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Two moderately-informed pastors try and make sense of church, media, and culture.
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Conan O'Brien, the late-night host who has been in the game for almost three decades is moving from his current TBS offering to a weekly show on the streaming HBO Max. Why do you care? You might not, but Evan and Hans do. As life-long fans of Conan, we've seen the way the TV host has conducted himself through some career highs and lows that warrant discussion. Plus, he's really, really funny.
What happens when you finally locate a "Murder Hornet" nest? (A lot). Hans and Evan discuss it along with the early holiday spirit everyone seems to be needing.
Hans and Evan do the unthinkable and TALK POLITICS. Particularly as it relates to Christians being faced with tough choices. Also, go vote.
Is Covid-19 a "blessing from God" or "divine judgment"? Or neither? It depends on who you ask and who's been infected... maybe? Hans and Evan try and make sense of this question. ALSO--Doctor Strange is joining Spider-Man for his third solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But will they use their made-up names?
You know all those stories you've heard about the early church? The books of the Bible were formed by a committee? Santa punched a heretic in the face? Hans and Evan get to the bottom of some of these legends and erroneous claims with authors and professors Michael Svigel and John Adair, as they discuss their new book: Urban Legends of Church History.
Hans and Evan talk through an Atlantic article on coping with the feeling of hopelessness during these troubling times. Then, we give a sneak peek at next week's deep dive into the Urban Legends of Church History. And Evan might just sell Hans on Wandavision on the air. 
The former editor of Christianity Today, among the foremost Evangelical Christian publications, converts to Catholicism. Hans and Evan discuss. Also Robert Letham's book on the Trinity. And the incredibly amazing Dune Trailer--at least, according to Evan.
Evan and Hans discuss the Beatles Breakup 50 years later and narratives that persist even though, like many things, the truth is much more complicated. Speaking of Truth, Hans talks a new book on the Sermon on the Mount. And then Evan reviews Bill & Ted Face the Music.
Busy weeks for both Hans and Evan meant we didn't exactly come locked and loaded with a stacked episode this week. But you know who did come stacked for their online presentation this week? DC with their new film slate at their online "DC Fandome" event. Listen as Hans and Evan (okay, really just Evan) unpack it all for you.
The CDC issued a new report that showed a marked increase in mental health issues and substance abuse. We talk to Medical Professional Scott Bradford about it. He believes this is a significant problem that is being underreported in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen to our conversation to see what it all means.
Hans and Evan are back! A good hiatus isn't worth much if you don't talk about what you did and what you learned. That leads Hans to a discussion about coaching baseball THE RIPKEN WAY! And then we answer your burning questions you had for us the break about Bon Iver, Taylor Swift and the Snyder Cut!
What happens to your brain you get lost? Hint: nothing good. What happens to Christians when they disagree about politics? Hint: also nothing good--usually--but we should work to change that and Jonathan Leeman's short booklet "How Can I Love Church Members with Different Politics?" is a good start. Then, Ben Rector's quarantine-inspired jam "It Would Be You."
Episode half a hundred!Thanks for sticking with us this long. We didn't even know this was our 50th episode (plus some random episodes).Where do we head with this one? To some of our favorite topics. What might COVID do for the church negatively? Have you seen the Alicia Keys Tiny Desk concert? Also, somehow old man Batman is coming back.
Evan is back and we are all happy about it! It was time to get back to the basics—a normal flow of a show. A recent article on empathy got us wondering how thinly you can slice words before they mean almost nothing. That convo reminded us of how difficult it is to teach well. Then, to top it off, we talked a bit about the new Bill and Ted and whether or not it is a movie theater visit for us. Like, share, and subscribe.
Evan was out of commission for an evening, but Hans roped in his brother, Dale, to come join for the podcast. They previously had a podcast (Pastor and Plebe) that was more of a freeform podcast and gave it a run again for this episode. Guilty consciences, race, and selfishness all show up in this episode.
Hans and Evan are joined by special guest, fellow pastor, and family member, Kevin Bowles, to discuss how each is trying to approach resuming public worship gatherings at their respective churches. 
It isn't every day that we get to have an episode with one of the biggest influences in both of our lives. Steve Corn entered into our lives when we were young (around 10) and has been there ever since. We talk youth ministry, career changing, family discipleship strategies, and much more on this latest edition of You Never Studied.
Some people cannot WAIT to get back to . . . whatever it was that they were doing before they had to stop doing it. In a recent article that was (drumroll): cruise lines. We spend some time discussing the idea of longing for the past. From there Hans shares a book he read to help him teach his kids about invest in the future, and Evan finishes discussing Waco (now on Netflix). 
With COVID-19 shutting down what seems to be all other news, it is a good time to expose the world to some of our friends. This week's episode we interview Vick Green. We both served on staff with Vick and he has since moved on to focus heavily on helping local churches improve their disciple-making. He's a great hang and really helpful if you feel like you're stuck in ministry. Listen to this episode to learn about what he's working on and how he keeps himself sharp as a learner 
Sometimes people say things and then have to immediately have to un-say those things. It isn't uncommon—but when you are part of a multi-billion dollar enterprise, the stakes are a little higher. Warner Brothers said, "We are rethinking the movie experience" and then said, "Jk we love movies." In the world of COVID, these stories make us chuckle. That plus John Piper wrote a book on COVID make up this week's You Never Studied.
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Kyle Toomey

Evan and Hans' show You Never Studied is an insightful light hearted Christian based podcast that will resonate with all generations and walks of life. You will really enjoy the show!

Aug 2nd
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