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Listen to our play throughs of Delta Green, Dungeons & Dragons and other such RPGs. Hi, I'm Cptn Mingo and this is the official podcast for the East Devon Tabletop Gaming Group. We are a group of friendly gamers from South West England and we meet weekly to enjoy adventures on the Tabletop. We recently decided to record a few of our gaming sessions to share with others. Please hit subscribe and let us know what you thought of our podcasts. You can follow me on Twitter @cptnmingo and you can find out more about our club over at
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Part 1 of 2. In the hours that stretch like taffy after two, no one ever hears the music from a darkened room. Delta Green is a modern day role-playing variant of the Call of Cthulhu system. In this podcast, our players (known as Agents) are tasked by their handler/games master to investigate the mysterious death of a former agent and his links to a house that sounds all too much like it's haunted. Can they stop the unnatural incursion or will more lives be lost?Contains strong language. This podcast was recorded during a 24 hour International Tabletop Day event in Exeter, UK. For more information about our group visit are aware of an error in the first 30 seconds on mobile devices where only music can be heard. This is just the intro, skip forward 30 seconds and enjoy!Credits;Delta Green by Arc Dream Publishing.Scenario written by Dennis Detwiller.Handler: Steve/Cptn MingoAgent Swarovski: Cat Archer-WillsAgent Dredd: Adison RadfordAgent Waxwing: Bex SmithAgent Apollo: Jody Carver-Rainsby
Cptn Mingo and Adison Radford introduce you to the EDTGG podcast channel. Who exactly are we? What's all this about? What is EDTGG? Why does Adison keep rolling 1's? What kind of food are we ordering? All these questions and more answered in our brief introduction.
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