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Author: Chad Oda

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Chad Oda founded "The Bot Podcast" to help companies, start-ups, and enthusiasts navigate the world of conversational user interfaces by interviewing the world's leading chatbot and voice subject matter experts.

The goal of this chatbot podcast is to raise visibility around chatbot best practices, insights, strategies, success stories, and industry news.

Since Chad started this chatbot podcast, he's had the opportunity to interview and collaborate with various industry experts from companies such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Oracle.
31 Episodes
TBP with Bob Stolzberg
TBP with Andy Hahn
TBP with Dylan Zwick
TBP with Arjun
TBP with Lisa Michaud
TBP with Shane Mac
Milkana shares her perspective on voice, how Jargon augments voice development, her motivations and much more.
The former Head of Amazon Alexa OS and current CTO of LivePerson, Alex Spinelli, shares the progression from search to conversation and why it's significant
Amanda shares key insights on their chatbot implementations with global telco and cosmetic brand
Responsible for top bots like Sephora's chatbot and the Grammys' voice skill
Incredibly in-depth understanding of conversational interfaces and how we can make them better for the future
TBP with Ryan Begley
The founder of Chatbot Summit and I discuss conversational AI, bots, voice assistants and much more!
TBP with Abinash Tripathy
TBP with Ofer Ronen
TBP with Josh Barkin
TBP with Jeff MacPherson
TBP with Rob Lawson
TBP with Guy Kessels
TBP with Antoine Raux
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