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A podcast for people with a little bit of time on their hands, A podcast for people who enjoy unfiltered ideas presented by unfiltered people.
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TJ Is a Friend of mine, he is going to Trinity Bible College next year and we discuss absolutely nothing. Thank you for listening!
Podcast #4 - Ashby Graff

Podcast #4 - Ashby Graff


Ashby Graff is a good friend of mine. He is usually behind the computer running things so here's a chance to get to know him. 
Today my guest is a good friend of mine. He is a very good musician and all around good guy. he is studying psychology at Montana state University with the intention that he can use psychedelic substances as a way of therapy. thank you for listening and please subscribe. we need it. yes you. reading this. i need a high self esteem too.
On the podcast we finally got some mics. We discuss Tim’s life as a rancher and the metoo movement.
Podcast #1 with Ashby Graph

Podcast #1 with Ashby Graph


welcome to the podcast guys, sound is rough. hopefully getting mics soon. in the podcast we discuss tattoos, hockey, and hunting.
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