald could not have been the assassin. Ralph exposed the Warren Commission as a tribunal of lies and deceit and pushed further to reveal that the conspiracy had more tentacle’s then we ever imagined.
Tonight I want to talk about the Science of Medicine being used as a weapon against citizens and all groups of people. Is Science political in nature? Is it ethical science to use medicine to enslave people? And what about “rules.” Is changing rules to change laws a moral or ethical thing to do? Has it been done before? The people of Oregon are finally standing up to tyranny. Will it have an impact on Uberfuhrer Brown?
This week we have learned that two of the FDA’s vaccine officials are quitting their posts and it is because they are afraid of prosecution when the Nuremberg 2 trials start. The Biden Administration, along with the CDC and the UN have all conspired to use COVID vaccines for political purposes with no real scientific proof that they work, ignoring the damage that the vaccine does to the human body. This is hot stuff that you won’t hear about from the MSM. Spread the word to all who will listen.
Last week a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps posted a video that went viral on the Internet. Today he was relieved of duty. He will probably be court-martialed. In ever increasing voices, members of the US military are speaking out about their lack of good leadership and the political mannerisms of their general officers. One General, Mark Milley is outspokenly woke and he happens to be the Leader of The Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. He is the epitome of the crappy leadership that presides over the armed forces, more politicians than generals. What a mess.
Tonight Dave and Brian host Ralph Epperson. Ralph is an expert on the Constitution and has researched for years the subjects of the Kennedy Assassination and the Masonic Order and The New World Order.
Do Aliens come from other star systems? Do they come from other galaxies? Are they really aliens? Maybe they have their origin in our not-so-distant past? Let's put them on trial and examine the evidence.
People all over America are waking up to fight against tyranny and the move to quell our self-determination and freedom. Will the People succeed? Will there be a push to reestablish liberty and freedom? Is it too late and is our land too far down the road to recover?
Today the FDA approved Comirnaty (Pfizer's mRNA Vaccine) For Emergency Use to PREVENT COVID-19 Infection. This opens the door for new mandates, a police state and maybe Concentration Camps. Tonight We'll Look At this whole mess.
This broadcast is in response to the myriad of fools and puppets that mimic the lies of their keepers in regard to the COVID mRNA vaccines. There are many scientists, doctors, nurses and others who have bravely stated the truth regarding the Jab of Death that so many have taken and maybe the rest of us will have forced upon us. Resistance is Fertile. Resist the Jab of Death!!
All over the world people are fighting against each other and wars are everywhere you look. Racial strife and sectarian violence can be seen in almost every country. The threat of famine is on the horizon and the pestilence of COVID is pandemic. There is an increase in earthquake activity, floods, bizarre weather anomalies and heat records. Our world is truly a mess and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. We are told that these things are only the beginnings of sorrows. Are we truly at the beginning of the end for mankind? Will the world be destroyed? Is there any hope for a bright future and who could give us that hope? We’ll look at these things tonight on Opposing The Matrix.
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