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Author: Andres Segovia

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Real Estate. Tech. Life.

Tune in to get a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a Real Estate Broker, find out what makes him tick, and learn a thing or two about why the world of real estate maybe for you too!
111 Episodes
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Remember The Fallen. Remember The Warrior.Memorial Day 2020
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Lots of Big Tech shenanigans going on especially during these crazy days. I created my Off The Record series last year in anticipation of this.
If you're ready to explore how, if and when you'd be able to get into real estate, Andres can help you guide you there!Call or text to (714) 512-2041Email: Andres@SegoviaRES.comFor real estate resources, go to
You've probably heard of the 5 Economic Benefits of owning a home. What about practical benefits? Andres weighs in with his take on how owning a home helps especially in times of crisis.Learn more at
It's the reunion of The Gronk and The Goat. Andres didn't take the initial news well. He talks to his Bostonian Brother-in-Law to vent and for
Andres interviews Maya from Trust Properties USA, a real estate company devoted solely to the probate and trust market!See contact information at
Tell everyone you know to urge all of their state representatives to oppose AB 828!!!
The California Apartment Association urges the California Legislature to stop AB 828 that would reduce rents by 25%. See show notes for more information at
Andres offers his rebuttal to the Forbes' opinion that the housing bubble is "about to burst."See resources at
Andres talks to Matt at Summit Lending to try to make sense of the pros and cons of a mortgage forbearance. See show notes at
Andres explains the domino effect of loss rental revenue leading to unpaid mortgages.
More relief for tenants. Zero relief for Property owners. Learn more on the show notes at
Andres covers the growing movement of activists moving to withhold rent regardless of being financially affected by the current crisis or not, but they almost demand the deferred rent waived when the lock down is lifted.Go to for show notes.
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