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Giant Pumpkin Podcast

Author: Joe Ailts

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This is all about growing giant pumpkins. Whether your aim is to set a new world record or simply impress the neighbors, we'll help you get there by interviewing world-class personalities in the competitive giant pumpkin arena.
3 Episodes
Episode 3 features Travis Vieths, an agromist with Sustane, a minnesota-based company focusing on composted turkey manure. Find their website here:
E2: Cindy Tobeck

E2: Cindy Tobeck


In this episode, I interview giant pumpkin grower Cindy Tobeck of Littlerock, Washington
In the inaugural episode of the Giant Pumpkin Podcast, I interview Garry Gantner about his path into the hobby, the 1625lb Gantner pumpkin, and why he's infatuated with this question about pumpkin pie preference. 
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