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Author: Jason Frazier

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Christine Beckwith of Vision 2020 and Jason Frazier of Mortgage X Creative bring you the Mortgage X Podcast. Touted as "not your father's mortgage podcast" Christine and Jason bring you the X-Factors in the mortgage industry. People who have a vision for the future and are working hard to evolve our industry to meet the needs of the modern consumer. You will hear from some of the industry's biggest producers, advocates, legends, thought leaders, partners, and lenders. All of us have one goal and that is championing our industry to be the first thought for the consumer. Mortgage X is a proud member of the REAL Disrupt Podcast collaborative.
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On this episode, Marcia Davies, Chief Operating Officer and Founder of mPower at Mortgage Bankers Association join Christine Beckwith for a candid conversation. 
On this episode Matthew Boyce of Garden State Home Loans, joins Christine and Frazier to have a no BS talk about what MLOs are leaving on the table. Matthew talks about how MLOs are sacrificing relationships for the low hanging fruit and ignoring one of their most important assets, which is their customer database. 
Special Thanksgiving Episode of the Mortgage X Podcast! Christine and Frazier also discuss business planning for 2021. 
Dixie Sanders ranks as one of the top Mortgage Loan Originators in the nation.  She is an exceptional professional, having in excess of twenty five plus years in mortgage banking and having provided over 12,000 families with a mortgage that was specific to their needs.  She always delivers exactly what she promises – the best for her clients.Dixie’s education and depth of experience serve as the foundation to her cutting-edge lending style.  She has an Associate Degree in Real Estate, and she is also a certified FHA Direct Endorsement Underwriter and VA LAPP Underwriter.  Her team foundation is built around, “customer service first,” and each member contributes to their overall caring attitude and thorough attention to detail.  She enjoys strong referral relationships with many of the area’s Real Estate professionals, and considers them friends in addition to business associates.Dixie has built a strong team to better serve her clients, making her one of the most successful lenders.  An industry pacesetter, she has also served as a model and business coach for the last 14 years for her fellow lenders through The Core Training, a nationally acclaimed mortgage coaching and training entity.
On this episode Elite Executive Coach Ruth Lee joins Christine Beckwith to talk about Thinking Big, Being Authentic, Challenging Your Own Assumptions and Unlocking the Super Me inside yourself. 
On this episode of Mortgage X, James Robert Lay joins Jason Frazier to discuss the power of the Adaptability Quotient. James also discusses how brands can shift their practices to rethink the customer journey, improving relationships, the fear wall, how mortgage companies can be more agile, and embrace change. 
On this episode Jason Frazier talks about all the recent changes and the announcement of a brand new Mortgage X Podcast!
On this episode of 75x on the Mortgage X Podcast, Jason Frazier holds a Real Talk session about accountability, being real about what you need to fix, and not holding others to a higher standard than yourself. 
On this episode, Top Producing MLO Shant Banosian of Guaranteed Rate, joins Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier. Shant will give you insight on how he built his business, his team, and what his keys to success consist of. 
On this episode of 75x, Jason Frazier talks the askholes! Those people who ask for help or advice online and argue with those who try to help. You know who I am talking about. 
On this first episode of Mortgage Xtras, Christine Beckwith sits down with Liz Irish and Dr. Melissa Bird of Aisling Productions to discuss their mission of empowering women in mortgage. 
On this episode Jason Frazier discusses how professionals need to have a non-negotiable commitment to finishing. Too many pros give up before finishing a tactic, strategy, or learning how to use a new tool. You need to cut out the excuses and finish otherwise you are wasting time on an unobtainable goal. 
On this episode of 75x, Jason Frazier discusses the struggle between your inner-voices and how listening to the Angel voice will put you on the path to success. 
On this episode Whitney Hall joins Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier to talk about how Coaching changed the trajectory of his mortgage career. Whitney goes deep into where he was, his struggles, regrets, and how coaching set him on the right path. 
On this episode of 75x of the Mortgage X Podcast, Jason Frazier talks about the one thing no one talks about when it comes to being a Top Producer. 
On this episode Jason Frazier discusses the new series of Mortgage X, contributions from Laura Brandao and Brian Vieux, top MLO and Realtor of the week, and how to Win the Day by committing to a mantra. 
On this first episode of 75x, Jason Frazier talks about how 75 Hard has inspired him to create a new series focused on helping people break the walls that hold them back. 
On this episode Nicole Peraino, Creative Director at AIME, joins Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier to talk about her journey from Network Media to the Mortgage Industry. Nicole discusses how being thrown into the deep end in mortgage allowed her to play to her strengths and grow in her career with no safety net. Nicole discusses how she has found a home with AIME and what it is like to be a creative force that is focused on helping Mortgage Brokers grow market share. 
On this episode of the Mortgage X Podcast Ana Maria Sanin joins Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier to talk about her mission to empowering women entrepreneurs. Ana also discusses her new business and podcast, that is focused on helping women get pass their hurdles to put themselves in a great position for success. 
On this episode of Mortgage X, Michael Hammond joins Christine Beckwith and Jason Frazier to discuss how after his many years in the industry he decided to stop being the guy behind the scenes by being front and center by creating content. Michael also talks about how others in the industry can learn from you and get value from your stories. Don't be held back by the naysayers because they won't matter when you execute. 
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