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Barb Allen is a keynote speaker, award-winning author, entrepreneur, and Gold Star Wife. The Flex Your Freedom Podcast shares engaging and inspiring conversations with celebrities, entrepreneurs, media personalities, personal friends, and other exceptional Americans to delve into their thoughts on freedom, the American Dream, and how to strengthen your faith, family, community, and country. Barb Allen is the co-founder of the Great American Syndicate.
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JP Sears gained widespread popularity through his YouTube channel, where he delivers comical and thought-provoking videos on a range of topics, including spirituality, personal growth, and social issues. JP often uses exaggerated characters and ironic humor to shed light on societal norms. As this country veered sharp Left, JP began using his platform to push back against the lunacy. What happened next in his career reflects the current state of society, while serving as a template for anyone seeking the courage to use their voice and their platform for freedom, too. In this episode, JP shares some straight-talking insight into his decision to speak out, what is happening in our country and the world today, and how we can all use humor to overcome the assaults against our freedoms.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
"Dear Mom" is written and performed by former Navy Corpsman Shannon Book, along with his band,  Deliberately Broken. The song is born from a request Shannon received, to write a song about Gold Star Moms. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Gold Star Mom is a mom who has lost a son or daughter in military service. The term "Gold Star," when placed in front of the words wife, brother, sister, family, also refers to someone who has lost a loved one in military service. With the help of Operation Encore, and the extraordinary talent of people like Director Chris Martini and cinematographer Chad Campbell, Shannon and a cast of all military families spent a few days on set filming the powerful video for "Dear Mom."While the video reflects its military origins, the song has evolved to transcend military sacrifice. All you need to do is listen to the lyrics as if being spoken directly to you, by the person you miss. Then listen to it again, letting it wash over you - and let the bittersweet tears fall. In this episode, Shannon Book shares his personal story of service and working for years to see his dreams become reality. He shares insight on what it takes to never stop believing in that dream. He takes us behind the scenes of the filming, as well.
We are just weeks away from our second annual Great American Summit, and so happy to announce that Deputy Bryan Woodard will be attending as a Special Guest and Panel Speaker.Deputy Woodard has a long career in law enforcement, from working in prisons , a period of time as a SWAT Officer, earning the Honor of Merit and two life saving  medals, to his current position with the Tarrant County Constable's Office.Deputy Woodard's gracious nature, coupled with an infectious laugh and what seems like an ever-present readiness to engage in mischief, makes him the kind of Law Enforcement Officer people sometimes actually want to surrender to. In fact at least one murder suspect went so far as to contact the Deputy on social media to arrange a quiet surrender.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
With just two months to go until our Great American Summit, it's time to connect you with our event beneficiaries.  First up is Carry the Load. This is an organization whose mission statement should resonate strongly with all of us, but which resonates deeply with co-founder Barb Allen, Whose husband Lou was killed in Iraq- just 10 days after he deployed on Memorial Day, 2005. Former Navy SEAL Clint Bruce was at a backyard BBQ one Memorial Day weekend when a sudden weight overcame him. Unsure how to process the emotions that hit him, CLint laced up his boots and went for a walk, leaving the meat on the grill. Clint is unsure how far he walked that day, but a few miles into his journey he encountered another veteran. This man was seasoned- his service took place when Clint was just a boy- and he recognized a troubled soul when he saw one. With a soft smile and gentle voice he asked Clint, "Who are you carrying?"And that was the moment Carry the Load was born.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Barry Morgenstein never set out with a goal of becoming the Go To Headshot Photographer for Conservative Celebrities, public figures, or aspiring success stories. In fact, if you went back in time to tell younger, Liberal Barry, an aspiring musician, that this would be his path, he’d never believe you. And yet here he is, not just an award winning, top-of-the-food chain photographer, but an outspoken Conservative who’s managed to rise to the top in none other than New York City - one of the most liberal cities in one the most Liberal-controlled states in the country.In this episode Barry Morgenstein shares his story of turning rejection into inspiration, building a top business in one of the most competitive cities in the world, and finding the fortitude to stand up for what he believes in, in spite of today’s Cancel Culture.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Our friend Eric Post is getting ready to launch another new company - one that promises to help people use AI to expand their reach and capabilities instead of replacing themselves. is now accepting registration for updates and Beta testing. Eric’s history as a United States Marine, an entrepreneur whose company has handled billions of dollars in real estate transactions, his experiences as a business owner and resident of the Portland, Oregon area who was directly impacted by the lunacy and riots, and his gut-punching documentary on that lunacy across our country that is soon to be released are all extremely fascinating, we aren’t here for those today. Don’t worry- we covered those areas in earlier interviews with Eric, back when we were American Snippets. Today it’s all about artificial intelligence and its implications for good or evil.Watch and listen to this episode with Eric Post as he unpacks important  AI issues we all need to understand.Here are just a few topics discussed: Why it’s important to explore how AI can make us better, instead of how it can make our lives easierThe value of human beings vs machinesWhat careers have the most potential for being replaceable with AIOne thing people use AI for without realizing it makes them and what it offers people who want to use AI to dominateThe potential perils of AI, if improperly appliedThe potential benefits of AI,  when properly appliedWill AI lead to needing a Universal Basic Income?What will AI do to Google searches?Deep fakesWho should be the gatekeepers of AIPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck served in our military for 20 years. His service included thirteen deployments, seven of which were in combat zones.Every day of his service Upon his retirement, Beck stunned the SEAL community when he stepped into life as a transgender woman. Then, he surprised everyone again when he de-transitioned years later. The emotional and physical stress of these major transitions in life are monumental. The ripple effects on relationships, the hostility from strangers, the manipulation by people who used Chris for their own agendas- were all compounded by the very public nature of his story. Now engaged to a woman he loves, Chris is determined to use his experience and platform to educate others on the realities of gender dysphoria and the complexities attached to it. Here are a few of the topics discussed in this episode:- Being a "trophy" for the LGBTQ community- The ability to support and respect people within a community, while recognizing the negative aspects of that community- How relationships change within the evolution of a transgender life- A message to transgender teenagers and their parents Death threats- What true courage is- The conviction to use a personal struggle and lessons learned, to guide and help others- Why Chris stepped forward to speak out in spite of how difficult it can be to share personal life situations in publicPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
With 22 years in law enforcement, it's safe to say Dianna Muller knows a thing or two about firearms and gun violence.If those credentials aren't enough to clinch her credibility, go ahead and add in the following: She's a two-time national 3-gun champion and professional shooter. She is a CLEET law enforcement firearms instructor, a member of the NRA Law Enforcement committee, and a subcommittee member of the Department of Interior Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council. She is a host of the Shooting Gallery on the Outdoor Channel, and the founder of the DC Project.And as a woman in law enforcement, it's also safe to say she understands the potentially life-saving difference it can make for a woman to be able to defend herself with a gun, if necessary.That's why Dianna Muller is now dedicating herself to defending gun rights. The door has been cracked wide open, and there are people in power who are trying to come for our guns.Dianna Muller doesn't particularly want to spend all her time and resources defending Americans from the very people entrusted with our freedom, but if people like her do not... who will?That's why she created the DC Project, a nationwide organization of women committed to safeguarding the Second Amendment.In this episode, Dianna walks us through her expertise and experiences in the defense of gun rights, and explains how women, in particular, can become a force in this area. Here are some topics discussed:Dianna's path to law enforcementAdvances being made by those who seek to restrict gun rightsDifferences between people in different levels of law enforcementSome ways the Far Left manipulates facts and tragedies as reasons to restrict gun rightsThe DC Project- what it is, who it serves, how we can helpTestifying before CongressEducation, not legislationWOFT: West Orlando Firearms and Self Defense TrainingSituational awarenessBecoming a hard targetPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Who can ever forget the hubris of Hillary Clinton, as she sat before the world and spat out in exasperation, “ ..What difference at this point does it make?!” That moment was enough for us all to understand that the four Americans who died in Benghazi, as well as those who survived, were now just a nuisance in the eyes of the government. Or at least, in the eyes of the people holding power in the government. None of the survivors expected a parade or medals, but they certainly deserved both. And yet, instead, what they got was disdain and contempt from the people whose political careers mattered more than the lives they used to advance themselves. It’s no wonder that they felt a need to tell the world what really happened that night. But the aftermath of the blockbuster moving and best-selling book about those 13 hours swept them up in a whirlwind that knocked Kris “Tanto” Paronto off his path. For him, it was the beginning of a series of events that altered his life completely.In this episode, Kris Paronto takes us on that path with him, from the seduction of the spotlight, to the carnage it caused, and how he rebuilt after all of it. Here are some of the topics discussed:The business side of the book, 13 HoursInner conflict between guilt and enjoymentCoping mechanisms that created more carnage in his lifeLessons learned from his mistakesThe difference between speaking about pain, vs providing valueDealing with hatersThe interview with Pete Hegseth that prompted Kris to walk away from mediaMentorsPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Jessica Lynch was just a teenager when she enlisted in the United States Army. It was pre-9/11 when young Jessica signed on that dotted line. She and her family knew war was always a potential possibility, but didn't dwell on it.Then 9/11 came, and everything changed. Nineteen-y-ear-old Private First class Jessica Lynch deployed to Iraq and was captured by enemy forces. Eleven of her friends died as a result of the incident that led to her capture, while others were captured with her. On April 1, 2003, Jessica's dramatic rescue became national news. While Jessica struggled to heal from her significant injuries as well as process her grief and trauma, media outlets ran amuck with their headlines. One false story after another appeared, compounding Jessica's stress. Finally, when she was officially discharged from the military several months later, Jessica was free to tell her story publicly. Today, twenty years later, Jessica still tells her story, along with the story of her own growth and recovery. Her soft spoken, almost shy demeanor presents a stark contrast with the intensity and courage of her story. In this episode, Jessica shares some of her story with us, as well as lessons she has pulled from her experiences. Here are a few topics touched upon:How Jessica was capturedMilitary service as a teenagerSnippets of Jessica's experience as a POWWhat it's like to have your personal pain and struggles, become national newsInaccuracy of the media reports, and the impact that had on JessicaGriefPTSD and Survivor's GuiltRebuilding her lifePlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Kirk Cameron became a household name and a teenage crush across America, back in the days before social media and endless streaming platforms drowned us all with entertainment options. Today, Kirk is using the momentum and experience he gained from that time to fulfill his own calling.  Kirk has stepped away from what Hollywood has become and is creating his own faith-based entertainment and education platforms. From movies like Lifemark, which bring the beauty of things like adoption to the forefront, to his Homeschool Revolution documentary, to his faith based children's book, 'As You Grow', which libraries are refusing to allow him to present a story hour for, Kirk is ceaseless in his commitment restore faith, hope, and family values in hearts and minds across America. In this brief but power packed episode, Kirk Cameron takes off at a gallop and never slows down as he speaks about his path, his family, his faith, and how all of those things tie in to saving not just America, but humanity from the forces of evil currently being deployed against us all. If you are like us, you are thirsty for any opportunity to flame the fans of hope and faith in your life. Kirk delivers that flame in this sizzling interview that has already become a fan favorite.Here are a few topics we discussed with Kirk Cameron:Kirk's new movie, LifemarkCamp Firefly, the annual program he and his wife run, for terminally ill children and their familiesAdoption and its beauty in his own familyRepairing a broken marriageThe self-fulfilling prophecy and its connection to the future of our countryThe impact government has on educationWhat is more powerful than the power of evilWhat we can do as individuals, to overcome the assault on goodness in the worldPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Border Patrol Agent Gary Brugman, was just doing his job one night in January 2001  when he apprehended one of several men attempting to cross our border illegally. When the man refused to comply with orders from Brugman's co-worker, Brugman placed his boot on the man's back and pushed him back down to a sitting position, where he would not pose a threat to anyone's safety. Much to Brugman's surprise, complaints from this illegal alien launched a series of events that culminated with Gary spending two years in prison. His career ruined, his years of service both in the Coast Guard and the Border Patrol now out-shadowed with a felony conviction, Brugman faced an uphill climb on his path to rebuild his life once released. So when President Trump pardoned Gary in 2020, it meant a long overdue fresh start for him. In this episode, Gary gives his side of the story. Here are just a few topics touched on: :- What really happened that night- What life has been like since that incident.  - How evidence was manipulated against him- The disparity of rights between an illegal alien and a long-serving American citizen- Life in prison- Betrayal- Current issues at our border- Rebuilding his lifePlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Like many Americans, Matthew JC felt a call to serve in some way after the 9/11 attacks. Matthew knew the men and women in our military would be answering the same call in their own way, with courage and sacrifice. While he didn't feel his best contribution would take shape in the form of military service, he instinctively understood that he could do his part in supporting our military by using his gift of music. Matthew has always been musically inclined. He just didn't necessarily know how to go about turning his passion into his purpose until an unusual opportunity presented itself. He was cast as part of the popular reality show, Paradise Hotel.He laughs and cringes a bit now when sharing that tidbit, before moving on to explain how that experience opened the door to doing what he loves the most: performing and supporting our military.Matthew was encouraged to bring his guitar with him on to the reality show. The original songs he sang were given air time, and Matthew negotiated a contract with Fox to be paid for each clip that aired with him performing.That's when Matthew glimpsed a path he could take, that would allow him to do what he does today.Matthew set out on that path, determined to overcome every obstacle in his way. After years of emails, calls, and pitches, Matthew signed a contract with the Armed Forces Entertainment Division. He and his band have since completed seven world tours performing on military bases. Matthew grew his organization into one that serves the military community by utilizing music and camaraderie as a tool to help heal trauma. Operation Rock the Troops is doing incredible things to serve those who serve, and Matthew JC is just getting started. Here are some of the topics discussed in this episode:The Armed Forces Entertainment DivisionParadise Hotel, the Reality Show Matthew was in, and how he parlayed that into opportunityMorale Welfare and Recreation on military basesOperation Rock the Troops- the CD that started it allHow a celebrity nearly ended his workThe shift that occurred when troops began returning homeHatersHow to decide who to bring with you, when traveling to bases in war-torn regionsThe reality behind what it takes to convert publicity into progressPlease leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicateate
Alma Ohena-Apare was born and raised in Accra, the capital of  Ghana. He remembers the stories his mom told of her year in New York, as an exchange student. He remembers how exciting life sounded there, and how crazy it seemed that people did things like add milk to soup. Those stories ignited a spark in the young boy. When his father returned from a business trip and shared stories of places like SeaWorld, that spark erupted into a burning desire to experience America, himself. Alma had dreams that were bigger than Ghana. As much as he loves his family and  his homeland, Alma was not content living his life in a place where his dreams have limits.He jumped at the opportunity to participate in a ministry trip to Los Angeles. Once in LA, Alamo didn't let slamming doors get him down. Instead he changed his tactic and threw himself into the conversations he had with the residents of Los Angeles, as he spoke about God. Eighteen years later, Alma's dream came true and he became a proud citizen of the United States. Today, Alma is a husband and father of four. A video he posted about current events has evolved into a platform from which Alma spreads his messages of faith and positivity. You can connect with him on his Willfullpositivity IG page, where he will be sharing his special announcements in addition to his insight on patriotism and reconnecting Americans. In this episode, Alma talks about why it is a privilege to be an American, his long path to citizenship, his insight on current events, and his plans moving forward.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
His dad expected him to go further than he did in the world of professional baseball. And he was well on his way, but sixteen year old Wylie McGraw could not ignore the feeling he had, that his dad's dream for him was not the life he was supposed to live. So in spite of his family's disappointment and disapproval, Wylie took an abrupt turn off that path, down the path of professional bull riding. There, atop a 1220 lb mass of muscle, Wylie felt truly alive in a way he'd never felt before. While other kids his age were heading into college, Wylie headed onto the professional rodeo circuit, mentored by some of the very best in the business. The next time Wylie felt a pull down a different path, it was the path of military service. Three combat tours later, Wylie emerged from the military with a trifecta of intense life experiences that forged him into the expert he is today. There is a popular quote attributed to Thomas à Kempis that says, "Wherever you go, there you are." Wylie's clients are those who realize the meaning of this quote, as they recognize that the levels of success they build for themselves doesn't magically slay the inner demons holding them down or back. So they come to Wylie to, as Wylie says, "Unfuck their lives" and "Slay their demons." Wylie's clients then begin the work that needs to be done, to maximize their potential  on all fronts in their own lives.In this episode, Wylie cruises through his diverse life experiences and then digs in to some of the lessons he shares with his clients. Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
It takes intentional action to disrupt stress and depression. Certainly, it is easier and quicker to become deeply stressed and depressed than it is to climb out of those slumps. And today it seems as if unless we forcibly block out social media, "news" outlets and even a lot of entertainment, we are constantly swimming upstream against a relentless wave of fear, anger and struggle being sent downstream on a regular basis. This is what makes people like Bobby Sausalito so special. You may know Bobby at @takenaps, if you follow him online. We know him as a friend, colleague, and guest for this episode. Bobby almost accidentally found viral success when a video he posted took off online. In it, Bobby was saying out loud what so many Americans were afraid to voice: his frustration with current events, elected leaders, non-elected people in power, and the astonishing amount of Americans who so willingly line up to surrender freedoms in the pursuit of "safety" or government handouts. What makes Bobby's delivery so different and appealing is more than his careful research and statistics to back his statements up - it's the comedic way he delivers each message. He lets us absorb stressful information in healthy, digestible nuggets, so we better process the garbage of current events without choking on them. He then invites us to do our own part by voicing our own thoughts and refusing to give in to cancel culture or unconstitutional power grabs while also taking a proactive stance by building our personal net worth, safeguarding our health and family, and maintaining autonomy over our time. It's a brilliant and op-point blend of  exposing the absurdity running amuck in the world and our country, while infusing optimism and hope into the message. Bobby Sausalito was a featured speaker at our great American Summit last year, and we've invited him back for next year's event, too (details coming soon!) Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Entrepreneurship, by nature, demands a certain kind of fortitude. Without the strength to rise and fall and fail and struggle and learn from your mistakes as well as build relationships that inspire and drive you, you will certainly give up. Now, toss in entrepreneurship centered on patriotism, in a time where patriotism is somehow considered an Extremist thing, and very few will tap into the extra strength required when people you've known and even loved turn on you, let alone the strangers who declare open season on your integrity, in any of the social media platforms keyboard warriors with private profiles or cartoon profile pictures love the most. So our guest Ian Wendt had a lot to say about all of it: from his personal story, to his Patriot Gear Apparel, to current events, and to his Haters.This episode roars by like a freight train at top speed, as Ian is the kind of person who is full steam ahead at all times, whether in a guest seat, running his company, or creating his content, because he believes in the impact he is having and is yet to have. It's exactly the kind of energy anyone needs to do what he's doing.Ride this episode out to see what it really looks like to pivot with unexpected plot twists and laugh about them as you roll forward. Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
There's a lot of nostalgia in America right now. At least, for those of us who still remember what it was like when individuality was admired, patriotism united us, freedom of speech and religion were real things, parents held dominion over their child's medical, emotional, mental, and sexual education, and Americans felt at least an illusion of security within our borders - among other things. We also miss the days when Hollywood stayed in its lane, serving to entertain us rather than shame us and incite hatred and division.Maybe in some ways it's a good thing that some of the gilded curtains in Hollywood have been drawn back, revealing a slice of the depravity and anti-American agenda of those who control it. But it's only a good thing if good people do something to break off of the frightening, dangerous path Hollywood would have Americans walk.  That's where Conservative, courageous filmmakers like Chris Martini come into the picture. There are two paths for filmmakers, Says Chris. When he realized he didn't fit into either of the Woke paths, he began blazing his own trail. From his very first film to his current projects, if Chris isn't bringing comedy to the big screen, he's bringing Conservative values. Once upon a time things like patriotism, support of those who honorably serve our countries and communities, preserving the innocence of our youth, defending human rights for all people of all nationalities and skin color, the right to be safe in the womb and within our nation's borders, and all the other values Conservatives stand for were not necessarily partisan issues. Or, at least if they were, they were debated, legislated, and lived under one flag and one nation that managed to disagree civilly and respectfully. Today, sadly, these positions are now deemed "extreme." White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just told us that  "When you are not with where a majority of Americans are, then you know, that is extreme... That is an extreme way of thinking."Well color us extreme then, and let us be among those who gratefully thank people like Chris Martini for the way he broke free from Hollywood's wokeness, preferring to center his career on integrity and strong core values rather than play into the power machine that celebrates sexually exploiting and grooming our youth, decimating free speech, and essentially destroying every good thing about this country- not to mention basic human decency.In this interview, Chris opens up about the decisions he's made and the impact those have had on his career. He talks about the events that  inspired him to make these decisions and peels back more of Hollywood's curtains. Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
There is no such thing as a happy divorce. Between the raw emotions, the potential for court battles, and the abrupt lifestyle change, divorce can dramatically alter the trajectory of your life- and the lives of kids caught in the middle. Carl Eppolito experienced all of this when his short marriage came to a tumultuous end. Faced with the choice between his career or spending time with his young daughters, Carl ditched his successful professional path in order to focus on being present as a single dad.The dramatic drop in his income, coupled with extensive legal fees, presented a new hurdle for Carl to leap. One day, Carl shared a poignant post about his daughters leaving for their time with their mom. It went viral overnight, and Carl found himself in the unfamiliar territory associated with online virality.In this episode, Carl shares the behind-the-scenes reality of life as a rising internet personality, the impact it has on his daughters, and the ins and outs of sharing personal life as a profession.Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate
Dan Hollaway spent five years on active duty with the 82nd Airborne Division. Over the course of those years, Dan realized that his faith in military leadership did not match his faith in the men he served alongside. He developed experience and insight in leadership that he carries with him today, as  his own business and podcasts (Drinking Bros Podcast, Citizen Podcast) in addition to several podcasts hosted through his Tetherball Academy Media .In this episode, Dan peels back the layers of his military service, the direction the military has gone in since he left it, and the potentially drastic turn this country could take. He shares his insight on grief, leadership, and the path this administration is taking our country on. We discuss what the military would look like if a certain type of person no longer volunteered to join, and what would happen if our country were to be forcibly invaded, regardless of our military's readiness. It's an episode packed with thought-provoking moments- make sure you follow Dan Hollaway on Instagram  and let him know you heard him here on the Flex Your Freedom show!Please leave a review and share this podcast episode with your friends!Follow Barb Allen on InstagramJoin The Great American Syndicate 
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